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Can I buy tickets at AT&T stadium?

Yes, you can purchase tickets to events at AT&T stadium. Tickets are available for purchase through the venue’s official website, the Dallas Cowboys ticket office, or the box office at the stadium. Depending on the event, tickets may also be available through primary ticket sellers such as Ticketmaster and other approved outlets.

Prices vary depending on the event and the tickets you select. You can also purchase various membership packages, season pass packages, and other special ticket packages available for select events. Additionally, you can purchase parking passes and VIP packages if applicable to the event.

Before deciding on tickets, it is best to review the event and ticket information on the AT&T Stadium website.

Does AT&T stadium take cash?

Yes, AT&T Stadium does accept cash. However, cashless payments such as debit and credit cards are preferred. All sales around the stadium are cashless, except at select designated concessions stands where you may use cash or card.

It is recommended that you bring cash to cover any incidentals. It is also important to note that most vendors do not offer refunds so please read all menus carefully. Additionally, it is important to note that most ATMs around the stadium do not dispense cash.

Do Cowboys games sell out?

Yes, Cowboys games typically sell out. While Dallas Cowboys tickets can be hard to come by, it is not unusual for home games to be sold out weeks before the game. In fact, the team has sold out every home game since 2002, a testament to the passionate fanbase that follows the ‘Boys.

For some of the most popular games, the only tickets available may be on secondary markets such as StubHub and SeatGeek. While these tickets come with an added convenience fee, they can be a great way to attend a Cowboys game.

How much is a beer at a Dallas Cowboys game?

The price of a beer at a Dallas Cowboys game varies depending on the size and type of beer purchased. Generally, the cost of a 12-ounce domestic beer ranges from $7. 50 to $10. A 20-ounce domestic draught beer typically ranges from $10.

25 to $13. An imported beer or craft beer may cost up to $15 for a 16-ounce serving. Specialty beers such as margaritas or frozen beers could potentially cost more. Prices vary by venue and may change over time.

Additionally, there may be additional alcohol related fees or service charges added to the cost of a beer.

How early should I get to AT&T stadium?

It is recommended that you plan on arriving at least one hour prior to the start of an event at AT&T Stadium. You’ll need time to find parking, as well as time to navigate through security screening and any lines present.

Depending on the event, there may also be a great deal of traffic congestion, so attempting to arrive even earlier may be advisable. In addition, some special events may have early bird activities that you may want to participate in, such as fan fests or pre-show concerts.

For example, at the recent Taylor Swift concert, fans were encouraged to arrive up to two hours early to enjoy special activities prior to the concert.

Are NFL games always sold out?

No, NFL games are not always sold out. Depending on the home team, the attendance at NFL games can vary significantly. While teams like the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots routinely have full stadiums, some teams struggle to keep their stands full throughout the season.

For teams playing in cold weather conditions, bad weather can also lead to smaller attendance. Besides that, some teams struggle from an economic standpoint, leading to lower ticket sales. To compensate for this, they often have discounted ticket packages and other promotions, such as giving away team merchandise in order to attract fans.

Ultimately, NFL games are not always sold out and it really depends on the team and the season.

How can I watch Cowboys game out-of-market?

If you are a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and would like to watch their games when you are out-of-market, there are a number of options available to you.

Firstly, you can check out a satellite or streaming version of NFL Sunday Ticket. This service, offered by DirecTV, enables you to watch any NFL game, including Cowboys games. It also offers real-time stats, highlights, and live audio commentary, as well as access to NFL RedZone.

Secondly, official NFL Game Pass subscriptions are available, enabling you to watch all out-of-market games live and on-demand.

Thirdly, you can purchase an NFL Replay season pass which allows you to watch Cowboys games without a live TV subscription.

Finally, there are various streaming services, such as Hulu and YouTube TV, that offer in-market and out-of-market access to NFL games. With these services, you can stream on-demand or watch select live games, including Cowboys games, when you are out-of-market.

What time does AT&T stadium box office open?

The AT&T Stadium box office, located at One Legends Way in Arlington, TX, opens Monday to Thursday from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. and Friday from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. It is closed on Saturday and Sunday. On event days, the box office re-opens two hours before the start of the event or when gates open and stays open through the end of halftime for NFL games.

