Santa Rosa CA July 14th, 2014 - Liquid image is issuing a notice to Athletes and Agents regarding an individual misrepresenting himself as the owner of Liquid Image.  

Liquid Image has received reports from participants of the Summer X Games and the recent FIM Superbike World Championship of an individual who is misrepresenting himself as the owner of Liquid Image or as an authorized agent of Liquid Image. Any offer of sponsorship from Liquid Image at this time will be sent on Liquid Image Letterhead by either Cecilie Wrye or Otto Nebel. If you receive an offer by someone claiming to own Liquid Image, please verify that the person is Kent Pearson or Melanie Pearson.

If you have been approached for sponsorship by another individual and you wish to verify any offer, please email or call (707) 284-1585 x 110. 

About Liquid Image:

Liquid Image Co, LLC, manufactures the largest selection of Wearable Cameras in the world. Our Wearable Technology is revolutionizing the way people share their activities, sports and point of view. Liquid Image products have been distributed in over 100 countries and across multiple sales channels that include: Scuba, Sporting Goods, Powersports, Snow Sports, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Photo, Gift, Gadget, Marine, Resort and Rental markets. The corporate office is located in Santa Rosa, CA, with an international office located in Hong Kong.  PH: (707) 284-1585


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