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Did they take Big Tex down?

Yes, Big Tex had to be taken down in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Big Tex, the beloved 52-foot tall cowboy sculpture, has been a state icon since 1952 and has been the iconic star of the Texas State Fair each year.

However, due to health and safety concerns from the pandemic, the Texas State Fair was postponed and Big Tex was taken down in June 2020. Although Big Tex was not physically present at the fair due to cancellations and restrictions, he was still represented in a virtual capacity in 2020.

In 2021, he has been re-instated and is once again the star of the State Fair.

Did Big Tex get rebuilt?

Yes, Big Tex was rebuilt after a devastating fire in 2012. The fire destroyed the structure, leaving only his head, boots, and belt-buckle intact. In 2013, it was announced that a new, larger Big Tex was being built, and on October 19th, 2013 the 54-foot tall, 25-ton icon was unveiled at the 2013 State Fair of Texas.

Big Tex is now outfitted in a Wrangler blue jeans shirt, larger boots and belt-buckle, and a size 96 X-long Stetson hat. He is powered via solar energy and also features speech-and-sounds capabilities.

The new-and-improved Big Tex has been an attraction for State Fairgoers from around the world ever since his unveiling.

What happened to Big Tex?

In 2012, Big Tex, the beloved 52-foot-tall cowboy mascot of the State Fair of Texas, tragically caught fire and was destroyed. Big Tex had been a part of the State Fair of Texas since 1952 and was an icon of the Dallas area.

The fire occurred on October 19, 2012, when an electrical short circuit occurred under the right sleeve of Big Tex. The resulting fire was strong enough to burn the 52-foot-tall structure, but somehow the internal support beams prevented it from collapsing.

Firefighters were able to contain the fire before it spread, however Big Tex sustained too much damage and had to be removed.

The citizens of Dallas were grief-stricken by the loss of their beloved icon, but the State Fair of Texas announced that Big Tex would be rebuilt, more beautiful than ever. Construction began soon after the fire, and in 2013 a new, improved Big Tex made his triumphant debut.

Today, Big Tex remains a beloved presence at the State Fair of Texas, a reminder of the strength and resilience of the Dallas community.

Does Big Tex still talk?

Yes, Big Tex still talks! Every year at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, the iconic 52-foot-tall statue of Big Tex greets fair-goers with a warm welcome. From the time he was introduced in 1952, he has been the official greeter of the State Fair, and his friendly “Howdy Folks!” is something many locals look forward to hearing each and every year.

Big Tex used to be quite the talker (in more than one language — he spoke both English and Spanish), reciting sayings such as “Happy Easter,” “Happy Fourth of July,” and “Happy Thanksgiving. ” After fire destroyed the original Big Tex in 2012, the new Big Tex was installed the following year and while he still greets fair-goers each year, the animatronic version that spoke to guests has yet to be replaced.

In the meantime, the voice of Big Tex still rings through the fairgrounds in the form of a recording. Audiences are greeted with his signature “Howdy Folks” each and every year, ushering in the sights, sounds, and excitement of the State Fair.

Who bought Big Tex trailers?

Big Tex Trailers, a division of Trailers USA, has been a leading provider of top quality American-made enclosed, utility, and specialty trailers since 1982. Founded in Mount Pleasant, Texas, Big Tex Trailers today manufactures trailers for a variety of uses, including cargo, race car, ice castle, refrigeration, and more.

In 2020, Big Tex Trailers was purchased by Dexter Axle Company, already a major player in the trailer industry, to further expand their offering of trailer components and trailers. Dexter Axle Company is well known for its high-quality, safety-focused products and services and was named one of Interbrand Corporation’s “Best of 2019” list of emerging brands.

Big Tex Trailers are sold through its extensive network of independent dealers located throughout the United States and Canada.

Who burned down Big Tex?

