What form does the tea come in?

When you are looking to purchase jasmine tea, it is worth knowing that it is sold in various forms. This includes tea bags, loose leaf teas, powder and jasmine pearls. Jasmine pearls are hand-rolled balls or ‘pearls’ of tea leaves that unfurl slowly when infused in water. In general, jasmine pearls and loose leaf teas (also called needle teas) offer you the most authentic and finest tasting teas.

The leftover pieces of tea leaves are often used in many of the cheaper tea bags, and this is one of the main reasons that tea bags tend to be of lower quality. Whole leaves almost always impart a better flavor than the broken up leaves and dust. Tea bags and powders are a good option if you want the convenience that they offer, but it is worth seeking out brands with a good reputation to ensure that the tea leaves are of a high quality.