The box office staff is available to answer your questions about upcoming events and ticket availability. You may also purchase tickets in person at the box office or through Ticketmaster. com.

Is it cold inside the AT&T stadium?

No, AT&T Stadium is climate-controlled and typically kept at a comfortable temperature. On game days, the air conditioning is usually increased to ensure the comfort of fans and players. During the summer months, the stadium’s installed cooling system helps keep the stadium comfortable and reduces the effects of Texas heat.

On colder fall and winter days, the 80,000 seat stadium is kept warm with powerful heating systems. But due to the size of the stadium, it may be slightly cooler or warmer on one side than the other, so guests are encouraged to dress in layers and bring a light jacket in case they need it.

Do you have to have a clear bag at AT&T stadium?

Yes, anyone entering AT&T Stadium is required to have a bag that meets the size and clear bag specifications established by the organization. All bags must be either 12″x 6″ x 12″ or smaller, a 1-gallon clear plastic freezer bag, or a 4.

5″ x 6. 5″ clear purse. All bags will be searched by security at the gate prior to entry. Exceptions will be made for medically necessary items after inspection at the gate. Guests are not allowed to bring large purses, backpacks, camera bags, duffle bags, luggage of any kind, or sealed packages into AT&T Stadium.

Such items may be confiscated, and guests may be asked to return them to their vehicle.

Do you go through a metal detector at AT&T stadium?

Yes, all visitors entering AT&T Stadium are required to go through a metal detector at the gates in order to ensure the safety of other patrons. All visitors must remove any metal objects from their pockets, such as wallets, phones, or keys.

All items such as pocket knives are prohibited from being brought into the stadium. All fans entering at TicketReturn locations may be subject to a more thorough screening, including a pat-down, in accordance with NFL Security Guidelines.

Does the AT&T stadium have a box office?

Yes, AT&T Stadium has a box office. The box office is located at the northwest side of the stadium, behind Team Shop. It is open on Training Camp days beginning at 8:00 AM, as well as all Cowboys home games, opening four hours prior to kickoff.

It is also open seven days a week from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, excluding holidays. Tickets can be purchased at the Box Office for all Cowboys home games, as well as for other concerts, sporting and family events held at AT&T Stadium.

Season Ticket Deposits and partial payments may also be made at the box office. The Box Office also offers tickets for Cowboy Express fan buses, making sure you get to your game day destination safely and with ease.

What is the Dallas Cowboys phone number?

Unfortunately, the Dallas Cowboys do not publicly provide a phone number for general inquiries. If you would like to contact the Dallas Cowboys, you can do so through their official website by filling out the contact form found here: https://www.

dallascowboys. com/contact. Upon completion of their form, the Dallas Cowboys staff will respond directly to your inquiry within 24-48 business hours.

How to meet Dallas Cowboy players?

If you’d like to meet a Dallas Cowboys player, there are a few ways you can do so. First, attend a regular-season game and look for pre-game player introductions and postgame autograph sessions. These often last for a limited amount of time, so it’s best to plan ahead, arrive early, and bring a sharpie and some paper or a football to get autographed.

Second, if your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend a regular-season game, you can try to attend charity or corporate events hosted by the Cowboys or the players themselves. These events are often publicized via the team’s website and on the players’ individual sites.

Third, some players take part in meet-and-greets with fans at local businesses or other venues. While the Cowboys themselves do not typically coordinate these events, you can keep an eye on player announcements to see if these are being held.

Finally, you can reach out directly to players and request an autographed item or photo. Typically, you can do this by sending an item and a self-addressed stamped envelope along with instructions on how to get it autographed.

While success cannot be guaranteed, you may be surprised by what the players are willing to do for die-hard fans.

What is not allowed in AT&T stadium?

And all guests are expected to adhere to the stadium’s policies while attending an event. Weapons, hard-sided coolers, glass containers, cans, laser pointers, fireworks and illegal substances are not allowed inside the stadium.

Outside food and beverages are not allowed and should be left in vehicles. Guests may not attempt to enter the stadium with any illegal or prohibited item, including: umbrellas, large bags or backpacks, strollers, inflatable balls, chairs or blankets, noisemakers (air horns, whistles, etc.

), laptops, tablets and baskets. In addition, there are security rules and regulations that are strictly enforced and monitored. Allowed items include: small bags and purses, binoculars, cameras and cell phones.