On October 19th, 2012, a fire broke out at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas shortly before Big Tex, the fair’s 52-foot tall mascot, was set to give his chuckling “Howdy Folks” greeting. The initial investigation into the incident suggested that a faulty electrical wire inside Big Tex’s head was the cause of the blaze.

The investigation revealed that an electrical short caused the insulation inside Big Tex’s head to catch fire which, in turn, caused the entire figure to become engulfed in flames.

According to the State Fair of Texas, the fire was burned so quickly that the fire department was only able to prevent it from spreading. The fire department was ultimately able to put the burning of Big Tex out, but not before the entire structure was reduced to charred remains.

After almost 60 years of service, the beloved mascot of the State Fair of Texas had been destroyed.

Big Tex was eventually rebuilt in time for the 2013 State Fair of Texas, featuring an improved fire-safety system, heat-resistant materials, and lighter-weight components for ease of maintenance.

Where is Big Tex stored after the fair?

Big Tex is stored at a warehouse in Fair Park after the State Fair of Texas concludes. The State Fair of Texas has had Big Tex since he first appeared in 1952 and he is usually placed in a Fair Park shed after the fair is over.

In 2019, a new storage facility was completed to preserve Big Tex for future fairs. The storage facility is located at the Texas Discovery Gardens in Fair Park and has a constant temperature, specialized climate control and a security system to guard Big Tex.

In addition to Big Tex, the facility also stores props and other items used by the State Fair of Texas.

Why is Big Tex so important?

Big Tex is an iconic figure in the state of Texas and is recognized around the world as a symbol of the state. He first debuted at the State Fair in 1952 and has been a beloved mascot ever since. He is the largest talking statue in the world and stands at fifty feet tall.

His image has become synonymous with Texas and its unique culture.

Big Tex is a representation of strong Texas pride, hospitality and determination. He serves as reminder of the strength and resilience the state has displayed throughout the years. Every year he waves to fairgoers and draws in hundreds of thousands of visitors to the State Fair.

He is also an important part of Texas history, having been present during many fairs that occurred over the years.

Big Tex also reminds tourists and transplants to Texas of the spirit and culture of the Lone Star State. It is tradition for Texans to don their cowboy hat and take pictures with Big Tex whenever they visit the fair.

This helps create a lasting memory for those who visit and serves as a reminder for them to come back.

Overall, Big Tex is an important symbol for the state of Texas that is recognized around the world. He is the ambassador for the state and is a reminder to Texans and tourists alike to always be proud of their home state and its unique culture.

Who makes clothes for Big Tex?

Big Tex is outfitted from head to toe each year by Scully Western Wear, a specialty clothing and uniform store in Denton, Texas. The official tailor for Big Tex is Scully’s very own Mrs. Virginia Eddleman.

Virginia has been outfitting Big Tex with new clothes since 1984, when he received a new wardrobe that included a blue velvet suit, a white shirt and string tie, size 70 boots, and a signature-style hat that totals over 200 pounds of clothing.

Virginia takes great pride, effort, and care sewing the custom-made clothing each year. The exact fabric color, sizing and style of the clothing are taken into consideration each year to make sure it reflects current trends, while still remaining loyal to Big Tex’s classic look.

It takes Mrs. Eddleman nearly a month to make the clothing by hand, making sure every stitch is made with precision. She also custom-makes Big Tex’s hat, as well as oversees the lacing of the boots to make sure Big Tex looks his best for the State Fair of Texas.

How old is Big Tex?

Big Tex is the 55-foot tall statue of a cowboy that has stood above the entrance to the Texas State Fair since 1952. Despite his reputation as a giant in the Lone Star State, he is actually quite young, being just 68-years-old this year.

Big Tex was originally created as a Santa-Claus type figure but was transformed into the cowboy that stands guard at the entrance to the fair over time. Over the decades, Big Tex has remained a beloved symbol of the Texas State Fair, representing the state’s traditions, values, and culture.

