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Did Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake record Tennessee Whiskey?

Yes, Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake recorded the song “Tennessee Whiskey” together. The collaboration was an acoustic version of the George Jones classic, which was released on Justin Timberlake’s 2016 album, “Man of the Woods.

” The collaboration resulted from Timberlake’s admiration of Stapleton as a songwriter and artist. Timberlake said of Stapleton, “I instantly fell in love with his songwriting, his voice, and the texture of his soul.

He carries himself with an incredible authenticity that the world can’t deny. ” The song was recorded during a three-hour session in the studio, and the two recorded the track live with Stapleton playing the acoustic guitar and singing lead vocals.

The acoustic version of the song was released along with a music video, which showcased the chemistry between the two artist. Stapleton says of the track that, “This song used to cut me to my core. Now, I hope it can do the same for others.

” The song has since gone certified platinum in several countries, including the United States.

Who all has recorded Tennessee Whiskey?

Tennessee Whiskey has been recorded by many acclaimed artists, including George Jones, Alan Jackson, Chris Stapleton, and Justin Timberlake. The first version of the song was released in 1981, recorded by David Allan Coe.

George Jones’ version, released in 1983, is the most well-known and is frequently cited as one of the greatest country songs of all time. Alan Jackson released a cover in 2015, which topped the country music charts, becoming the artist’s eighth No.

1 song on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Chris Stapleton also released a cover of the song in 2016, which went on to be certified five-times Platinum by the Recording Industry Association America (RIAA).

Justin Timberlake released a version for Warner Music Nashville in 2019. His version samples the chorus from George Jones’ original record.

Who sings the version of Tennessee Whiskey?

The version of “Tennessee Whiskey” that is most widely known was recorded by country singer Chris Stapleton and released in 2015. The song was written by Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove and became a smash hit for Stapleton, reaching number one on both the U.

S. and Canadian country music charts. The song also topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for eleven non-consecutive weeks and was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Stapleton’s version of “Tennessee Whiskey” has been covered by numerous other artists including George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Justin Timberlake.

What’s the most famous Tennessee whiskey?

The most famous Tennessee whiskey is Jack Daniel’s, which is produced in nearby Lynchburg, Tennessee. Jack Daniel’s is the best-selling American whiskey in the world, and has been produced since 1866 using a unique charcoal-mellowing filtration process.

The distillery sources limestone-filtered spring water from a nearby cave, and uses it to craft a classic, distinctive flavor that’s credited with popularizing the American whiskey industry worldwide.

With its popularity, Jack Daniel’s has become a globally recognized symbol of Tennessee whiskey and has inspired many new whiskey makers and artistic endeavors.

What year did Chris Stapleton win the voice?

Chris Stapleton rose to fame in 2015 following his success on The Voice. Although he didn’t win the show, he received considerable exposure through the singing competition. Coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Gwen Stefani praised him for his passionate performance of several original songs on the show.

Following his exposure, Stapleton became a very successful singer-songwriter and one of the leading country-music artists of the decade.

How many Tennessee whiskey are there?

Depending on which distilleries you include. That being said, some of the more common distilleries that make Tennessee whiskey include Jack Daniel’s, George Dickel, and Collier & McKeel, among others.

Jack Daniel’s is the most widely produced Tennessee whiskey, with George Dickel the second most popular. Each distillery creates different varieties of whiskey, often with varying levels of proof, maturation times, and recipes.

Some of the more popular Jack Daniel’s whiskey types include Old No. 7, Gentleman Jack, Single Barrel, Barrel Proof, and Tennessee Honey. George Dickel also produces a number of distinct whiskeys, including its No.

8, No. 12, Barrel Select, Barrel Select Tennessee Rye, Barterhouse, and Commonwealth Rye. Collier & McKeel produces a unique whiskey made to be enjoyable for sipping, called Tennessee Nectar. Other smaller distilleries produce specialty single malt and rye whiskeys, sometimes inspired by traditional Scotch and Irish whiskey production methods.

Is Jack Daniel’s the only Tennessee whiskey?

No, Jack Daniel’s is not the only Tennessee whiskey. While Jack Daniel’s is perhaps the most well-known Tennessee whiskey, there are many others that are gaining in popularity. Collier and McKeel, of Nashville, make Tennessee whiskey with a malt base, while Benjamin Prichard’s, of Kelso, makes a rye-based Tennessee whiskey.

Jeff Arnett, the master distiller at Jack Daniel’s, has branched out on his own to launch his own label, Cascade Hollow Distilling, where he makes a true Tennessee whiskey (unaged whiskey, aged in a charred barrel).

