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Does Food Lion offer Thanksgiving meals?

Yes, Food Lion offers Thanksgiving meals. Food Lion typically offers pre-cooked, fully prepared Thanksgiving meals that you can order for pick up at certain locations. Each meal typically includes pre-cooked turkey, sides, and dessert.

You can find the selection of offerings and the availability at your nearest Food Lion by visiting their website. Additionally, if you don’t have time to pick up a pre-cooked meal, you can also find all the ingredients and recipes you need to cook your own Thanksgiving meal at Food Lion.

Many year, Food Lion also offers discounts and special deals on Thanksgiving meals and ingredients to.

How much does a 10 person Thanksgiving meal cost?

The cost of a 10 person Thanksgiving meal can vary greatly depending on where you shop and the types of items you purchase. Generally speaking, for a basic Thanksgiving meal for 10 people, you can expect to spend an average of around $150 to $180, though the total cost may be higher or lower depending on the cost of food items in your area as well as the types of ingredients and dishes you choose.

For a traditional Thanksgiving meal with a variety of classic dishes such as turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans, rolls, and pie, your shopping list may include items like a fresh or frozen turkey (about $25 to $50, depending on size and quality), potatoes, canned cranberry sauce, green beans, butter and margarine for rolls, pumpkin or apple pie filling, eggs, and stuffing mix, as well as refrigerator and pantry staples such as milk, sugar, flour and spices.

A 10 person Thanksgiving meal can also be budget-friendly by considering “make ahead” recipes, using leftovers in creative ways, or substituting ingredient or side dishes with lower-cost options. For instance, if turkey is expensive in your area, a spiral-sliced ham can be a more affordable option for your meal.

Additionally, opt for recipes that feature seasonal, local and pantry staples, such as fruits and vegetables that are in season, dry beans, and grains like quinoa and couscous.

Does Walmart serve Thanksgiving dinner?

No, Walmart does not serve Thanksgiving dinner. However, they do offer a variety of items that can help you prepare a Thanksgiving meal in your own home. Walmart has a wide variety of fresh, frozen, and canned items to choose from such as turkey, vegetables, stuffing, potatoes, and desserts.

They also offer many dine-in options such as pre-made dishes like side dishes, pies, and pre-cooked main courses like turkeys, hams, and roasts. Additionally, Walmart has a selection of wines and spirits available.

Furthermore, the store offers many different methods of making the meal easier such as pre-made boxes to help organize groceries and even microwavable items like mashed potatoes. Finally, there are plenty of options for decor such as baskets, tablecloths, and placemats.

So while Walmart doesn’t serve up Thanksgiving dinner, they offer products that can help you create a delicious Thanksgiving meal in your own home.

How much is Thanksgiving dinner at Publix?

The cost of Thanksgiving dinner from Publix will vary depending on the items you purchase. Publix offers a pre-made Thanksgiving dinner that includes pre-cooked turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni salad, stuffing, cranberry relish and gravy for $39.

99. If you’d like to purchase the items for Thanksgiving dinner separately, you can expect to pay around $10 for a honey-roasted turkey (~10–14 pounds), around $4 for a bag of potatoes, around $5 for stuffing mix, around $3.

50 for macaroni salad and around $2. 50 for a jar of cranberry relish or cranberry sauce. This would bring the total cost of a Thanksgiving dinner to approximately $55. 49.

How many people does a 20lb turkey fees?

A 20lb turkey typically serves 10-12 people. It is best to plan on 1-2 lbs of turkey per person, so a 20lb turkey will adequately feed 10-12 people. However, this is an approximation and may not reflect the tastes and preferences of each individual.

If your guests are heavy turkey eaters, it is recommended to get a larger turkey, as this will account for extra servings and leftovers.

What will the average Thanksgiving dinner cost if purchased at Walmart?

It depends on the size of your Thanksgiving dinner and how much you typically serve. The average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner from Walmart can range from $25 to over $150, depending on the amount and type of food you want to serve.

A typical Thanksgiving dinner for 8 people with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans or peas, gravy, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, and dessert can range from $25 to $45. You’ll need to purchase items such as a roasting pan, aluminum foil, paper plates, utensils, and other items not included in this dinner.

If you add these items, the cost can easily double. If you are serving multiple side dishes, appetizers, and drinks, the cost can easily increase to $100 or more. Whatever you choose to serve and however much you need to purchase, keep in mind that shopping at Walmart can help you save money as they often offer great discounts and deals on all of their Thanksgiving dinner items.

What is the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner per person?

The average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner per person can vary greatly depending on the number of guests and the type of food being served. According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average cost of a basic Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people in 2019 was $48.

91. This figure was compiled using the following cost breakdown: 1 whole, 16-pound turkey ($22. 38), 1 gallon of milk ($3. 71), 1 dozen rolls ($2. 88), 2 pounds of green peas ($1. 63), 2 pounds of fresh cranberries ($3.

