13 Gaming Room Ideas That You’ll Like

Gaming room ideas

gaming room ideas from LiquidimageIf you love playing games with your friends and family, then a dedicated room is a must. You don’t need to have a large room for that. Even your basement or a small spare room can work well. So, here are some fun ideas to decorate a gaming room. We have added all types of setups for video gaming, table, and card games.

1. Gaming Room with Comfy Bean Bags

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If you want to section off a part of the basement for gaming, then you can make a cozy nook. Put bean bags and poufs over a rug. It will become the seating part of the gaming room. Next comes the TV screen. Install the TV screen right in front of the bean bags over the wall. Put a shelving unit under the TV screen. Store the boxes of board and table games inside the shelf. You can take them out whenever your friends want a break from video gaming. You can store snacks too in the baskets. Your friends and family will say entertained this way. By putting a shelving unit, no chaos will enter your gaming room. After you are done, you can put all the things in their proper place. Your gaming room will be ready for the next gaming session.

Here is a tour of a super cool gaming room setup

2. Game Room for Kiddos

Do you want your kids to spend some time away from screens? If yes, then design a screen-less gaming room. Here is a cool idea that your kids will love. Put a furry rug on the floor. And place a football table on top of it. Also, fix a swing by the window. Put a bookshelf where you can put books and other board games. In a room like this, you can add an extra rug to sit and play card games. Playing table football also involves some amount of activity. So, your kids can have endless hours of fun in this room that has no screen games at all. You can make a setup like this at a corner of your home office too. Whenever you feel like taking a break, call your family members or kids inside. Take a small break playing football and then get back to work with a refreshed and focused mind. Keep ample lighting above the table. For that, you can hang a ceiling lamp. This will not only illuminate your room but will make it fancy too.

3. Secret Gaming Table

Do you have no space to spare for a gaming room? No worry as there is a smart idea you can try. The coffee table extends into a bigger table. Under the tabletop, there is a storage compartment. You can put the board games inside it. Four stools are tucked inside the coffee table. Your living room can transform into a game room in no time. We also like another fun idea in this table. If you observe, there is a chessboard painted on the tabletop. In routine, it will look like an ornate pattern. And when needed, take out the chess pieces and start playing!

4. Kid-Friendly Basement Playroom

This basement has a lot of things going on under one roof. At one corner, there is a pallet wood lemonade stall. Next to it, there is a basket with plush toys. An art wall makes sure young artists are appreciated. A colorful activity table in the middle has ample space for board games. The table has floor pillows and log stump stools surrounding it. The other part of the room has another activity table. It seems like a repurposed dining table. There are chairs placed next to this table. Here kids can also do homework and make artworks for the wall of fame. There is a set of drums too in this basement playroom. The drum set is like a cherry on top. Other playful accents are also there in this playroom. The whole room has a bunting. A tree coat rack stands at one corner. Despite so many things, this basement still looks stylish and not busy at all. All the elements are well put together.

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5. Upscale Gaming Room

This one is an uber-modern game room. It has a sleek design. There is an area for a home gym with all the equipment. A pool table sits on top of a rug in the middle of the gaming room. Another football table in red sits at a corner. The home gym is visually sectioned with a glass enclosure. There are mirrors inside the gym that make this room even more glamorous and visually more spacious. The third part of this gaming room features a waterfall countertop bar. There are shelves with liquor bottles stored next to the countertop. The table can be used for other activities such as board games too. The white carpet creates a classy look against the backdrop of the wooden floor. The walls are bare and white. A large painting adds a character to this room. This family gaming room has modern lighting fixtures. When the evening rolls in, there will still be ample light in this game area. During the day, it gets flooded with natural daylight.

6. Video Gaming Room

We have talked about gaming rooms that have a mixture of activities. But we are pretty sure there must be many of our readers who would love to have a video gaming room. So, here is an idea for those who need a gaming room solely for video games. A comfy couch adds comfort to this game room. The TV screen is backlit with indigo LED light strip. A coffee table, a pouf, and a chair accompany the couch. A computer desk with a gaming pc is on the ready to accommodate more gamers. A floor lamp softens the drama created by the indigo light. The overall look of this room is dramatic, playful, and cozy.

