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Are steel tools worth it banished?

No, steel tools are not worth it to be banished. The use of steel tools has been integral to many activities throughout human history. Steel tools are essential to construction work where they are used to install things like insulation, steel studs and concrete fields.

Steel tools have also been integral to any number of other construction activities, from logging and farming to welding and shipbuilding. Steel tools are also incredibly important for engineers, who rely on them to craft components and build machines.

Steel tools are also vital for industry, where they’re used to create products ranging from aircraft to auto parts and much more. Finally, steel tools are still frequently used in the kitchen, and they’re valued for their durability and precision.

Ultimately, Steel tools are too valuable and versatile to be banned, and it is their utility that should make them the tool of choice for many construction and engineering related activities.

What to do when you run out of tools in banished?

When you run out of tools in Banished, you should consider utilizing the resources you already have to make the most of your existing inventory. One way to do this is to use the repair option in the game.

Repairs allow you to use existing materials to create new, functioning items in place of the ones you have run out of. This could mean repairing broken tools, gathering scraps from buildings to reconstruct structural items, or simply creating more of the same resource from what is already available.

You can also supplement your tool inventory by trading with caravans. When a caravan visits your town you can exchange goods for tools and resources. Lastly, scout missions can help you explore new areas of the map, giving you the opportunity to discover more resources and make use of available land.

How do you get steel tools in banished?

In order to get steel tools in Banished, you will first need to build a blacksmith and gather enough iron ore and coal to make them. Once you have the iron ore and coal, you can assign one of your citizens to the blacksmith, who will turn the ore into bars of iron.

From there, you can further refine the iron bars into steel bars, which can be used to create steel tools. To create steel tools from the steel bars, you will need to build a forge and assign your citizens to craft the tools.

The forge requires a large amount of labor and resources, including sufficient fuel, so it is important to plan accordingly before attempting to build one. Once you have the forge, your citizens will be able to craft the steel tools you need.

What is the mod for banished?

The mod for Banished is a versatile, community-created modding tool that allows players to modify and customize their games in many ways. It includes new buildings and items, custom maps and scripts, balancing options, and more.

Players can also use mods to make minor adjustments to existing elements, such as adjusting a building’s resource costs or adding additional attributes to a character. With the mod, players have access to hundreds of additional content, allowing them to make their Banished game more unique and engaging.

How long do children stay in school banished?

The length of time a child may stay in school banished depends largely on the nature of the offense, the policies of the school, and the severity of the disciplinary action. Generally speaking, a student can remain banished anywhere from a few days to a few months, or even longer depending on the situation.

Most schools have a disciplinary policy that outlines the range of punishments for each offense, which can range from a verbal or written warning, to demerits or suspensions, to in-school punishment such as spending time in the principal’s office.

In some cases, school administrators may resort to the extreme of assigning a student to stay away from school for a period of time. This is known as school banishment and the length of the banishment is determined by the school and their policies.

Banished students may still be required to complete their course work while away from school and to submit assignments to their teachers upon return.

How many laborers should I have in banished?

The number of laborers you should have in Banished depends largely on your goals for the game. If you are playing for a short, casual gaming experience, you can get away with having fewer laborers. However, if you are playing for a long-term, strategy-oriented experience, you should aim to have more.

In general, a good starting point is to have at least eight to twelve laborers. This will allow you to quickly build and maintain your infrastructure, while providing enough manpower to cover your basic needs.

Of course, as you progress and your population grows, you may need to adjust the number of laborers accordingly.

It is also important to remember that having too many laborers can actually lead to inefficiency, so it is important to find the right balance. Lastly, you can also delegate certain tasks to specialized laborers, such as a miller or a forester, to maximize efficiency.

Where do I get banished mods?

You can find mods for the popular game Banished on a number of modding websites, such as ModDB and Nexus Mods. When you are looking for specific mods for Banished, the best place to start is the official Banished website.

Here, you will find user-created content including custom textures, buildings, scenarios, and even complete mods available for download.

Another popular site for finding Banished mods is the fan-created Simtropolis website, which offers many user-created mods and buildings, as well as complete gameplay changes. One of the major advantages to using Simtropolis as your source for mods is that they are all reviewed and approved by moderators, so you know that the mods you’re downloading won’t have any malicious code or other hidden surprises.

Finally, there is the Banished Nexus website. Here, you can find the most comprehensive collection of mods and content for the game, but it should be noted that these mods and scenarios are not always approved by the official game developers.

Still, many of these mods offer a unique and interesting way to play and experience the game, so it’s definitely worth a look.