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Did Jordan Smith win the voice?

Yes, Jordan Smith won the season nine finale of NBC’s The Voice, defeating fellow finalist Jeffery Austin. Jordan’s victory, which was announced on December 15, 2015, marked the first time a member of Adam Levine’s team won the competition.

His debut single, “Something Beautiful,” reached No. 1 on iTunes shortly after the finale – the first time that had ever been accomplished on The Voice. Additionally, he set a new record for the highest iTunes chart position by a single artist in the show’s history.

Following his win, Jordan signed with Republic Records and has since released several original songs and albums.

What is The Voice Jordan Smith doing now?

Jordan Smith, the winner of the ninth season of NBC’s reality singing show The Voice, is pursuing a promising career in the music industry with a debut album, “Something Beautiful” (released in 2016).

He recently signed to United Talent Agency and his current tour, The Evolution Tour, kicked off in 2017, taking him across the United States and Europe.

He continues to perform regularly at various venues and festivals throughout the USA, and has been featured as a duet partner in a number of other artist’s singles. He has also made appearances on daytime shows and on Ellen, performing his own songs and covers of popular hits.

In addition to his music-related activities, Jordan Smith is also the spokesperson for Chili’s Grill and Bar, for which he recently starred in a commercial campaign. He’s also stayed connected to The Voice by appearing as a celebrity mentor and advisor to new contestants.

When he’s not singing, Smith lives in his hometown of Harlan, Kentucky, with his wife and young son. He also paints, having shown several galleries and currently working on a book about his paintings.

Jordan Smith is an active and passionate musician and entertainer whose career is only growing as he balances his time between performing, recording and painting.

Who won American Song Contest today?

Unfortunately, the American Song Contest has not yet taken place, so there is no definitive answer to who won today. The competition is slated to begin airing in 2021 and is being created as a US spin-off of the Eurovision Song Contest, an annual international music competition.

As of now, thirty-two (32) songwriters have been selected to participate in the 2021 season, including fifteen (15) artists from the United States, along with ten (10) from Europe, four (4) from the United Kingdom, two (2) from Australia, and one (1) from Canada.

Thus far, no winners or finalists have been announced for the American Song Contest, so it is unclear who will be ultimately crowned the season’s winner.

Is Jordan Smith from The Voice still singing?

Yes, Jordan Smith is still singing. After his meteoric rise to fame as the winner of the ninth season of NBC’s singing competition The Voice, Jordan has released two studio albums and five singles. In addition, he has completed an 85-city tour in 2018, embarking on a 19-date holiday tour in 2020.

Jordan has also held residencies at Opry City Stage in New York City and London, performing sold-out shows throughout the year. In April 2019, he launched a podcast titled Big Dreamer, in which he interviews other performers about their experiences and career paths.

With an extensive repertoire of covers and original songs, Jordan continues to delight audiences around the world with his soulful, heartfelt singing style.

Who are the 10 finalists in the American Song Contest?

The 10 finalists in the American Song Contest are:

1. Abby Howards

2. Dean Perrett

3. The Garvi Sisters

4. Madison Jordan

5. Alex Hall

6. Kenny Graves

7. Aja Angove

8. Kimberly Dunn

9. Rachel Messer

10. Nova Miller.

These finalists are each talented singer-songwriters from across the United States. Abby Howards of Texas is an up-and-coming country artist. Dean Perrett of Arizona showcases his storytelling songwriting style with a traditional country flair.

The Garvi Sisters have their roots in California, and are two sisters who offer a unique blend of country, Latin American and pop music. Madison Jordan is a pop singer from Washington State whose music blends vintage soul and modern pop.

Alex Hall of Wisconsin is a bluegrass singer-songwriter. Kenny Graves from Oklahoma plays a mixture of contemporary and classic country. Aja Angove of New York takes influence from multiple genres to create an original out-of-the-box sound.

Kimberly Dunn of Maryland puts a modern twist on classic soul and blues. Rachel Messer of Montana has created a unique fusion of indie folk-pop. And Nova Miller is an exciting rising star in the pop-rock genre from Florida.

The 10 finalists have each created an original song for the American Song Contest and have been chosen to compete for the chance to win the grand prize. The winner will be determined through a combination of public voting and professional judging, and will be announced in May 2021.

Who is the highest paid voice contestant?

