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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Planet Fitness’ Tanning Beds?

Planet Fitness tanning beds are popularly known for their sufficient supply of UV heat on the skin for a nice tan throughout the year. The beds guarantee to provide you with some cosmetic benefits, which are essential for your skin tanning. Although the benefits of using these beds are many, certain risks are imminent. The …

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Do Sauna Belts Work?

The weight loss industry is notorious for being riddled with endless “solutions” with new ones popping up every day. While you will find some treatments that are potent to varying degrees, many others are homeopathic at best and sometimes just plain gimmicky. From ubiquitous slimming teas to caffeine-infused shapewear, these remedies all have one thing …

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How Cold is Liquid Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is the most prevalent chemical element in the Earth’s atmosphere and is integral to both plant growth and reproduction. As such, it is used in several practical uses. At room temperature, nitrogen it is just an average looking clear gas. That said, it appears differently depending on its state. For example, most people have …

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