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Best 14 Foot Trampoline (2024 Update)

If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to get your kids outside and active, a 14-foot trampoline may be just what you need. Before you dive into buying one, there are a few factors to consider to ensure you're getting the best trampoline for your family.

First, safety is key. Look for trampolines with strong frames and high weight capacities to ensure they can handle multiple jumpers. Additionally, consider investing in safety netting and padding to protect your children from potential injuries.

Next, think about the space you have available. A 14-foot trampoline is relatively large, so make sure you have enough yard space to accommodate it. Measure the area and leave plenty of room for clearance around the trampoline.

Finally, consider the features you want in a trampoline. Some models come with extras like basketball hoops or ladder sets, while others may have a higher weight limit or bouncier springs. Think about what your family will enjoy most when choosing the best trampoline.

Are you ready to take the next step and bring a 14-foot trampoline into your backyard? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of trampolining for kids, and why a 14-foot model may be the perfect fit for your family.

10 Best 14 Foot Trampoline

# Product Image Product Name Product Notes Check Price
The product is ideal for outdoor recreational activities and backyard jumping, with safety enclosure netting and wind stakes included.
The product is ideal for turning a trampoline into an enclosed play or sleep area with string lights.
This product is ideal for outdoor use as a trampoline with a net enclosure and ladder, supporting up to 550 pounds.
It is an outdoor trampoline with safety enclosure net, basketball hoop, heavy-duty jumping mat, and spring cover padding designed for kids and adults.
It is ideal for adding a safety enclosure to trampolines with 4 U-shaped legs.
This product is ideal for outdoor recreational activities for both adults and kids, with added safety features for peace of mind.
The product is ideal for outdoor recreational activity that provides added safety features and extra jumping space.
The product is ideal for outdoor recreational use by kids and comes with a ladder, enclosure, and anti-rust coating.
This product is ideal for providing a safe and fun outdoor bouncing experience for families with children.
Ideal for kids to have a safe and fun jumping experience with added features such as a basketball hoop and safety padding.
The product is ideal for outdoor recreational activities and backyard jumping, with safety enclosure netting and wind stakes included.
The product is ideal for turning a trampoline into an enclosed play or sleep area with string lights.
This product is ideal for outdoor use as a trampoline with a net enclosure and ladder, supporting up to 550 pounds.
It is an outdoor trampoline with safety enclosure net, basketball hoop, heavy-duty jumping mat, and spring cover padding designed for kids and adults.
It is ideal for adding a safety enclosure to trampolines with 4 U-shaped legs.
This product is ideal for outdoor recreational activities for both adults and kids, with added safety features for peace of mind.
The product is ideal for outdoor recreational activity that provides added safety features and extra jumping space.
The product is ideal for outdoor recreational use by kids and comes with a ladder, enclosure, and anti-rust coating.
This product is ideal for providing a safe and fun outdoor bouncing experience for families with children.
Ideal for kids to have a safe and fun jumping experience with added features such as a basketball hoop and safety padding.

1. Merax Outdoor Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net

The Merax Trampoline is designed with safety as its top priority, providing a fun and secure bouncing experience for you and your family. With 80 strong springs and frame padding tightly covering them, you can be assured of stability and avoid fingers or feet getting caught inside while jumping.

This recreational trampoline also comes with a gap-free enclosed net, providing a tall protective safety net and thick padding that instills confidence in parents that their children are super safe while jumping. The outer net design of the safety enclosure expands the jumping area, allowing kids to have fun while exercising and promoting endless fun.

The Merax 14 FT Trampoline has a safe and reliable structure that stands 6.3ft high, preventing children from jumping off the trampoline. The 4 U-shaped legs and 8 foam-covered poles evenly distributed around the frame provide 360° protection for kids against banging against the steel pole.

The trampoline uses extra springs to ensure gentle impact and avoid painful tension on feet and joints. Additionally, a sturdy 2-step ladder provides convenient navigation on and off the trampoline. Zippers and buckles make getting in and out of the trampoline easier and safer.

To further ensure stability, the adult trampoline is equipped with 8 wind stakes. Inserting the wind stakes into the ground over each U-shaped leg makes the outdoor trampoline stand stably even in a storm.