At this time, the highest paid voice contestant is Blake Shelton, who is currently a coach on the show. He reportedly makes $13 million per season of the show, according to a 2018 Business Insider report.

Additionally, past Voice contestants like Cassadee Pope (winner of Season 3) have landed lucrative recording deals worth millions of dollars. Other Voice contestants, such as Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams, and Gwen Stefani, have also made substantial fortunes from their music careers, in addition to their work on the show.

How much does Jordan Smith weight?

Jordan Smith does not appear to have his exact weight publicized, however, based on his height, he likely falls within the range of 140-165 lbs, depending on his body fat. Additionally, given his profession as a professional athlete and a successful weightlifter, it is likely that he has stayed within the lower end of the spectrum.

Who is the oldest singer on The Voice?

The oldest singer currently on The Voice is Marisa Corvo, who is 32 years old. Marisa is a country singer from Louisiana and is currently a member of Team Blake. She has been performing since she was a child and competed on American Idol in 2015.

Marisa has released a three-song EP, “My Love for You,” and is currently working towards completing her first full-length album. Her vocal style has been described as an edgier version of country pop, with soulful tones and a genuine quality.

She has a powerful, emotive quality that make her performances truly memorable. Marisa’s coach Blake has referred to her as having “off the charts raw talent” and praised her ability to stay true to her country roots while also creating modern, progressive moments.

Who is the youngest The Voice winner?

The youngest The Voice winner is 15-year-old Daniel Passion, who won the twelfth series of the show in 2017. Daniel was coached by Jennifer Hudson and won the series with a performance of her first single, “Change Nothing”.

He was the second teenager to win the competition, following 15-year-old Alisan Porter who won the ninth series in 2016. Daniel, who was just 14 when he appeared on the show, wowed viewers with his soulful performances throughout the series.

Why did Blake Shelton leave The Voice?

Blake Shelton announced he was leaving The Voice on December 1, 2020 after eleven seasons as a coach on the show. He had been coaching contestants on the hit singing competition since its debut in 2011.

There are a variety of reasons why he decided to leave. Primarily, Shelton has been busy with his own music career and tours, which had impacted how much time he could dedicate to The Voice, something he felt the show deserved.

He shared in a statement that he wanted to focus on his music, “I was enrolled in singing lessons and wanted to focus on honing my craft as an artist and performer. ”.

In addition to wanting to focus on his own music, he shared that he had other plans for the future. “It’s been an incredible journey, but I have decided it’s time for me to move on and focus on other aspects of my career,” he said.

Shelton’s departure also comes as the show has seen a declining viewership in recent years, as well as a number of changes in the coaches’ lineup, so it’s possible he wanted to make way for new coaches and changes.

Overall, Shelton’s decision to leave The Voice was an amicable one and he appreciated the support of the show and the fans over the years. He thanked “The Voice family” for the opportunity and the fans, “Most of all, I want to thank all of the fans who have supported me over the years.

Here’s to many more!”.

Has anyone from The Voice actually become famous?

Yes, many people who have been on The Voice have gone on to have successful careers in the music industry and become famous.

Among the most successful are Season 1 winner Javier Colon, who went on to have multiple albums chart on the Billboard Top 200 and land singles on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Song chart; season 4 winner Danielle Bradbery, who released her debut album in 2013 and toured with artists such as Brad Paisley; and season 5 runner-up Jacquie Lee, who has had success with singles charting on both the Dance and Independent charts.

In addition, other Voice artists have seen resurgence in their careers after appearing on the show, such as season 2 runner-up Juliet Simms, who had previously been a member of the now-defunct group Automatic Loveletter; and season 8 contestant Chris Jamison, who went from working at Macy’s to signing a record deal with Clive Davis’ label and collaborating with Pitbull.

Overall, The Voice has provided several of its former contestants with much more than just a chance to win a singing competition. It has given them the recognition and platform needed to go on and become famous in the music industry.

Does Jordan Smith have any children?

No, Jordan Smith does not have any children. His current relationship status is unknown and he has not spoken publicly about having any children.

Is Sam Smith deaf?

No, Sam Smith is not deaf. Sam Smith is an English singer and songwriter who has achieved international fame. He is known for his soulful vocals and has been nominated for several awards, including several Grammys.

Though Smith has spoken openly about his struggles with depression, he has never disclosed any hearing problems or difficulty with any kind of sensory processing. His music has a wide range of genres, from pop to soul to R&B, and his sound appears to be functioning normally.