11 Easy Rock Painting Ideas for Beginners

Rock Painting ideas

Painting is a fun activity. But you don’t have to be a professional artist to paint something. If you can grab a brush and some paints along with some rocks, you can create art. Here are some rock painting ideas you would fall in love with.

1. Rock Cactus Plants

Rock Cactus Plants

Collect round rocks in different sizes. Also, get some terracotta pots. Grab acrylic paints in two to three tones of green. You can make your hues by mixing white and yellow in green. Paint all the rocks in shades of green. Then use white, some other green and yellow paint to detail the cactuses. Fill terracotta planters with gravel and put the rock cacti in them. If your pots are tiny, you can put a rock cactus in each. To detail the rock cacti, you can make their eyes with black paint. For bigger rock cacti, use pink, white, or yellow faux flowers. If you make the small version of rock cacti, you can gift them as party favors. Who wouldn’t love a super cute plant on their window sill? A good thing about rock cacti is that they will stay alive forever. Put a rock cactus planter on your porch and add cheer.

Here is a tutorial for rock cactus painting

2. Painted Rock Candle Holders

Painted Rock Candle Holders

Grab some small rocks in similar shapes and sizes. Also, get a large flat rock. Paint the smaller stones in multi-colors. Grab a thin brush and make the eyes of the pebbles with black and white paint. Use a heavy construction adhesive to glue a tealight to the large flat rock. Glue the multicolor stones around the candle. It will look as if people have gathered around a fire pit. If you prefer the natural color of the pebbles, then you can skip the painting step. You can only paint the eyes. Glue the rocks to the bigger stone. And put two to three tealights. You can use these as a centerpiece for your party table. Or put them on your home office desk. These little fellows are sure to bring a smile on your face every time you look at them. While lighting the candles keep one precaution in mind. Keep enough distance from the painted rocks. Acrylic paints are inflammable, so it’s better to be safe.

Watch how to make a river rock candle holder here

3. Painted Rock Lotus Flowers

Painted Rock Lotus Flowers


Collect rocks in two sizes. The bigger size will become the outer petals of the lotus and the surrounding leaves. The smaller sized stones will become the center of the lotus flowers. Paint the bigger pebbles in pink color. Detail them with white paint. Paint some of the bigger rocks in green. Then apply pink paint on the smaller stones. Take a large stone and paint it murky gray. Apply a heavy adhesive to one end of the pink rocks and build a lotus. Then fill it with smaller pink pebbles. Also, glue green leaves around the lotus. Detail the center of the lotus with yellow beads. If you spray the finished lotus flowers with a sealer, you can put them in your garden too. They will bloom all year long. It is not a must to make pink lotuses. You can go ahead and try any color you like. You can put them on the stairs of your porch along with string lights.

4. Starry Sky Artworks

Starry Sky Artworks

There are some fun ideas to create scenes with painted rocks. If you have found some flat pebbles, you can make houses with them. Paint the roof, windows, and doors of the homes. To make them a part of a starry city skyline, you can do two methods. First, paint craft sticks black. Then use two craft sticks to join the painted ones into a canvas. Glue the painted stone cottages to the canvas. Make stars in the sky with white paint. Also, take a small round flat rock. Paint it in the color of the sky. Then make a moon over it with white paint. Paint some small pebbles white, brown, turquoise, and gray. Glue them to the base of the houses. The second method is to use a tray or a log slice. Paint a sky with gradients of black, yellow, green, and white paint. Make white dots to mimic stars. Paint and glue houses along the horizon. Also, use a heavy adhesive to stick gravel to the base of the houses. Make trees with polymer clay and metallic green paint. Make the tree trunks with twigs painted brown. Paint a round flat pebble dull gold, to imitate a glimmering full moon. You can use any other thing, as a backdrop. Painting canvas will work great for this idea. If you use a painting canvas, you can save the effort and time for prepping the background.

5. Painted Rock Garden Markers

Painted Rock Garden Markers


Has that ever happened to you that you planted a seed, and later you forgot what it was? Sometimes, when we plant multiple seeds at once, we can’t really tell the difference. So, you can avoid the confusion by labeling your seeds. No need to buy any costly outdoor gardening labels because you can make your own. The easiest method is to find some rocks and paint them. Put rocks that you want to paint next to their names written on a paper. Then paint each stone in a solid color. Use patio paint so that it isn’t washed away when it rains. You can water your plants easily with outdoor paint. Write the labels on the rocks with a paint marker meant for glass. Next, detail the rocks further with the tip of a pencil dipped in paint. Once everything dries, spray topcoat over the painted rocks. This will seal them forever. Plants and herbs with labels will educate your kids about gardening. They will get to know the different growth stages of each plant. And they will be able to differentiate among different herbs from a young age.

