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Can an individual hold a raffle in Michigan?

Does New Mexico allow lottery winners to remain anonymous?

Yes, New Mexico does allow lottery winners to remain anonymous. New Mexico law allows you to keep your identity private, amongst other things. The New Mexico Lottery Commission will not release your identity to anyone other than the recipients of the prize.

You may submit a claim form to the New Mexico Lottery Commission to maintain your privacy. Additionally, the Lottery Commission allows anonymity if the prize is $10,000 or greater. If you win a jackpot or grand prize of $10,000 or more, you may also appoint a third-party representative to claim the prize for you and keep your identity private.

All other prizes are generally public information and the winner’s identity may be made available to the public. Finally, if you are the winner of a lottery prize, you may be required to meet with the Lottery Commission for the purposes of determining your eligibility and providing additional forms of verification.