Assembly of the Merax Trampoline is simple with step-by-step instructions. The set comes in 3 boxes, and packages may arrive at different times. Please wait patiently or contact the seller if you only receive part of them. The maximum load on the trampoline is 800 pounds.

2. Trampoline Tent + Lights Bundle: Outdoor Fun!

Looking for a fun and comfortable space for your 14ft trampoline? Look no further than this 14ft trampoline tent! Designed specifically for 6Pcs Straight Pole trampolines, the tent is made of premium Oxford fabric with a sunscreen coating to keep you cool and comfortable during your bouncing sessions.

The tent features a special thicken cloth on the top corner for added durability and includes one skylight and three windows on the side to let in sunlight, air and wind. The windows are equipped with premium mesh screens to keep bugs out while allowing for ventilation. For added privacy, the tent also has a curtain on the side that can be drawn for a quiet space.

The trampoline tent is also equipped with a high-quality zipper on the door for easy access. This feature is especially convenient for kids who love to climb in and out of the tent during playtime.

The tent comes with 2 packs of 32.8ft colorful string lights that have a flash mode, making them ideal not only for the trampoline but also for decorating your yard or room. Additionally, the tent includes 12 cloth rings for easy hanging of the string lights.

Please note that this tent is only compatible with 14ft trampolines with 6Pcs Straight Pole. Before purchasing, be sure to check the size and pole type of your trampoline to ensure a proper fit. If your trampoline is not the correct size or pole type, please do not purchase or open the box. Instead, return it directly to us for a refund.

3. Jump Into Fun: Outdoor Trampolines With Net

Looking for a trampoline that prioritizes safety and durability? Look no further than this top-of-the-line model, which boasts a variety of features designed to keep your family secure and comfortable during every bounce.

One of the standout features of this trampoline is its curved safety poles, which work in conjunction with a 360-degree soft durable net to create a secure enclosure that will keep your family safe while they jump. With a weight limit of 550 pounds, this trampoline is suitable for multiple users at once.

The netting enclosure is made from 100% high-strength polyester, and is woven together using an EndlessWeave knot-free system. This ensures that the netting is strong and durable, and will not give way or come apart even with regular use. With dimensions of 5.9 x 15.1 feet, this trampoline offers plenty of space for jumping and playing.

In addition to its safety features, this trampoline also boasts a number of design elements that make it a standout choice. The SafeSeal system ensures that there are no gaps or holes in the netting, so once the trampoline door is zipped shut you can rest assured that you will not fall out. With a diameter of 15.1 feet, there is ample room for multiple users to jump at once.

The springs on this trampoline are made from 42-gauge high tensile steel, which means that they will not buckle or lose shape even with regular use. Additionally, the zinc coating on the springs helps to protect against the elements, ensuring that your trampoline will last for years to come.

Finally, this trampoline offers a range of accessories that you can add on to enhance your jumping experience. These include a basketball hoop, a slide, a shaded top for hotter days, and an anchor kit (not included). With so many options to choose from, you can customize your trampoline to suit your family's needs and preferences.

4. Jumpcloud Trampoline & Hoop With Safety Enclosure

The safety of trampoline users is of utmost importance to this manufacturer who takes pride in designing trampolines with safety in mind. The 14 ft trampoline is specially designed with safety features that minimize the risk of accidents during use. The jump pad and spring cover are strategically positioned close together to prevent the user's foot from getting caught in the spring while jumping.

With a widened design, the 14 ft trampoline offers a larger jumping area for users. The steel structure is thickened and coated with an anti-rust material to increase its durability. To enhance stability, the trampoline comes with six U-shaped legs that have 12 contact points for balance.

The trampoline's design also considers the user's convenience. The zipper has been lengthened to make it easier to access and exit the trampoline, and the number of buckles has been increased for added safety. Additionally, the foam sleeve ensures that children do not get injured by hitting the frame while jumping.

