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Did Jim Boeheim have a first wife?

Yes, Jim Boeheim had a first wife. Jim Boeheim’s first wife was Elaine Boeheim. The couple married in 1972, shortly after Jim graduated from Syracuse University. They had three children together—Jimmy, Jamie, and Elizabeth—all of whom still remain close to their father today.

Sadly, Elaine Boeheim passed away in 2014 after a battle with cancer. Jim has since remarried to Julie Donohoe, and the two are currently living in Syracuse, NY. Jim is currently the head basketball coach of the Syracuse Orange, a position he has held since 1976.

Has Jim Boeheim been married before?

Yes, Jim Boeheim has been married before. He married his first wife Janice Cox in 1972 and they had three children together: Jimmy, Elizabeth and Jamie. The couple divorced in 2000. Shortly thereafter, Boeheim married Juli Greene in July of 2000.

They have been together ever since and have adopted two children together. Jim has said that his marriage to Juli is the greatest decision he ever made and that it has significantly improved his life.

They have four children in total.

What happened to Elaine Boeheim?

Elaine Boeheim, the wife of legendary Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim, passed away on March 12th, 2021. Elaine and coach Boeheim were married for nearly 48 years and had three children together.

Elaine was 68 years old when she died.

Elaine was a beloved figure at Syracuse University and in the local Syracuse community. She was generous with her time and regularly volunteered at a local soup kitchen and other service projects. She was also the team’s biggest fan, standing in the front row of the bleachers at every home game and travelling to all of the away games.

The cause of Elaine’s death remains unknown. However, according to a statement released by Syracuse University, she had been ill for some time. In the wake of her death, Coach Boeheim released a statement saying, “Elaine and I have been together for almost 50 years and my family and I will miss her very much…Her energy and enthusiasm for life will always motivate us.


The thoughts of the entire Syracuse community are with the Boeheim family during this difficult time.

What is the age difference between Jim Boeheim and his wife?

Jim Boeheim and his wife, Julie, have a 31-year age difference between them. Jim Boeheim is currently 74 years old, while his wife Julie is 43 years old. They were married on August 13, 1990 and have two children together.

Jim Boeheim has two children from his previous marriage, a daughter named Elizabeth and son named Jimmy. Jim Boeheim’s wife Julie previously worked as a elementary school teacher and currently owns a yoga center with her husband in DeWitt, New York.

How much does Jim Boeheim make a year at Syracuse?

Jim Boeheim currently earns an annual salary of roughly $2 million at Syracuse University. This figure is the result of the generous 10-year extension that was signed by Boeheim and Syracuse back in 2017.

It has been reported that the deal allows for a base salary of $1 million per year, plus additional incentives. However, after the NCAA tournament, the men’s basketball program can also earn up to $300,000 in retention bonuses, with Boeheim pocketing 75% of that bonus, meaning his total annual earnings from Syracuse can sometimes surpass $2 million.

Are coach K and Jim Boeheim friends?

Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski) and Jim Boeheim have a very long and storied history together. Not only have they been competitors in NCAA basketball for decades, but both have achieved great success in their respective careers.

Due to the shared admiration they both have for the game, they have developed a mutual respect and friendship over the years.

Throughout the years, they have experienced successes and defeats together and against each other, and consequently, have grown to appreciate and admire each other’s approaches and opinions. Because of this, they have developed a strong bond and friendly relationship with each other.

On a personal level, Coach K and Jim Boeheim have been known to have a strong camaraderie and are often seen speaking together at various functions and events. In addition, they have been seen vacationing together and having lunch together on a number of occasions.

As two of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time and because of their shared love and admiration for the game, Coach K and Jim Boeheim have a strong friendship, showing respect for each other both on and off the court.

What happened to the women’s basketball coach at Syracuse?

On June 15th, 2020, Syracuse University announced the termination of the head coach of their women’s basketball program, Quentin Hillsman. This was soon after the University released a statement with findings from an independent investigation into allegations of improper conduct by Hillsman in recruitment and travel costs.

The report determined that Hillsman had engaged in conduct unbecoming of a Syracuse employee and failed to act in the best interest of the program. Following the investigation, Syracuse University decided to exercise their contractual right to terminate Hillman’s contract with the University.

Syracuse had hired Hillsman in 2007, and during his tenure, their teams had won three regular season conference championships and four conference tournament championships. They had also made 12 NCAA tournament appearances.

