Now your phone or tablet can be a remote, a viewfinder, and can control all the settings of your camera at distances of up to 350 feet all with the Liquid Image App. The app is compatible with our WiFi-enabled cameras from Liquid Image Apex Model 339, the Torque Model 369, and the Ego Model 727.

Liquid Image App icon

App Features:


  • Full control of camera settings including the new Auto Exposure featuring an Underwater option for the Ego
  • Change camera modes (720P at 60 frames per second, 1080P at 30 frames per second, Still Photo Mode, Continuous Photo)
  • Set security password
  • Turn on/off indicator light and beep
  • Live preview video and photos
  • Change Field of View, Zoom, White Balance, Contrast, or Restore Camera Settings
  • Set microphone levels
  • Flip Image vertically to shoot upside
  • Review previously recorded video and photos
  • Download and save to your device from your camera
  • Access to additional help topics for your camera
  • Use the Trim Tool to crop videos down to share highlights on social networks

To learn more about the Liquid Image App, please click on one of the following links.

For iOS: iTunes | For Android: Google Play Store


New firmware available for the Ego: Please follow the Firmware Update directions and be sure to select the correct firmware for download.


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