68), 3 pounds of sweet potatoes ($3. 70), 1 pound of green beans ($1. 20), 1 pumpkin pie ($6. 79), and 1 package of miscellaneous miscellaneous trimmings such as stuffing, butter, and cubes of broth ($2.

92). This averages out to a cost of $4. 89 per person for a Thanksgiving dinner. While the cost may seem high, when you consider the cost of purchasing all of these different items separately, it is actually quite a good deal and can provide a great variety of foods.

How much does it cost to feed a family of 10?

The cost of feeding a family of 10 will depend on a variety of factors such as where you live, the age range of family members, food restrictions/preferences, and household income. Generally, the average family of 10 in the United States will spend at least $1300-$2500 per month on groceries.

This estimate takes into account shopping at Value/Discount Grocery stores, purchasing mostly “store brands”, and preparing mostly simple/inexpensive meals.

For households with smaller budgets and/or limited means, stretching each dollar to feed a larger family can be difficult. This may require being creative with meal-planning and utilizing resources like Federal food assistance programs, co-ops, and discount stores.

Additionally, it’s important to factor in other expenses that contribute to the overall cost of food such as meal delivery services, restaurant meals, and special ingredients (allergies, medical needs, etc).

Therefore, the true cost of feeding a family of 10 will depend on their individual food needs and budget.

How much food do you need for 10 guests?

It depends on the type of food you are serving and the type of event you are hosting. If it’s a lunch event where you are serving sandwiches and snacks, then you will likely need to provide 2-3 sandwiches per person, plus a variety of snacks such as chips, nuts, crackers, and fruit.

If it’s an evening event and you’re serving a meal, then you will likely need to provide 4-6 ounces of protein (such as chicken, fish, steak, or tofu) per person, 1-2 cups of vegetables or salad, 1-2 servings of starch (such as potatoes, rice, or pasta), and 1-2 servings of dessert per person.

Additionally, you may want to have some snacks such as chips or nuts available. Finally, it’s always a good idea to have enough non-alcoholic beverages to keep everyone hydrated throughout the event.

How much are turkeys at Food Lion?

The cost of turkeys at Food Lion is dependent on several factors, including size and type. On average, a frozen turkey can cost anywhere from $0. 97 to $1. 99 per pound, while fresh/raw turkeys range from $1.

59 to $2. 99 per pound. Food Lion may also run specials and promotions on turkeys, so customers should always check for any current deals. Additionally, shoppers may be able to save more by participating in the store’s loyalty program, which allows customers to accrue points and rewards from their purchases.

How much are Costco’s turkeys?

The cost of a Costco turkey may depend on the exact product you are looking for and where you are located. Generally, the cost of a 12-20lb turkey can range from around $11-$14 per pound. If you are looking for an organic turkey, it is likely to cost a bit more.

Additionally, Kosher turkeys may cost more than the traditional variety. To compare prices, it is best to visit your local Costco store and ask an associate for exact details.

Does Food Lion have fresh turkey?

Yes, Food Lion does have fresh turkey. Fresh turkeys are available at most Food Lion supermarkets and are typically sold whole or in parts. The fresh turkeys are usually refrigerated and come in several weight options.

Additionally, Food Lion sometimes has organic and specialty turkeys available for purchase. You can also occasionally find premium turkey selections, such as Free-Range turkeys. In addition to the fresh turkeys, Food Lion also has a variety of frozen turkey options available to choose from.

How much is a turkey by Pound?

The price of a turkey by the pound depends on a few factors, including the type of turkey, its size, and the current market conditions. Generally, a standard, broad-breasted white turkey will range between $1.

20 and $1. 50 per pound. For an even bigger, specialty turkey, prices can range up to $5. 00 per pound. Additionally, organic, free-range, and heritage varieties tend to carry a higher price. Depending on where you purchase your turkey, prices may vary.

Grocery stores usually offer the most competitive prices and some stores may even choose to feature a turkey sale around the holiday season. Ultimately, the exact cost of your turkey will depend on your specific selection.

How big of a turkey do I need for 20 people?

For 20 people, you should plan on purchasing an approximately 20-25 pound turkey. You will want to purchase a larger size turkey if you want plenty of leftovers. A 20-25 pound turkey should typically cover between 12-16 people with a moderate appetite, whereas a larger 25-30 pound turkey could feed up to 20 people.

Additionally, you should plan for about 1 pound of turkey per person. If everyone is a particularly big eater, or you want to ensure there is a lot of leftovers, you should plan on purchasing a larger 25-30 pound turkey.

Is it better to buy a frozen or fresh turkey?

It really depends on personal preference, budget and convenience. Fresh turkeys are more expensive, but will likely yield a more flavorful bird. Frozen turkeys are more convenient and typically more economical, but may produce a bird that is less juicy.

Ultimately, it is recommended to thaw a frozen turkey in the refrigerator for several days before roasting. If you don’t have the time or the capacity to do this, the fresh option may be the better choice.

If you’re looking to save money, the frozen option may be the wiser decision. Regardless, be sure to season your bird (both inside and out) generously and to cook it to an internal temperature of 165ºF or higher.