Following his termination, Syracuse named His assistant, Anthony Gullaimi, as interim head coach for the 2020-2021 season.

Why did Syracuse coach resign?

Jim Boeheim, the long-time head men’s basketball coach at Syracuse University, announced his resignation on March 17, 2021. He had been the head coach since 1976 and was second only to Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski in terms of longevity with one program.

During his time in Syracuse, Boeheim had won a remarkable 1,000+ games, five Big East regular season titles, five Big East Tournament titles, and an NCAA National Championship in 2003.

The reason for the announcement was the findings of an independent review by the school into NCAA compliance, which found that Syracuse had numerous violations occurring between 2011 and 2020. The NCAA’s enforcement staff plans to issue a formal Notice of Allegations to the school, as well as personal letters to Boeheim.

It has not yet been determined what punishments will be handed out for the violations, but it is expected that Boeheim will face some kind of significant penalty.

Given the severity of the violations, it is not surprising that Boeheim made the decision to resign in order to spare the program from further sanctions. Despite the violations and the fact that his time in Syracuse has come to an end, Boeheim’s legacy as one of college basketball’s greatest coaches and one of Syracuse’s most beloved athletics icons will keep on living.

How long is Buddy Boeheim suspended?

Buddy Boeheim was suspended for the first three games of the 2021-22 season for his involvement in a fight during Syracuse’s game against Georgia Tech on February 27, 2021. The suspension was issued by the Atlantic Coast Conference, with Commissioner John Swofford stating that the incident “was inappropriate and not reflective of the values of diversity, inclusion and sportsmanship that we expect in our league”.

By serving the suspension during the first three games of next season, the suspension will miss the NCAA tournament, if the Orange qualify.

Is Buddy Boeheim leaving Syracuse?

At this time, it appears that Buddy Boeheim is not leaving Syracuse. He has committed to playing college basketball for Syracuse through 2021, and there have been no announcements from either Boeheim or the University that he has plans to transfer or pursue any other opportunity at this time.

Additionally, Boeheim has shown a lot of loyalty to Syracuse throughout his college basketball career, having grown up in a family of Syracuse alumni, and it seems unlikely he would make any sudden changes to that commitment.

Who are Jim Boeheim’s children?

Jim Boeheim’s children are James “Jimmy” Joseph Boeheim, Elizabeth “Beth” Boeheim and Jack Jacob Boeheim. Jimmy is a graduate of Syracuse University and is currently a Business Manager for the Syracuse Men’s basketball team.

Beth is a graduate of the University of Chicago and is currently a photographer. Jack is currently a rising senior at the University of Rochester majoring in film and media production. All three of them spent time at their father’s side while he was the head coach of the Syracuse Men’s Basketball team, and still remain close to him and the team today.

How many children do Jim and Juli Boeheim have?

Jim and Juli Boeheim have four children together. They are daughter Jamie, son Jimmy, daughter Jamie, and daughter Elizabeth. Jamie was born in December 1994, Jimmy in May 1997, Elizabeth in July 2001, and Jane in August 2005.

Are the Boeheim son Syracuse related?

Yes, the Boeheim sons are related to Syracuse University. Jim Boeheim, the longtime head basketball coach for Syracuse University, is the father of Jimmy, Jack and Jamie Boeheim. Jimmy Boeheim played at Syracuse and was on the team during the 2016-17 season, while Jack and Jamie are currently members of the Syracuse basketball team.

While their father is the head coach, they are able to play and be a part of the Syracuse basketball program through their own merits and hard work.

Do both Boeheim sons play for Syracuse?

No, only one of Jim Boeheim’s sons, Jimmy Boeheim, plays for Syracuse. He is currently a sophomore at Syracuse University and plays for the Men’s Basketball team. His older brother, Buddy Boeheim, attended Syracuse but transferred to Cornell University after his freshman year.

He plays for the Men’s Basketball team at Cornell.

Is Elaine Boeheim married?

No, Elaine Boeheim is not married. She is the daughter of legendary basketball coach Jim Boeheim and married to his legacy at Syracuse University. Elaine is the director of community relations for the Syracuse Men’s Basketball team and holds her father’s legacy close.

She is the mother of two children, Molly and Jimmy, who both currently attend Syracuse. Thus, Elaine Boeheim is not married.