The trampoline's jumping pad is made of wear-resistant pp material that is fade-resistant when used outdoors. However, to maintain its pristine appearance, it is recommended to use a protective cover when not in use. The galvanized spring is sturdy and connects securely to the jump pad and frame to provide a comfortable jumping experience and deep impression.

The 14 ft trampoline is packaged in three boxes. In the event that you only receive one box, the manufacturer recommends contacting the seller or being patient as the remaining boxes will arrive separately. The trampoline can accommodate a maximum load of 400 pounds, making it suitable for both adults and children.

5. Jumpking 14' G4 Enclosure System For All Trampolines With 4 U-Legs Bz1409e4

Introducing the Universal Enclosure for your trampoline – the perfect addition to keep your family safe and secure while having fun! The enclosure features a sturdy, rust-resistant galvanized steel frame that is built to last. Designed to fit any 14 ft. round trampoline with 4-legs, this enclosure easily connects to the trampoline legs by using U-bolts, ensuring a secure and stable fit.

Not only does the Universal Enclosure provide a safer jumping experience, but it also gives parents peace of mind knowing that their children are protected from any potential accidents. This enclosure is a must-have accessory for any trampoline owner looking to provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for their family.

Please note that the trampoline is sold separately, but the Universal Enclosure is compatible with any 14 ft. round trampoline with 4-legs. Trust in the quality and durability of the Universal Enclosure to provide a fun and safe jumping experience for your family for years to come.

6. Jumpsport Pro Trampoline With Extras

JINS&VICO has designed a trampoline that makes safety the number one priority. It complies with ASTM F381, F2225, D638 & AATCC 169 Standard Safety, ensuring that the trampoline accessories such as the enclosure net, padding cover, jumping mat, and tubes are labeled with significant warnings to avoid injury. This gives you and your kids the opportunity to enjoy a happy time carefree.

The unique 4 balance bar plus 4 W-shaped legs provide double stability, making it more stable and preventing trampoline poles from bending or even breaking. The upgraded 14 FT trampoline has a double stability design, which offers double security, giving you peace of mind while your kids are having fun.

The 1.4MM reinforced type 14 FT trampoline has 80pcs strong galvanized spring, anti-rust and sturdy, and the EU standard polypropylene jumping mat provides unmatched rebounding force. It has been impact tested 150,000 jumps, and when the impact height is 40CM and test time is 6000 hrs, the trampoline remains stable. With a maximum capacity of 780LBS, it is suitable for the whole family to use.

This trampoline also comes with a basketball hoop and ladder, providing more entertainment and convenience for your kids. The flexible basketball hoop makes jumping and shooting at ease, doubling the pleasure, and the attached ladder is convenient for children to climb up and down.

The double protection safety net is 5.74 FT high and 360-degree inside safety enclosure net made of anti-UV polyethylene that is UV, fade-resistant, and resistant to tearing. The inside safety net prevents kids from getting hurt by stepping on springs, while double protection provides double security. This allows children to enjoy the joy of JINS&VICO trampoline without worrying about any safety hazards.

7. Skytramp Square – Safe, Durable Fun!

The safety and well-being of children is of utmost importance, and this trampoline understands that. It is designed and tested to meet or exceed all American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards, ensuring a safe and durable play experience for all. The patented no-gap enclosure eliminates any dangerous gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping surface, protecting children from potential pinch points and openings. This design is patented under Patent #RE45, 182.

Durability is key when it comes to outdoor play equipment, and this trampoline is no exception. It features a galvanized steel frame that is weather and rust-resistant, ensuring endless family fun for years to come. The reinforced T-sockets at each leg and enclosure joint increase the frame stability, making it sturdier and safer.

This trampoline boasts a unique square shape, offering a 20% larger jumping area compared to other shapes. If you're looking for a trampoline with a more robust frame and a higher bounce, the square shape might be the perfect option for you.

Safety and durability are not the only factors to consider when purchasing a trampoline. This one also has a maximum user weight of 250 lbs, thoroughly tested according to ASTM standards. Additionally, our trampolines are tested to four times the maximum recommended user weight, ensuring that they can withstand any level of activity.

