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Quick Start Guide

Below is the link to downloadable a PDF of the Ego LS Quick Start Guide. 

800 - Ego LS Quick Start Guide

Recommended Set-up Steps and Video Tutorials.
Steps 1-2 may be completed prior to receiving your camera.

1. Set up your cloud. This can be a free cloud such as YouTube Live (for public or private streams). You may also utilize a Private Cloud. Have your cloud information ready to enter into the Liquid Image Live app.
Video: YouTube Live Cloud Set-Up

2. Download the Liquid Image Live App.
Download for free from iTunes or Google Play. Search your mobile device's app store for: Ego LS or Liquid Image Live.  The App icon is red & white.

3. Activate your Ego LS SIM card online.  For 4G LTE Live streaming, the Ego LS 800 requires activation on a Verizon data plan. Monthly fees billed by Verizon Wireless. SIM card pre-inserted in product. Select "Connected Device" for activation. Enter IMEI number shown on your Ego LS as well as your SSID number from your SIM card.

4. Camera Set-up. Watch the video to see the basic set up of the Camera, Sled, SIM card and Memory Card (sold separately). A Memory card is only required if you wish to record internally.
Video: Setting up your Ego LS 800

5. Getting to know your camera. Watch this video to learn about the buttons and Camera menus on the Ego LS 800.
Video: Getting to know your Ego LS 800 Camera

6. Liquid Image Live App. Watch this video to learn about the features of the Liquid Image Live app. Video walks through how to make settings changes, create a live stream, record to a memory card and share your videos.
Video: Liquid Image Live App Tutorial


User Manual

Below are links to downloadable PDFs of product user manuals. These manuals contain information on how to properly set up your Liquid Image camera, conduct tests, and troubleshoot basic problems. 

800 - Ego LS User Manual


FAQ for Ego LS Camera

FAQ for Liquid Image Live App


Ego LS 800
Latest Firmware 132

How to Check Current Firmware Version on your Ego LS Camera:

  • Press Power/Mode button on the side of the camera until you reach the Settings Menu (Wrench icon).  Press the Shutter/Select button on top of the camera to select Settings Menu.
  • Press Power/Mode button to toggle down to Firmware. Then press the Shutter/Select button to select Firmware.
  • Select Version by pressing Shutter/Select.
  • Version # is displayed on screen.

How To Perform a Firmware Update:

  • Download the latest firmware update to a micro SDHC or SDXC card.
  • Unzip the RAR file on a computer.
  • Pull the Elf file outside the DCIM folder on the micro SD card.
  • Should have outside of DCIM: Main.ELF file
  • Add the SD card into the camera.
  • Have the camera plugged in while performing the update.
  • Go to Settings > Firmware > Upgrade. Select Upgrade.
  • Camera LCD should display “Upgrading” Message. Red light will blink.
  • Camera will turn off/on 2 x during update. Message will read Configure settings during this process.
  • After second auto-restart the camera will return back to its normal start mode.
  • You may check the upgraded firmware by manually going to Settings > Firmware > Version. The camera LCD will display the Firmware Version Number.


Liquid Image Live App UPDATES

Download the latest Liquid Image Live App update through iTunes or Google Play on your mobile device. (Available at time of shipment. For test devices, contact your Liquid Image representative to receive the App.)

Liquid Image Live App icon


Tips for Best Use

Tips for Long Battery Life, Live Streaming, etc.

For support, please call 707-284-1585 M-F 9am-5pm PST or email our Technical Support Team through our Contact Page.

This Support page is for the Ego LS Camera Model 800. The Ego LS is a 4G LTE enabled Camera for live streaming.