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Does Freedom Hill have seats?

Yes, Freedom Hill Amphitheater does have seats! The 5,000 seat outdoor music venue is located in Sterling Heights, Michigan and offers a variety of seating options for its patrons. These options include general admission on the lawn, reserved seating in the pavilion, and corporate VIP seating.

In addition to this, the venue also has pit and terrace boxes available for rent or purchase. All seating areas have excellent views of the stage ensuring guests have an enjoyable experience no matter where they are seated.

How many people fit in for Pit Freedom Hill?

The seating capacity of Freedom Hill Amphitheater in Sterling Heights, Michigan depends on the event. Generally, the venue can seat up to 7,500 people in the regular theater configuration and up to 20,000 people for outdoor concerts.

The main stage can accommodate up to 500 performers. The theater has two separate amphitheaters: the larger open-air, outdoor Freedom Hill Amphitheater and the smaller, indoor, enclosed Music Theatre.

Freedom Hill Amphitheater can also host up to 4,000 people for a more intimate setting such as a concert or private event. For large outdoor concerts, the venue can expand its capacity to accommodate up to 20,000 people.

Do you have to pay to park at Freedom Hill?

Yes, there is a fee to park at Freedom Hill. The cost of parking at the venue varies depending on the event and can range from $5 to $15. Additionally, overnight parking is prohibited. Visitors should be aware that the parking lot opens 90 minutes prior to the start of an event so they can ensure they have adequate time to park and enter the event.

Is Michigan Lottery Amphitheater cashless?

Yes, the Michigan Lottery Amphitheater is a cashless venue. This means that guests must use a credit card or mobile payment method to make purchases. This includes tickets, food and drinks, and merchandise.

The venue accepts both card and contactless payments, such as Apple Pay. Cash payments are not accepted onsite at the Amphitheater.

How big is Freedom Hill?

Freedom Hill is a 47 acre amphitheater with a seating capacity of more than 11,000. It is located in Sterling Heights, Michigan and offers an outdoor concert venue. The rolling grass banks provide an amazing view of the stage and the open-air pavilion has a permanent roof, making events more enjoyable during inclement weather.

Additionally, the venue features a huge, unique covered stage and massive club with a sheltered concession stand. Parking is plentiful, but may vary based on the size of the crowd attending the event.

In addition to hosting a wide variety of concerts and events, Freedom Hill offers potential wedding or corporate outing opportunities.

What is the new name for Freedom Hill?

The new name for Freedom Hill is Michigan International Speedway. This new name officially came into effect in 2020 and is a nod to the venue’s longstanding commitment to motorsports. Michigan International Speedway (MIS) is a two-mile oval racetrack located in Brooklyn, Michigan.

MIS is the fastest track in Michigan and currently hosts two of NASCAR’s three national touring series: the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and the NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series. The track is operated by International Speedway Corporation and is the home of the FireKeepers Casino 400, Michigan’s premiere NASCAR race.

The speedway was originally built in 1968 and was purchased by International Speedway Corporation in 1972, officially opening as Michigan International Speedway in 1973. The new name change is intended to publicize the track and attract more fans nationwide by referencing Michigan as the track’s location.

Do you have to pay for parking at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre?

Yes, parking fees apply at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre. Parking fees vary depending on the event, so it is best to check the venue’s website for the latest parking fees and rules. Generally, the venue offers parking on the grass plaza for $20 per car and tailgating for $250, which allows up to 10 people and 8 vehicles.

Valet parking is also available for most events for $30 per vehicle. Motorcycles must park in grass lots for $20 each. Paid parking is strictly enforced, so please be sure to pay before leaving your vehicle.

Additionally, shuttles are available from select locations for some events for an additional fee.

Can you keep your identity secret if you win a lottery in Michigan?

Yes, it is possible to keep your identity secret if you win a lottery in Michigan. Michigan law allows lottery winners to remain anonymous by having the winner claim their prize through a designated trust or legal entity.

This option allows winners to remain anonymous and protect their identity when claiming their prize.

One way to set up a trust or legal entity is to consult an attorney or financial advisor who specializes in setting these up. They can provide assistance with setting up a trust and filing any legal documents necessary to ensure anonymity.

Additionally, you can set up a revocable living trust or limited liability company, which would allow the lottery winner to specify a trustee or member to claim the prize money and keep the winner’s identity confidential.

