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Does David from My Lottery Dream Home get paid?

Yes, David from My Lottery Dream Home does get paid. It is unclear exactly how much he is paid, however. Although David is the host of the HGTV show, he is not an employee of the company. David is a contractor hired for his services for his real estate expertise as a real estate agent.

He acts as a go-between between the winning lottery players and the team of developers and contractors that make the dreams come true. David provides guidance and advice from conception to completion of the property search.

He also helps the lucky lottery winners navigate the tricky terrain of the home-buying process.

Who is Bromstad’s partner?

Bromstad’s partner is Anna Olson. Olson is an accomplished Canadian chef and television personality who has been cooking professionally for over 25 years. She is the host of several Food Network Canada shows, including Bake with Anna Olson and Sugar, among others.

She has also released several cookbooks, with her most recent being ‘Back to Baking’ in 2019. Olson has been Bromstad’s partner since 2015 and the two have embarked on various projects together, including co-authorship of their cookbook ‘Christopher and Anna’s Kitchen’ in 2017.

With Olson’s extensive knowledge of baking and Bromstad’s expertise in creating sophisticated dishes, the couple is a match made in the kitchen heaven.

Are the homes on my lottery dream home staged?

The answer to this question is—it depends. Lottery dream homes are different from other homes, so they could be either staged or not staged. Whether or not a lottery dream home is staged is ultimately up to the individual lottery or dream home company.

Some companies opt to stage the home by adding furniture and decorations, while others prefer to give visitors a more DIY approach. To know for sure what type of lottery dream home is available in your area, it is best to contact the lottery or dream home provider for more information.

Does David Visentin have children?

Yes, David Visentin has four children. His wife Krista Visentin was also on W Network’s Love It or List It alongside him. Their children are named Taylor Visentin, Caelin Visentin, and the twin girls, McKenna and Vivian Visentin.

He often posts pictures of them on his Instagram account, showing that he loves spending time with and bonding with his family.

How do the winners of Dream house pay the taxes?

The winner of a dream house typically pays the taxes associated with their winnings at the end of the tax year in which their winnings are received. It is important for the winner to report their tax obligation as soon as possible so that they can manage their taxes and any tax liability related to their winnings.

If the winner had cash winnings from the dream house, the federal government will typically require them to report it as “other income” and pay the appropriate federal taxes. Meanwhile, state and local taxes may also need to be reported, depending on the location of the dream house.

The winner should track all expenses associated with the dream house, such as closing costs or moving expenses, to ensure that they are aware of the amount of taxes due on their winnings. Additionally, the winner may be able to work with a tax professional to review the associated tax burden and the best tax strategies for reducing the amount of taxes owed.

How rich is David Bromstad?

David Bromstad is a very successful television personality, designer, and artist. His net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. He is best known for hosting the hit HGTV shows “Color Splash” and “My Lottery Dream Home.


Bromstad also has a lucrative design business, making appearances on radio and TV shows as well as selling products on his own personal website. He is partnered with various home décor companies which have allowed him to increase his net worth significantly.

Additionally, Bromstad sells limited edition prints of his artwork, which command prices of up to $2,000. He is also sponsored by Valspar Paint, giving him another way of increasing his financial fortune.

His social media accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers and he enjoys promoting his art and design on them.

Overall, David Bromstad has done well for himself since starting as a successful interior designer. His estimated net worth of $6 million places him among the richest television personalities and artists.

Who spent the most money on My Lottery Dream Home?

The most money spent on My Lottery Dream Home, which is an HGTV show, was by Brian and Monica Caserta of Boise, Idaho. The couple had won a whopping $250,000 and they used it to purchase a vacation home in McCall, Idaho.

They went all out on their dream home, spending $242,000 of their winnings. They chose a 4-bedroom, 3. 5-bathroom log cabin home on McCall Lake. The cabin was complete with a spa pool, an outdoor fireplace, and even a boat dock.

They also splurged on a few upgrades and did some renovations, bringing the total for their dream home to nearly $380,000. With the remainder of their winnings, they chose to pay off their debt and start their retirement savings.

The Casertas are living their best life thanks to their lottery winnings and now they get to enjoy their newly renovated dream home whenever they please.

Can you sell the dream home if you win it?