George Dickel, of Dickel, TN, and Chattanooga Whiskey both make Bourbon-style whiskey, as well. It’s clear that the craft whiskey scene in Tennessee is growing quickly, with even more distilleries on the rise.

How many #1 songs does Dean Dillon have?

Dean Dillon has written or co-written over 20 #1 songs, in addition to having written or co-written 33 Top Ten U. S. singles. He is one of the most successful songwriters of all time and has an incredible track record when it comes to creating hit songs.

His #1 songs span across multiple genres of country music, including classics such as “Tennessee Whiskey,” by George Jones and “The Chair,” by George Strait, to modern hits such as “Body Like a Back Road,” by Sam Hunt.

Also included in his catalog of #1 singles are “When I Call Your Name,” by Vince Gill, “Unanswered Prayers,” by Garth Brooks, and “A Husband’s Job,” by Billy Ray Cyrus. Dillon has won numerous awards and accolades over the years, including the Country Music Association’s Song of the Year award three times.

Furthermore, he was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2009, honoring his impressive accomplishments.

Who is the original singer of Midnight Train to Memphis?

The original singer of the song “Midnight Train to Memphis” is Chris Stapleton. Released in 2018 as part of his album From A Room: Volume 2, the song was written by Chris Stapleton, along with Jimmy Stewart and JT Harding.

In 2014, Stapleton was featured in a performance of the song at the Country Music Awards alongside Justin Timberlake, which earned him two awards that year. Stapleton has since continued to make music and has been nominated for four Grammy Awards for his work.

Who originally sang drift away?

The original version of the song “Drift Away” was written and recorded by the American soul-rock singer/songwriter Dobie Gray in 1973. The song was an instant hit, reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and becoming the title track of his 1973 album of the same name.

After Gray’s version of the song, it was covered by many other artists, including the blues band Uncle Kracker whose version was a major hit in 2003. The chorus of the song has become a well-recognized phrase, with Gray’s version notably being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2009.

What is the connection between Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake?

Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake are both award-winning singers and songwriters who have worked together on various musical projects. Justin Timberlake has credited Chris Stapleton as one of his main influences and has collaborated with him on several occasions.

The pair first worked together in 2015 when Timberlake featured Stapleton on his song “Say Something” from his fifth studio album “Man of the Woods”. The duo also performed the song live together at the 2018 Country Music Association Awards and won the award for “Music Event of the Year”.

In 2019, they released a duet album together titled “Country Air”. Additionally, Stapleton produced “Filthy” and “Say Something” for Timberlake’s fifth album, as well as writing and providing backing vocals for the songs “Midnight Summer Jam” and “Morning Light”.

The pair have also performed together numerous times at various events, including the Country Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, the Academy of Country Music Awards, and on Saturday Night Live. They have a strong friendship and mutual admiration for each other’s musical projects.

What is the relationship between Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton?

Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton have a close working relationship—they have collaborated on several songs, the most successful being the song “Say Something,” which peaked at No. 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

They both have a deep appreciation of country music, and Timberlake has drawn heavily from Stapleton’s influence when crafting his own music. Both have been praised by critics for their soulful singing, vocal control and artistic vision.

they have both won numerous awards, including multiple American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Country Music Association Awards. They also performed together on the hit TV show Saturday Night Live and at the 2018 CMA Awards.

Timberlake has praised Stapleton for being an inspirational collaborator, and Stapleton has expressed gratitude for working with the music superstar. The two have a genuine respect for one another, and an evident admiration for their shared musical talents.

Who is Justin Timberlake’s inspiration?

Justin Timberlake has many inspirations for his music and his style of entertaining. He has mentioned a wide variety of musicians, people, and experiences as inspirations.

He has cited a variety of musicians from different genres as inspirations. For example, he has mentioned Michael Jackson, Prince, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye as influences. He has also credited producer Timbaland’s style of innovative production and hip-hop as inspirations.

In terms of style, Justin has said that he’s been greatly influenced by the performances of memorable entertainers like Tom Jones, James Brown, and Prince. He has also credited comedians like Will Ferrell and Dave Chappelle as an influence in terms of his sense of humor and showmanship.

Beyond performers, Justin has also credited several people he’s worked and collaborated with as major sources of inspiration. This includes singers-songwriters like Chris Stapleton and Pharrell Williams, and other celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Jay-Z.

At the end of the day, Justin Timberlake is ultimately inspired by life itself and the people and places around him. He talks about his experience growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, and the influence of his family on his music.

He’s also cited ideas like faith, family, success, and failure as being sources of inspiration for his lyrics.