It is also important to note that even if you can keep your identity secret, your local, state, and federal taxes will still need to be paid in full. The taxes will be paid out of the prize money before it is awarded to you.

In short, it is definitely possible to remain anonymous if you win the lottery in Michigan. However, it is important to seek legal advice and set up the correct trust or legal entity to ensure your identity is protected.

How can I avoid paying for Disney parking?

The best way to avoid paying for Disney parking is to look into alternative options such as ridesharing services, public transportation, or walking. Many hotels and resorts offer free shuttle services, so be sure to contact the place you’re staying to inquire about this.

If you plan to use a rideshare service, you can choose a service that does not charge for parking. There are also several public transportation options available for visiting Disney, including Disney bus lines and the SunRail commuter rail.

Finally, if you plan it out ahead of time, some Disney attractions are within walking distance of parking lots, depending on where you are staying. In general, it’s best to research these options in advance and make any necessary reservations or arrangements prior to your trip so you can enjoy a worry-free visit to the Disney parks.

How much is parking at the Michigan game?

Parking for the Michigan game depends on which lot you will be parking in. Some lots like the Pioneer High School lot and the Palmer Field lot may offer free or discounted parking for some events so it’s a good idea to check those lots.

You can also reserve parking in the reserved lots, which are located directly outside the Michigan Stadium. The lots nearest to the Stadium cost $30, while some of the lots further away may cost up to $20.

The prices do vary depending on the game and whichever teams are playing.

If you are looking for an alternative to parking at the game, there are many other public parking garages near the Stadium that may offer better rates than the game lots. It’s important to be aware of the times those lots open and close prior to the game – they often close once the game has started, so you must plan accordingly to ensure you are able to find affordable parking.

How does Red Rocks parking work?

Red Rocks parking is based on a first come, first serve basis. Generally, guests are able to access the adjacent parking lots beginning two or three hours before the start of the show. Those lots are closest to the venue and are closest to the venue’s box office.

It should be noted that once those lots are full, guests must look for alternative parking. This may be in nearby neighborhoods, which will require a good bit of walking to get back to the venue.

It should also be noted that Uber and Lyft are also good options for getting to Red Rocks for those who do not want to park. Generally, both services have dedicated pickup/dropoff areas that are clearly marked and are just a short walk from the venue gates.

Where is the place to park for a Michigan football game?

If you are planning to attend a Michigan football game, you can find parking on campus at U-M Ann Arbor’s Central Campus parking garages and lots, including Lot SC-1, Lot SC-2, and Parking Structure 1.

The nearby Pioneer High School also allows fans to park for a fee on game day.

If you’re looking for nearby off-campus parking, you can find it at the Huron View public parking lot located on the South State Street side of Michigan Stadium. The lot is run independently from the University.

You can find additional public parking at the Beck Road lot, the Main Street lot, and the Brown Jug lot. Additionally, VIP green lot parking, a reserved-parking lot designed for disabled individuals, is located just south of Michigan Stadium for fans with special parking needs.

What’s the game to play on Michigan Lottery?

The Michigan Lottery offers a wide variety of online and instant scratch-off games. Some popular online games include Daily 3, Daily 4, Lucky For Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball. In addition to these games, there is also an assortment of instant games ranging in prices and prizes, available for purchase at Michigan Lottery retailers.

These include instant tickets such as The Price Is Right, Cash 5, and Super Cash. You can even buy tickets for the multi-state games, such as Powerball and Mega Millions. Additionally, the Michigan Lottery also has special second-chance drawings for select tickets.

Also, from time to time, they release special holiday-themed games, such as their 6 Holiday Cash games and the Holiday Cashword game. As you can see, there are tons of different games to play on Michigan Lottery!.

What time is the Lucky for Life drawing in Michigan?

The Michigan Lucky for Life drawing is held Monday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings at 10:38 PM EST. Tickets must be purchased before 10:00 PM EST on the day of the draw for that day’s game. The draw results are available soon after the draw on the Michigan Lottery website and the LOTS app.

Players can also watch the broadcast of the draw on local television, usually on FOX 2 Detroit in the Metro-Detroit area or on WXMI Fox 17 Grand Rapids.

What time does the concert start at Freedom Hill tonight?

The concert at Freedom Hill tonight starts at 7:00 PM. Doors and box office open at 6:00 PM. Unfortunately, all sales are final, so please make sure to arrive on time or risk missing out on the show!