8. Jumpzilla Recreational Trampoline With Enclosure, Ladder & Anti-Rust!

Jumpzylla has taken responsibility for your kid's fun and safety with their innovative 12 FT trampoline. The trampoline comes with curved poles that protect your children from accidents or injuries. Jumpzylla trampolines comply with ASTM F381-16 Standard Safety Specification, ensuring children's safety as the top priority.

Unlike other 12ft trampolines that come in two separate packages, Jumpzylla delivers all parts in ONE single package. This ensures that you receive your new product as fast as possible and can start installing it as soon as it's delivered. You will no longer have to deal with the long wait between packages.

Installation instructions can be notoriously difficult, but Jumpzylla has made sure to provide easy-to-follow installation instructions on how to set up your trampoline with net faster. Installation videos and manuals come with clear and easy steps to follow, so you can be ready for fun in no time. The kids are waiting!

Jumpzylla wants your super trampoline to look good as new for as long as possible. The frame is galvanized inside-out, and the legs are powder-coated for extra protection against rust. The thick foam is waterproof, ensuring a longer product life. Additionally, Jumpzylla has added a luxury plastic-covered ladder for easy access and comfortable use of the trampoline for toddlers and older kids.

The Jumpzylla New Generation Super Trampoline solves all the safety and practical issues of other types of trampolines for kids and adults. It's a product designed by a team of experts who have come together to make sure you can relax while your kids have fun. With Jumpzylla, you no longer have to worry about the usual trampolines with safety enclosure issues.

9. Safe Bounce Trampolines: Fun For All Sizes

ORCC trampolines prioritize safety, making them the best choice for your backyard fun. These trampolines have undergone rigorous safety tests, including CPSIA and ASTM F381-16 tests. CPSIA tests ensure that the products are free of heavy metals like lead and phthalate, while ASTM F381-16 tests evaluate the physical properties of products, including components, assembly, use, and labels. ORCC trampolines are made of the safest materials available on the market.

For added safety, ORCC trampolines have a 6FT high enclosure net made of high-quality polyethylene material, providing increased durability and UV protection. The poles of the enclosure netting are padded with 10mm foam, ensuring that children are safe from banging against steel poles.

The frames of ORCC trampolines are made of heavy-duty steel, measuring 43mm (Diameter) X 1.5mm (Thickness), which is thicker than ASTM certified standards. The latest technology hot-dip galvanizing process is used to make all the frames anti-rust, ensuring longevity that can last for decades.

ORCC trampolines boast a better bounce and superior weight capacity. The jumping mat is waterproof, UV-resistant, and fade-resistant, providing longer service life and better bounce with heavy-duty stitching technology. The 16ft ORCC trampoline has been tested to 100,000 jumps and can hold up to 450lbs, while the 8ft trampoline can hold up to 425lbs.

The 48 heavy gauged 5.5-inch galvanized springs of the ORCC 8ft trampoline provide superior bounce and are rust-resistant. All the springs are covered with thick and durable Green PE+PVC foam pad with a thickness of 20mm, protecting children from injury. The trampoline's three W-shaped legs provide sufficient durability and support, while the three U-shaped wind stakes make the trampoline safer and more stable.

10. Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline With Safety Net

This outdoor trampoline is an excellent choice for families that want a fun and safe way for their kids to enjoy jumping and playing outdoors. With its ASTM and GS certification from TÜV Rheinland, parents can be confident that this trampoline is safe and reliable for children.

The trampoline features a solid steel structure that is fully galvanized for better resistance to rust and corrosion. Its 6 W-shaped legs with 12 balanced contact points provide better stability and safety for users, with a maximum weight capacity of up to 187 lb.

For even more fun while jumping, the trampoline comes with a basketball hoop. The wear-resistant and anti-UV jumping mat, made of PP, can withstand high pressure and 96 galvanized springs provide good elasticity for a better bounce.

Safety is a top priority for this trampoline, with rails tightly fixed to the legs with eyebolts and a superior dense mesh enclosure net that creates a safe space for kids to play. The wide spring cover pad with an overhang fully covers the frame neatly, further minimizing the risk of accidents.

