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User Manuals

Below are links to downloadable PDFs of product user manuals. These manuals contain information on how to properly set up your Liquid Image camera, conduct tests, and troubleshoot basic problems. 

301/302 - Explorer Series
304 - Explorer Series
310/311 - Video Mask
318/319 - Wide Angle Scuba Series
320/321 - Scuba Series HD 
322/323 - Scuba Series HD 720p
324/325 - Wide Angle Scuba Series HD 1080P
335/365 - Impact & Summit Series HD 720P
337/367 - Impact & Summit Series HD 1080P
338 - Apex HD
339 - Apex HD+
368 - Torque HD
369 - Torque HD+
384 - All Sport
727 - Ego Mountable Camera


Below are links to downloadable PDFs that provide additional information supplemental to the user manuals for our products. Please read the user manual before referencing these documents.  

Common Questions
Mask Sizing

Firmware Updates

There are currently firmware updates available for the following models: 322, 335, 337, 365, 367. As newer firmware is released we will continue to post the availability here. 

If you need further support for your product, please see the Contact Us page.