Each year he is trotted out for the duration of the fair, entertaining visitors with his jovial “Howdy Folks!” and he even serves as the guest of honor for the closing ceremony. So, although Big Tex may seem like an old-timer in the state of Texas, he’s actually still quite young at heart.

How much did Big Tex cost?

Big Tex, the 55-foot cowboy mascot that graces the State Fair of Texas every year, cost $500,000 when he debuted in 1952. The larger-than-life figure was originally constructed by the Donald Art Company of Dallas, though it was refurbished in 2006 by Universal Design and Fabrication of Mesquite.

The Texas Department of Agriculture had to set aside enough funds to purchase the materials, the land, and the labor required to construct the iconic figure, leading to the price tag of half a million dollars.

Big Tex has become one of the most recognizable symbols of the state of Texas and continues to remain an important part of the annual State Fair.

How much did it cost to rebuild Big Tex?

The total cost to rebuild the iconic Big Tex for the 2013 State Fair in Dallas, Texas was approximately $560,000. This included the cost of a new 55-foot-tall steel and vinyl shell, new computers, clothing, cowboy boots and a custom-made hat.

The eyes and face of the figure were made by creating molds and pouring in liquid plastic to create the shape and facial expressions. The biggest expense in building the new figure was the computerized moving system that made Big Tex’s mouth, eyes and arms move with synchronized precision.

The company responsible for the rebuild also worked on upgrading the lighting and audio system, as well as revamping the electrical components of the structure. Furthermore, the company was contracted to provide a custom rigging system to ensure that the figure can be safely moved and its components are easily maintained.

The amount of time and resources it took to rebuild Big Tex was immense, and the end result has proven to be worth its hefty price tag.

What was Big Tex before the State Fair?

Big Tex was originally a 52-foot tall talking Christmas tree structure located in Kerens, Texas. The structure was erected in 1949 by the Kerens Chamber of Commerce and the town’s first Christmas tree lighting ceremony was held on December 25, 1949.

The wooden structure housed the hardware for the blinking lights and an audio system to transmit music and a recorded Christmas message. Every year, the Kerens Chamber of Commerce sponsored the Christmas event and local donors provided the decorations.

In 1952, the Kerens Chamber of Commerce gifted the structure to the State Fair of Texas, who then began using the wooden structure for promotional purposes. The staff at the State Fair added a bigger, better sound system, new lights and a few changes to the structure to make it look more like the figure of a cowboy.

In 1962, Big Tex was moved to the Dallas fairgrounds and he has been affectionately calling out “Howdy Folks”—known as his now-famous phrase—ever since.

How long ago did Big Tex burn down?

Big Tex, the iconic larger-than-life statue that overlooks the Texas State Fair in Dallas, burned down on October 19, 2012. The infamous incident occurred on the fair’s opening day when fire erupted beneath the 52-feet-tall cowboy’s belt buckle.

Although firefighters responded quickly and extinguished the flames in under 15 minutes, very little of the beloved structure survived. After many days of intense investigation, it was determined that the fire was caused by a faulty electrical box in the base of the structure.

The timing was particularly heartbreaking for fairgoers, as Big Tex had been unveiled that morning wearing a new outfit for the first time in years. With its removal from the fair grounds, Big Tex left behind a legacy of more than a half-century of memories.

What is the biggest State Fair in Texas?

The biggest State Fair in Texas is the State Fair of Texas, which takes place annually in the city of Dallas. The State Fair of Texas is considered to be the largest state fair in the nation and attracts over three million attendees annually.

It is held each year in late September and early October and features over 200 attractions, including live music, unique dishes, agricultural exhibits, livestock shows and competitions, and educational displays.

There is also an auto show, a midway, and a variety of family-friendly activities like a petting zoo, a Ferris wheel, a train ride, carnival games, and plenty of shopping. The State Fair of Texas is one of the largest and most popular state fairs in the country, offering something for everyone to enjoy.