Backcountry Skiing Canada reviews the Apex HD+

"Although I am about to offend the majority of male skiers ages 16 - 34 I still have to make my next statement: Having a Go-Pro fixed to your helmet looks ridiculous. It's one of the main reasons I have never invested in a POV (Point of View) camera. The other down fall of most POVs is the whole "Is this on?, hey, Am I on?, Is this working?" routine every time you want to shoot a video. Sound familiar? Bad design all the way around in my humble opinion. So how do you make it better? Well, Liquid Image has made it better by taking the alien third eye off your head and placing the camera discretely in a piece of equipment we already wear, ski goggles. They call it the Apex HD +Camera Goggles." 


2013 Press on Youtube

 2013 has been a busy year so far at Liquid Image. Check out what we've been up to at our Press playlist on YouTube. 

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Bright Eyes: Smart Snow Goggles Measure Your Radness

Liquid Image Apex HD Wi-fi

"Unlike the bazillions of other POV cameras we saw on the slopes last week, these Liquid Images don't require screwing around with mounting systems, and they save you from the indignity of running around with a conspicuous plastic appendage sticking out of your dome..." 

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Liquid Image on Spike TV!

 Liquid Image Apex 339's and Wide Angle Scuba Series 324's made it on Spike TV's All Access Weekly segment called, Katie's Tech Crush. Check it out! Our products show up at 3:24.

Danica Patrick, VGAs & Katie\'s Tech Crush - Episode 205
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Apex featured in's write up of CES Unveiled

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Apex HD+ wins Innovations Award for Best of CES

“The Innovations Design and Engineering Award is based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CEA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.” 

CEA announces 2013 Innovation Awards winners -

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