Yes, you can sell the dream home if you win it. Depending on the specifics of the contest or sweepstakes, there may be restrictions or regulations that need to be followed before selling the house. Some may require that you live in the home for a certain amount of time, or you may have to pay taxes on the prize.

Before selling, be sure to read the fine print of the contest or sweepstakes rules to make sure you know the proper legal steps for transferring the property. If you need to pay taxes on it, consult with a tax professional to make sure you’re taking all the right steps.

How do HGTV Dream Home Winners pay the taxes?

HGTV Dream Home Winners are responsible for all taxes associated with receiving the home. Depending on their state of residence, gains from winning the Dream Home may be subject to both federal and state income taxes.

In addition, Dream Home Winners may be subject to local or county taxes, or other fees.

The Dream Home is provided free and clear of debt or encumbrances. Therefore, Dream Home Winners still need to calculate the fair market value of the home, which serves as the base for the taxes owed to the IRS.

After the taxable value is established, Dream Home Winners can then determine their exact tax liability. Depending on their state of residence, taxes may be due upfront in a lump sum payment.

Some Dream Home winners choose to pay the taxes through a loan. This lends financial flexibility and helps avoid a large sum payment. However, the interest rate on the loan could make the total cost of taxes more than the actual value of the tax payment.

Other Dream Home Winners may choose to liquidate some of the additional gifts or cash provided with the home in order to pay the taxes. If the winner is unable to pay the tax liability in full, payment plans can be established with the IRS.

For more detailed information about filing taxes for the HGTV Dream Home, potential winners should consult a tax expert.

Do any of the HGTV Dream Home winners live in the homes?

No, the HGTV Dream Home winners do not live in the homes. Instead, they receive the home and $250,000 in cash. Since 1997, each year HGTV gives one lucky winner the keys to their Dream Home, which serves as the HGTV network’s flagship sweepstakes, and has grown in value from one million dollars to over two million dollars.

The winner can accept the home and the cash, or choose to accept $250,000 instead and let HGTV keep the home and furnishings. This allows the winner to choose whether to live in the home, or accept the cash to use for something else.

For example, some winners have chosen to receive only the cash, and then used it to buy their own dream home.

What nationality is Bromstad?

Bromstad is a Norwegian-American. He was born in Norway but his family moved to the United States when he was five, so he was raised in an American household. He studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design, but he is a proud Norwegian-American, often combining his Norwegian background with American sensibilities.

He has also maintained close ties to Norway over the years and frequently returns to Norway to visit family and friends. He’s even been known to dabble in Norwegian painting and photography while there.

How are people chosen for my lottery dream house?

The process for choosing a person for a lottery dream house varies depending on the specific lottery details. Generally, however, people are chosen through a random selection method. Since the prize is usually for a dream house, the selection process is usually managed by an impartial third-party to ensure the selection process is fair and unbiased.

Typically, individuals are encouraged to enter their name publicly or anonymously on a lottery entry form. Once all of the entries have been collected, a random selection process is used to pick a winner.

This could be through a computerized system, physical ticket draw or other method. The selected individual is then declared the winner and contacted to confirm their win and receive further details.

In more complex lottery prizes, like a house, some additional steps may apply such as selecting a suitable house area, size and model of the dream house. In this case, potential entrants must respond to more specific questions such as location, size and model preference on the lottery entry form.

This can then be used to help pick the most suitable winner.

No matter the selection process, all lottery prizes should be managed in a fair, transparent and legal manner.

How many houses do they look at on My Lottery Dream Home?

On My Lottery Dream Home, each episode features a different family who has recently won the lottery. Generally, they will look at three different houses and then decide which house they’d like to purchase.

Each house has already been chosen in advance, usually corresponding to the type of home and lifestyle the family is looking for. They will get the chance to see a wide range of properties, from small starter homes to huge multi-million dollar mansions.

Each house is shown in detail and the viewers get to see the couple’s reactions as they explore each property. In the end, the family makes a decision about which home is the best fit for them and will usually give the viewers a glimpse of the final chosen house.

Are David’s tattoos real?

No, David’s tattoos are not real. David does not have any real tattoos and his tattoos are actually temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos can be applied using press-on paper and different types of inks that are designed to last for only a few days or weeks.

They provide a great way for someone to try out a tattoo design or simply add a unique touch to an outfit without a lifelong commitment.