Tips for Best Use of Ego LS 800 Camera and Sled


Tips for Long Battery Life

Battery life can very greatly depending on how you utilize the device. 

  • Start with a fully charged battery. (If fully drained, recharge may require up to 5 hours).
  • Make settings changes while plugged into power.
  • Select the Live Streaming setting for extended battery. 
  • Access live feed on mobile device as little as possible or only while plugged into power.
  • Only activate the functions that you need.
    • Stream to cloud (without recording to memory card).
    • Record to memory card (without streaming to cloud).
  • Turning off indicator lights and sound (beep) may save a small amount of battery power.
  • NOTE: The fastest way to burn through your battery is to unplug the battery, make a lot of settings changes through the mobile app, activate all the functions that you can to operate simultaneously while continuing to live view over WiFi to mobile device while recording HD Video and Live Streaming at the highest quality setting.
Tips for Live Streaming on YouTube Live*  
  • Create a YouTube Live account for live streaming. This service is free (check with YouTube Live at time of creation for updates to cost of service).
  • Latency on a YouTube live stream can vary. If you need a shorter or more reliable latency, you may opt for a paid cloud service.
  • YouTube Live automatically stores your videos. You may wish to delete them or to make them private. Log into your YouTube Live account to perform this.  

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