Sport: Personal Watercraft Racing

Career Number: #10

Years Racing: 2010-2013 (3 years)

Hometown: Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada

Career Highlights: 60 podium finishes, 10 top ten world finishes, 7 Canadian titles, 1 world podium finish

Greatest Accomplishment: My first podium at the World Finals 2013!

Bio: My family purchased a couple of brand new Jet Ski’s and that weekend I took one of them out on the lake. It was after my first ride that I fell in love with the sport.  I trained on and off the water learning technique and riding strategies. Throughout my career, hard work, commitment and most importantly trial and error were my keys to success, not to mention the support my family gave me. Approximately 2 weeks after I rode my first ski I was invited to a race (2010 Water Cross Nationals) where I placed 2nd Overall in Junior Ski against competitors who had been riding for over 2 years. After that, I got more involved in the sport and worked hard to be the best I could be. I am very proud of myself and thank every single person who has assisted me throughout my journey; they have all made an impact on my life.

Current Sponsors:Liquid Image, Rekkless Racing, Noyen Construction, Louvic Spraying, Louvic Transport, Copy Mate, Siebz Racing

Favorite LIC Product: EGO

Social Media: @SiebzSpesh