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Did Walmart buy Palm Beach International Raceway?

No, Walmart has not purchased Palm Beach International Raceway. According to the corporate website, the raceway is still owned and operated by Palm Beach Motorsports, LLC. The raceway operates events like drag racing, corner car, asphalt oval racing, truck and tractor pulls and more.

They also host a variety of car shows, concerts and corporate events. The raceway is located on the southern edge of Palm Beach County, Florida and opened in 1987.

Was PBIR sold to Walmart?

No, PBIR (Potomac Basin Investment Reports) was not sold to Walmart. PBIR is a research and analysis business that provides accurate and up-to-date information on a variety of investments to financial professionals.

It was founded in 1983 by money manager Martin Zweig, who recognized the need for financial analysis and data resources to inform investment decisions. The company provides reports on investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, metals, commodities, and options, as well as industry and economic data.

PBIR is still owned by the Zweig family and has expanded to include PBIR Australia, PBIR Canada, and PBIR India. It also maintains a presence in the UK, with offices in London. PBIR continues to serve financial advisors in over 70 countries with the same commitment to accuracy and trustworthiness that it has built over the past three decades.

Did Palm Beach Raceway get sold?

Yes, Palm Beach Raceway was sold in 2018. The racetrack, located in Belle Glade, Fla. , was sold by owner K. C. Jones to a group of investors headed by the Florida-based company that owned the Moroso Motorsports Park in nearby Jupiter, Fla.

The new owners plan to bring back drag racing, open-wheel short-track racing, and off-road events to the track. The group has already renovated the track and has begun marketing it to potential racing series and special events.

The track is expected to host events in late 2018.

How much is Milan Dragway selling for?

The exact sale price of Milan Dragway is not publicly known at this time. However, the speedway, which is located in Southern Michigan and covers over 200 acres of land, is currently owned by the RPM International Group, and according to reports, they are reportedly asking for around $2.

1 million. This number could potentially be subject to change as talks progress, but as of now, the asked-for price is reportedly around this amount.

Who is the new owner of Maple Grove Raceway?

The new owner of Maple Grove Raceway is Sondra Holec. Sondra is an avid racing enthusiast, who has been involved in motorsports for more than 30 years. She has worked as a racer, crew chief, team manager, and promoter, and has owned her own race teams.

Sondra has focused on the racing industry to expand her knowledge, connections, and relationships.

In March 2021, Sondra purchased Maple Grove Raceway, located in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. The raceway has been a staple of the racing community since 1967 and its closing in 2020 was a tough blow to the motorsport industry.

After the purchase of the facility, her goal is to provide world-class track operations and services to racers both in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Sondra has committed herself to be the best at not only track operations, but to improving the quality of the racing experience of the racers and fans. She came to the conclusion that Maple Grove Raceway was a key component of the northeast racing landscape and her dedication to the raceway is apparent.

Sondra is excited to bring new life and energy to Maple Grove Raceway and the racing community. She is currently working to rebuild the raceway with updated safety, amenities, and entertainment, so that racers can come out and put on a great show for the fans.

With the help of this racetrack, Sondra intends to continue building her legacy as a successful competitor and promoter.

Who owns Bradenton Dragway?

The Bradenton Motorsports Park, which includes the Bradenton Dragway, is owned by NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) event promoter, Ken Adkinson and his partners at Paradise Promotions LLC. Adkinson opened the track in 2012 with the intent of hosting frequent NHRA drag racing events.

It is managed and operated by Paradise Promotions LLC and is host to local, regional and national NHRA drag racing events. A variety of other forms of motor sports have also been featured at the track, including Motorcycle Rider Education, Motor Cross Racing, Autocross and other events.

The track features a 5/8-mile drag strip, a 1/4 mile go-kart track, a road course, and a stadium hosting various entertainment events.

What NHRA track is closing?

The recent announcement from the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) is that they are closing their dragstrip located in Great Lakes Dragaway, in Union Grove, Wisconsin. The announcement has been made recently, and the track is scheduled to shut down operations on October 31, 2020.

Great Lakes Dragaway was established in 1958, and has been a staple of drag racing since then. It had been known for large events such as Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, NHRA Division 3 Midwest Drags, IHRA World Finals, World Power WheelStanding Championships, and the NHRA Jr.

Drag Racing Finals.

The track’s closure is coming as a result of the increasing costs of upkeep and operations, as well as the owners being unable to acquire sufficient revenues from the facility. Despite their best efforts, the costs would have exceeded the returns, and the owners chose to close the track down.

Great Lakes Dragaway will be remembered for the many years of exciting drag racing events enjoyed by the fans, and the hours of positive memories created there. It will be greatly missed by the drag racing community.

Why is the Santa Maria Speedway closing?

The Santa Maria Speedway is closing due to a variety of factors. First of all, the track was not running at full capacity and had not been for some time. Attendance numbers were steadily declining as were costs associated with operating it, including maintenance and staffing.

Additionally, there had been numerous safety concerns surrounding the track, including an incident from 2019 in which an unscheduled race took place that resulted in a fatal crash. With all of these factors in mind, the owners of the track decided that closing was the best option for the overall safety and well-being of everyone involved.

Who purchased Maple Grove Dragway?

In the fall of 2019, Maple Grove Dragway was purchased by Group J Inc. , a leading motorsport entertainment company. Group J, previously known as Keystone Raceway Park, was founded by John Force Racing Inc.

owner and National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) legend John Force. The company also owns and operates Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, along with the NHRA-sanctioned Drag Racing Series.

Under its new ownership, Maple Grove Dragway is planning to expand its services to include more entertainment events and activities for patrons. In addition to the drag racing Series, the organization is planning to host NASCAR-sanctioned events, hot rod and classic car shows, motorcross races, and off-roading.

The goal of Group J is to make Maple Grove Dragway a full-service racing and entertainment facility, with something for everyone to enjoy. In addition, they are focusing on creating and maintaining an atmosphere of safety and professionalism for all participants.

Group J is confident that its purchase of Maple Grove Dragway will result in great success for the organization. As they continue to make improvements to the facility and add even more exciting events, they hope to provide an entertaining and memorable experience for all of their patrons.