Here is a tutorial for making painted rock garden markers

6. Ladybug and Bumblebee Outdoor Tic Tac Toe

Ladybug and Bumblebee Outdoor Tic Tac Toe

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Here is an outdoor game idea that will keep your family entertained. Get round river rocks from a craft store. Paint five pebbles as ladybugs. And, five stones as bumblebees. For making ladybugs, you will need black and red outdoor craft paint. To make the bees make stripes of black and yellow. Take a wood slice and draw lines on it with black color. You can use chalk too. Another way to make a portable tic tac toe is by using burlap. Make a sack of burlap by sewing a piece of burlap material with thin twine. Use fabric paint to draw lines on the burlap pocket for the game. When not in use, but the rock ladybugs and the bumblebees inside the burlap pouch. You can use any other object as the board of the game too. Think of recycling an old chopping board. Ideas are endless. If nothing is there, use chalk and draw lines on your porch sidewalk and have hours of fun.

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7. Painted Rock Grapes

Painted Rock Grapes

Paint a canvas brown. Then paint rounded river rocks yellow, green, or purple. Here yellow acrylic color is used. Choose two sizes of rounded river rocks for making the grapes. Then take some larger flat pebbles and color them green. Glue the bigger yellow stones to make the top part of the grape bunch. Glue the smaller stones to finish the lower part of the grape bunch. Layer some smaller rocks on top of the upper part of the bunch. Glue twigs to make the stems. Glue the green stones to create the leaves. You can try more colors of the grapes too. Instead of the painted canvas, you can use a slab of reclaimed wood. A large slice of wood will also look like a rustic artwork. The basic idea is to make painted stone grapes. You can modify it according to your creativity and the available supplies. This artwork can ornament the wall of your kitchen or dining room. You can give it as a gift to your mom, and she will love it.

8. Painted Rock Fish Aquariums

Painted Rock Fish Aquariums

To make an aquarium first, you have to find a wooden plate. It can be of any shape. Here a scalloped wood plate is used. Then find some rounded river rocks. Also, collect some rocks that have a flat triangular shape. Paint the rounded stones as the fish bodies. Paint the wood plate with blue acrylic paint. Make some under the sea plants with green, yellow, brown, and white acrylic colors. Use a heavy adhesive to put a bed of gravel under the aquatic plants. Glue the fish to the blue part. Make bubbles with white paint with each fish. You can use a painting canvas for the backdrop too. You can also make a 3D aquarium by painting bigger stones. Put some seashells, driftwood, and these fish. You can take the basic idea of painting rocks as fish and add your own creativity. These fish will look cute in a shadowbox too. Kids will love playing with fish for hours. You can ask them to join the painting session with you.

9. A Cute Rock Penguin

A Cute Rock Penguin


We all love making penguin crafts for winter holidays. They are fun and cheerful. You can make a penguin by painting a rock. Take a flat round river rock in a big size. Make a shape similar to a butternut squash with white paint. Paint the surrounding area in black. Use a brush to dot the black part with shades of blue. Leave a border for the penguin’s body. Make eyes, beak, and feet of the penguin. Also, make the wings. Make a Santa hat for the penguin with red and white paint. Make these adorable penguins in as much amount as you need. And use them for decorating your home this holiday season. You can keep these penguins beyond the day of Christmas too. Store them in a container during summer and take them out every winter. You will need to put the effort just once and enjoy the penguins for many years.

If you want to know more detail about these penguins, watch this video

10. Painted Rock Strawberries

Painted Rock Strawberries

Growing strawberries is a challenging task. But you can create faux berries and put them in your garden. Paint some pebbles as strawberries. Then take a terracotta strawberry planter. Fill it with faux moss. You can use cotton wadding as well. You can make some more decorations to put with strawberries. Paint the same stones as ladybugs, bees, leaves, and flowers. If you don’t have a strawberry planter, then no worries. You can put them in your garden beds as well. These painted rock strawberries will make great vase fillers. You can try more berries, fruits, and vegetables and use them to decorate your patio and garden.

Learn how to make painted rock strawberries from this video

11. Painted Rock Cottage Fairy Towns

Painted Rock Cottage Fairy Towns

Take five log slices. Paint four of them green and one blue. Glue the two green and one blue log slice together. Layer two green log discs over them. Add then the top green wood slice. Detail stones as houses and trees with paint. Glue the printed rock houses and trees to the grassy terraces. Add more details with gravel and pebbles. Some miniature fairy garden decorations will look even cuter. This is just a sample for a fairy village. You can make it as big as you want. You can use the same idea to make a Christmas snow village as well. Just replace the green paint with white and blue. And, instead of garden decorations, add miniature Christmas trinkets. The houses and trees can be the same, like this one. You can make a rock house fairy village in the sand, as well.

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