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Do you have to wear a face mask at Universal?

Yes, face masks are required for all guests over the age of 2 and any team members at Universal Orlando, with some exceptions. Guests are encouraged to bring their own face masks that fit comfortably, as they will need to wear them throughout their visit.

Masks must cover the nose and mouth, and must remain on at all times except when actively eating or drinking while in designated areas. Certain types of masks are prohibited, such as a full-face veil or mask (other than a disposable paper face mask), bandanas, neck gaiters, or masks with valves or mesh material.

Additionally, face shields are not an acceptable substitution for face masks. Please check Universal Orlando’s website for any additional guidelines before your visit.

Does Universal still have a mask mandate?

Yes, Universal does still have a mask mandate. As part of the Universal Orlando Resort’s commitment to creating the safest possible theme park experience for their guests in the age of Covid-19, the resort requires guests to wear face coverings in all areas of the park and CityWalk District.

Face coverings must be worn at all times except when actively enjoying food and drinks from designated dining locations. Guests are required to observe physical distancing by maintaining at least six feet of separation from others whenever possible.

Additionally, hand sanitizer is provided throughout the resort, and temperature screenings are performed at the entrance points of Universal Orlando’s theme parks. Universal is doing everything they can to keep their guests safe, so it’s important to follow these guidelines to help keep everyone healthy and safe.

How strict is Universal Orlando with masks?

Universal Orlando is extremely strict when it comes to masks. All guests ages two and older must wear a face covering in all of their parks and Universal CityWalk, including where indoor experiences are available.

There are some exceptions to this rule, however, including when guests are eating and drinking (while still socially distanced), swimming, actively participating in a show, or briefly removing the mask for a photograph.

Face coverings should completely cover both the nose and mouth and be designed to fit snugly against the side of the face. Bandanas, neck gaiters, and open-chin triangle scarves are not acceptable. All masks must be worn while standing in line and while on attractions or any other rides or shows.

Universal Orlando also has a policy against wearing any face masks with obscene language, images, or cartoons.

Will Disney follow universal with no masks?

At this time, it is unclear whether Disney will follow in the footsteps of Universal in their decision to no longer require masks in certain circumstances. Disney has traditionally held tight to safety regulations, so it would be surprising to see them adjust away from that standard.

However, they continue to monitor precautions and regulations as they adapt along with changing state and local guidelines. Therefore, there is always the possibility that they could modify their policy in the near future.

Until then, Disney has indicated that guests, cast members, and other staff will still be required to wear masks, and that any such changes would be based on guidance from health authorities.

What is universal mask policy?

The universal mask policy is a rule or guideline that requires individuals to wear a face mask when physically present in a public environment. This policy is in place to help protect individuals from the transmission of germs, including the novel coronavirus, and is often enforced by local businesses or government regulations.

The universal mask policy is designed to reduce the spread of the virus by making it so that people must properly cover their nose and mouth when in public areas, including in office buildings, retail stores, public transportation, healthcare facilities, and other locations.

When implemented, the universal mask policy helps to make the public areas safer by reducing the amount of droplets that could be released from an illegitimate source. There are various types of face masks that can be worn, ranging from simple one layer cloth masks to surgical masks to higher end N95 or KN95 respirator masks.

It is important to remember that these masks are not 100% effective at preventing the virus, as people can still become infected even with masks, but they do provide an additional layer of protection.

Are face masks required at Universal?

Yes, face masks are required for anyone ages 2 and up at Universal. All guests are required to wear a face covering that covers the nose, chin, and mouth throughout the entire park. However, you may remove your mask while eating, drinking, or swimming.

Universal also asks that all guests practice social distancing and stay at least 6 feet away from others who are not part of your party. Additionally, contactless temperature screenings are being conducted at all entrances.

How much longer will Disney require masks?

At this time, Disney has not given an exact date for when the mask requirement will be lifted. According to their statement, “Face coverings are required for all guests (ages 2 and up) and Cast Members, and continue to be an important part of our enhanced health and safety protocols.


During the reopening of Disney World, the Parks and Resorts implemented multiple health and safety protocols, one of which is the requirement to wear face coverings that cover both your nose and mouth.

Many theme parks around the world are following this mask mandate and some have already started to relax their rules.

As of right now, Disney has not given any indication as to when they will adjust or lift their own mask requirements. However, they have stated that they will continue to evaluate new data, research, and guidance from health authorities, with an approach that is both thoughtful and deliberate.

Disney will share updates and make changes when the time is right.

Can Disney force you to wear a mask?

Disney requires all guests aged two and up to wear face coverings, or masks, while on property, including within Disney Resort hotels, at all theme parks and attractions, and during dining experiences.

This policy is in effect in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for all guests, employees, and Cast Members. To ensure compliance, Cast Members at Disney Resorts and theme parks may deny admission or require guests to leave if a face covering is not worn.

Guests must continue to wear masks in all public areas; masks may be removed briefly to eat or drink while maintaining appropriate physical distancing.

Are masks optional at Universal Studios?

At Universal Studios, masks are required for all guests ages 2 and up in all common areas, including all attractions and outdoor entertainment, shops, and restaurants. Some outdoor queues may contain markers on the ground to indicate a recommended six feet social distance.

Universal Studios also encourages guests to continue to socially distance as much as possible while wearing a face covering. Face coverings are required in all indoor entertainment venues, including all attractions and rides, restaurants, and shops.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own face coverings to the park, but masks may also be purchased in the park if needed. All face coverings must cover the nose and mouth and secure under the chin.

Bandanas, masks with vents, face coverings with exhalation valves, and masks that are made of solely fabric or lace are accepted. Masks are not optional, and guests must wear them in order to enter the park and participate in the attractions.