In addition to the trampoline, buyers will also receive a ladder and floor mat. The trampoline will be shipped in two packages, which may arrive at the same or different times.

Best 14 Foot Trampoline FAQs

Are there any maintenance requirements for a 14-foot trampoline?

Yes, there are maintenance requirements for a 14-foot trampoline. Regular maintenance can help to ensure the safety and longevity of the trampoline. Here are some tips for maintaining a 14-foot trampoline:

1. Check the trampoline frame and springs regularly for signs of wear and tear, and replace any damaged components as soon as possible.

2. Keep the trampoline clean by removing leaves, debris, and other foreign objects from the surface and the surrounding area.

3. Make sure the trampoline is properly anchored to the ground, and adjust the anchors as needed to keep the trampoline stable and secure.

4. Check the safety net and enclosure for any tears or holes, and repair or replace any damaged areas.

5. Inspect the trampoline mat for tears or holes, and replace it if necessary.

6. Keep the trampoline covered when not in use to protect it from the elements.

By following these maintenance tips, you can help to ensure that your 14-foot trampoline remains safe and functional for years to come.

Are there any specific weight limits for 14-foot trampolines?

Yes, there are weight limits for 14-foot trampolines. The maximum weight limit can vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the trampoline, but generally, the weight limit can range from 250 to 350 pounds. It is important to follow the weight limit guidelines set by the manufacturer to ensure the safety of those using the trampoline. Exceeding the weight limit can cause the trampoline to become unstable and increase the risk of injury. Additionally, it is important to ensure that only one person uses the trampoline at a time and that proper safety precautions, such as using a safety enclosure and padding, are in place. It is also recommended to regularly inspect the trampoline for any damage or wear and tear that could compromise its safety.

Can I add accessories such as a safety net or basketball hoop to a 14-foot trampoline?

Yes, you can add accessories such as a safety net or basketball hoop to a 14-foot trampoline. However, it is important to make sure that the accessories are compatible with the make and model of your trampoline. Additionally, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully when installing any accessories to ensure that they are securely attached and do not compromise the safety or stability of the trampoline.

When adding a safety net, make sure that it is designed for a 14-foot trampoline and that it is installed properly with no gaps or openings that could allow someone to fall off the trampoline. A basketball hoop can also be a fun addition, but make sure that it is designed specifically for use with a trampoline and that it is securely attached to the frame.

Remember, safety should always be the top priority when using a trampoline, so it is important to follow all safety guidelines and take necessary precautions when adding accessories.

How do I choose the best 14-foot trampoline for my family?

When it comes to choosing the best 14-foot trampoline for your family, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

1. Safety features: Look for a trampoline with safety features such as a sturdy frame, safety net, and padding on the springs and frame. This will help reduce the risk of injury while jumping.

2. Weight limit: Make sure the trampoline you choose has a weight limit that can accommodate all members of your family who will be using it.

3. Durability: Choose a trampoline made of high-quality materials that can withstand regular use and exposure to the elements.

4. Size and shape: Consider the size and shape of the trampoline and make sure it will fit in the space where you plan to use it.

5. Price: Compare prices of different trampolines to find one that fits your budget while still meeting your needs.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can choose a 14-foot trampoline that is safe, durable, and fun for your whole family to use.

How easy is it to assemble a 14-foot trampoline?

Assembling a 14-foot trampoline can be a bit challenging, but it is doable with the right tools and instructions. The process of assembling a trampoline involves attaching the frame, springs, jumping mat, safety net, and padding.

Typically, the trampoline comes with detailed instructions that outline the steps involved in assembling it. It is important to follow the instructions carefully, as any mistake can lead to safety hazards and damage to the trampoline.

Before starting the assembly process, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary tools and equipment. This may include a screwdriver, pliers, and a rubber mallet.

It is also important to have someone assist you during the assembly process, as some parts of the trampoline can be heavy and difficult to maneuver alone.

Overall, assembling a 14-foot trampoline requires some effort and patience, but if you follow the instructions carefully and take your time, you should be able to do it successfully.

How important is the frame construction when choosing a 14-foot trampoline?