7. Tiny Gaming Setup

If you live in a home where space is a luxury, then you don’t have to give up on your gaming. You can still allocate space for gaming right inside your bedroom. Remove the nightstand if there is any. You just have to get an IKEA desk, a gaming chair, and a gaming pc. Get a light-up keyboard. Put a strip of LED behind the computer screen for even more drama. Put a shelf above the bed to store the gaming DVDs. If you keep comfort in mind, even a tiny space can be as enjoyable as a big one.

8. Small Gaming Room with a Daybed

If the room for games is small in size, you can also put a daybed. It’s an unconventional choice for a game room. But it adds a lot of comfort to a tiny room. Such as this gaming room. It has a daybed beside the wall. On the opposite wall, there is a TV screen. An IKEA console cabinet is supported with cubby shelves. The cabinet unit is lit from the underside. At the end of the room, there is a textured wall. There is a table created with file cabinets and a tabletop. At the corner, there is another IKEA bookcase. The textured panel is also backlit, with blue LED strips. The combination of blue and orange LEDs look fabulous. If you notice, the storage shelves are in the same color combination too. The painting is also in the theme colors. The wood floor adds a chic and warm look to this gaming room.

9. Retro Red, White, and Black Gaming Room


When we think of retro decor, three colors that come to mind are red, white, and black. So, here is a gaming room design in these colors. This room has a window seat with two benches. The benches are separated with shelving units. There are storage drawers under the seats, and the shelves too. Which means no clutter will ever accumulate in this gaming space. A window valance in retro print dresses the window. The same fabric is wrapped over the throw pillows too. There is an accent wall in red next to which there is a black couch. A black floor lamp also joins the party. There is a red and black football table in front of the couch. A white activity table provides space for board games. The floor is covered in a beige carpet.

10. Attic Billiard Room


If you have decided to transform your attic into a game room, then here is an idea. Give your attic a snooker club feel. Cover the walls of the attic with wood panels. You can also use faux wood wallpaper if you want to stay in a lower budget. Cover the room and the slanting wall of the window, with corrugated metal sheets. Hang two large colored pendant lamps above the pool table. Add a TV screen. Below the TV screen put hooks, and shelves for the balls and cues. Match the color of the table pool and the pendant lamps. Here red color is used. A gaming room like this is perfect for those who love rustic industrial style.

11. Game Room for Little Boys

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If you have to design a game room for a little boy, then here is an idea. First of all, paint graffiti on the walls. You can hire a wall painting artist too. Invest in a loft bed that has a free space underneath. Put a console cabinet, and a screen under the bed. At some distance, put a couch. Cover the floor of the gaming area with a rug. To add an even more dramatic look, you can put strips of green LED lights along the frame of the bed. As you can see, there isn’t much investment in this gaming room. But the graffiti on the walls and the lighting makes it look expensive. This gaming room gives the feels of a man cave.

12. Gaming Room with Individual Gaming Sections

For some, a gaming room is a place to bond with their family. But if you already have activities planned with family, and gaming is ‘me’ time, then here is an idea. You can dedicate separate sections for each gamer. This way, every family member can have their own choice of games to play. You won’t have to convince other family members to play a certain game. This game room also has the concept of individuality. There are circular sofa seats, placed in front of individual gaming TV screens. Each screen has a media console unit. If you notice, despite the concept of separation, the identical decor units create a harmonized look. This room still promotes unity at a visual level. And this way, anyone can share any space. There isn’t any concept of zoning out, thus affecting your kids’ behavior. Other decorative accents include a runner rug, wall sconces, and a bar table in a niche. All in all, this room is packed with entertainment.

13. Game Rooms with Jungle Gyms

So you have set up your game room, but it still needs a wow factor? If yes, then you can get a jungle gym on a wall. A jungle gym is ideal for those rooms that don’t have screens and game tables. Sometimes, kids can get bored with cards and board games. So climbing up the rocks of a jungle gym will be a fun activity. If for some reason, kids are bound inside, they can still have fun like an outdoor play area. And did we mention it? A jungle gym is an incredible wall decor too. If you want to add colors to your game room, you can get a jungle gym with colored climbing rocks.

gaming room ideas from Liquidimage

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