The frame construction is a critical factor to consider when selecting a 14-foot trampoline. The frame serves as the backbone of the trampoline, providing stability and support to the jumping mat and ensuring the safety of the users. Therefore, it is essential to choose a trampoline with a sturdy frame that is durable enough to withstand the weight and force of multiple users simultaneously.

When selecting a 14-foot trampoline, look for one with a frame made of high-quality, rust-resistant materials, such as galvanized steel. The thickness of the frame's tubing also plays a significant role in its strength and durability, so choose one with thicker tubing for maximum stability.

Additionally, ensure that the frame is securely connected to the legs, and the legs are firmly anchored to the ground to prevent any wobbling or tipping over during use. By considering these factors, you can select a 14-foot trampoline with a robust frame construction that will provide you with years of safe and enjoyable bouncing.

What are the top-rated 14-foot trampolines on the market?

When it comes to purchasing a 14-foot trampoline, there are several highly rated options available on the market. One of the top-rated trampolines is the Skywalker Trampolines 14-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net. It features a basketball hoop and a sturdy frame design that can support up to 200 pounds. Another popular choice is the Zupapa 14-Foot Trampoline with Enclosure Net. It has a weight capacity of 375 pounds and a unique design that includes a no-gap enclosure system for added safety. The JumpKing 14-Foot Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure is also a great option, with a rust-resistant steel frame and a maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds. Lastly, the Acon Trampoline Air 4.6 14-Foot Trampoline with Enclosure is a high-end choice with a weight capacity of 800 pounds and a unique air-technology design for a superior bounce experience. Ultimately, it's important to consider factors such as weight capacity, safety features, and overall durability when choosing a 14-foot trampoline.

What is the average lifespan of a 14-foot trampoline?

The lifespan of a 14-foot trampoline can vary depending on various factors such as the quality of the trampoline, how frequently it is used, the weather conditions it is exposed to, and how well it is maintained. Generally, a high-quality trampoline that is well-maintained and used moderately can last for around 5-10 years. However, if a trampoline is used heavily and not properly maintained, its lifespan can be significantly reduced.

To ensure that your trampoline lasts as long as possible, it is important to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance instructions, such as regularly checking for wear and tear, keeping it clean, and storing it properly during the offseason. It is also important to use the trampoline safely and not exceed the weight limit or allow multiple users at a time. By taking proper care of your trampoline, you can maximize its lifespan and enjoy it for many years to come.

What is the best material for a 14-foot trampoline mat?

The best material for a 14-foot trampoline mat is polypropylene, also known as PP. This material is known for its durability, strength, and resistance to weathering and UV rays. PP is also lightweight, making it easy to handle during installation and maintenance. Additionally, PP is a cost-effective option compared to other materials like canvas or nylon. When purchasing a trampoline mat, it is important to ensure that it conforms to safety standards set by organizations like ASTM International. It is also recommended to choose a mat that is compatible with the specific make and model of your trampoline to ensure a proper fit and optimal performance. Regular maintenance and inspection of the trampoline mat can prolong its lifespan and ensure safe usage for years to come.

What safety features should I look for in a 14-foot trampoline?

When it comes to purchasing a 14-foot trampoline, safety should be a top priority. Here are some safety features to look for:

1. Enclosure net: A trampoline with an enclosure net is a must-have safety feature. It will prevent users from falling off the trampoline and onto the ground. Look for a net that is high enough to prevent jumpers from jumping over it and has a secure zipper or latch entry.

2. Padding: Check to see if the trampoline has padding that covers the frame and springs. This will help prevent injury if someone lands on the edge of the trampoline or falls onto the springs.

3. Sturdy frame: The frame should be made of durable materials and have a weight limit that can handle the number of users. Look for a trampoline with a steel frame that is thick enough to support the weight of multiple people.

4. Anchors: Make sure the trampoline comes with anchors to secure it to the ground. This will prevent it from tipping over or moving during use.

5. Quality construction: Look for a trampoline that is well-built with quality materials. A cheaply made trampoline may have weak components that can break or malfunction, leading to injury.

By choosing a trampoline with these safety features, you can ensure a fun and safe jumping experience for yourself and your family.