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Does Kroger have discount Cedar Point tickets?

Yes, Kroger does offer discount Cedar Point tickets! They are available for purchase in the store either at the customer service counter or at the ticketing kiosks located inside many Kroger stores. The tickets are available at a discounted rate of $43.

99 (a savings of $23 on the regular admission price). These tickets do not expire and may be used in any given year. Keep in mind that they are only available in certain stores and not every Kroger location carries them.

However, you can find a list of participating stores on the company’s website or call ahead to confirm availability. Additionally, you may need to present a valid Kroger Reward Card in order to purchase the discounted tickets.

How much are Cedar Point tickets at Costco?

The price of Cedar Point tickets bought through Costco varies depending on the type of ticket. Generally, a one-day admission to Cedar Point costs $61. 99 when bought at Costco, which is almost $20 less than the regular price of $80.

99. Additionally, if you buy a 2-day admission, you get to save $11 and buy it for $103. 99. With a 2-day admission, you also get to enjoy unlimited visits for the entire 2021 season, which is a great deal.

Finally, if you plan on visiting Cedar Point more than twice, the best deal is to buy the Platinum Pass for $139. 99 at Costco, which gives you unlimited visits to Cedar Point and a host of exclusive discounts.

Is it cheaper to buy Cedar Point tickets online or in person?

It depends on the type of ticket you are looking to buy. For daily admission tickets and Fast Lane passes, you will typically find the cheapest prices online, with some online sites offering discounts.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy season passes, you may find that it’s cheaper to purchase passes in person at the ticket window since they may offer special discounts and promotions. Additionally, if you buy more than one daily admission ticket or Fast Lane pass, you may be eligible for a multi-pack discount.

It’s always a good idea to compare prices both online and in person to get the best deal.

Is Cedar Point cheaper after a certain time?

Cedar Point has a number of admission options that can help you save money. For starters, prices tend to be lower for visits after 5 PM. As long as you enter the park after 5 PM, you can save up to $30 per ticket.

For example, general admission tickets are normally $72 but after 5 PM, the cost drops to just $42. If you plan to visit multiple times, Cedar Point also offers a Season Pass that provides unlimited admission for the entire season.

This can save you up to 50% compared to the full price of buying tickets separately. There are also various discount programs offered, such as group discounts or military discounts, which can further reduce the overall cost.

Can you buy tickets at the gate at Cedar Point?

Yes, you can buy tickets at the gate at Cedar Point. The Adventure Park allows visitors to purchase tickets at the gates upon arrival. The ticket prices for adults and children vary, so it is worth checking for the most up-to-date pricing before visiting.

The great thing about buying tickets at the gate is that special offers or discounts may be available for guests that buy tickets at the gate. Additionally, some of the attractions, such as the Cedar Express, may be accessed via the ticket gate.

Upon arrival, the ticket gate staff will be able to provide further information and guidance about using the tickets. It is also worth noting that season passes are available for those who plan on visiting Cedar Point more than once in a single season.

Online tickets are also available in advance, where visitors can often get discounts or benefits by purchasing tickets online before visiting Cedar Point.

Can you buy Cedar Point tickets at Discount Drug Mart?

Yes, it is possible to buy Cedar Point tickets at Discount Drug Mart. Depending on the specific location of the Discount Drug Mart, you may be able to buy tickets directly at the store or, alternatively, you may be able to purchase them online.

In order to confirm whether purchasing tickets at the store is available, it is best to contact the specific Discount Drug Mart location ahead of time. Additionally, purchasing tickets online can be done through the Cedar Point website, in combination with a promo code provided at the store, up to two weeks before your visit.

Lastly, it is recommended to check Discount Drug Mart’s website or social media accounts to learn more about available promotions and discounts.

What is the slowest day at Cedar Point?

The slowest days at Cedar Point typically occur during the winter months and weekdays in the summer. The park is usually much quieter during this time, meaning shorter lines and more peacefulness. During the slowest times, it can be difficult to find food and merchandise options that are open and available.

If you enjoy shorter lines and a more relaxed atmosphere, then these days may be the perfect time to visit Cedar Point. Additionally, since the park is less crowded on these days, it gives you more time to take in the sights, catch up on some rides, and really take your time.

What is the most expensive roller coaster at Cedar Point?

The most expensive roller coaster at Cedar Point is the Steel Vengeance roller coaster. It is a hybrid steel-wooden roller coaster located in FrontierTown of Cedar Point. It is 205 feet tall and reaches speeds of 72 mph.

Steel Vengeance has a total of 4 inversions as riders travel over 4,124 feet of track. The ride cost $22 million and is the fifth tallest and second fastest roller coaster in the world. It was opened to the public in May 2018 and has quickly become a popular attraction for Cedar Point.

From the record-breaking drop to the three airtime filled hills, Steel Vengeance is the ultimate ride for thrill seekers.

How long are wait times at Cedar Point?

Wait times at Cedar Point can vary greatly depending on the type of ride, the time of the day, and the day of the week. Generally, popular rides during peak season can have wait times of 45 minutes or more.

But, depending on the time and day, wait times can be shorter or longer. For instance, early in the morning on a weekday, wait times may be shorter than later in the day and on weekends. Cedar Point also has Fast Lane options for an additional fee, which allow guests to skip the line for some of their most popular rides.

If a wait time is longer than expected, consider making use of the Fast Lane access or trying some of the less popular attractions. In general, most wait times will range from 5 minutes to 45 minutes.

How much does it cost to get into Cedar park?

The cost to get into Cedar Park varies depending on when you visit. During regular hours, admission is $8. 25 per person, per day. Children under two years of age are admitted free of charge. During discount hours, admission is reduced to $6.

25 per person, per day. There is also a special rate of $3. 50 available to those with a valid ID. Additionally, some events may require additional fees to be paid on top of admission prices.

Does Cedar Point have family passes?

Yes, Cedar Point does offer family passes. Including a single-day family pass, a season pass available for four total people and several ways to add on additional family members to season passes or a one-day family pass.

The single-day family pass and the four-person season pass can only be purchased online through the Cedar Point website in advance and are not available for purchase at the park. The single-day family pass includes admission for up to four people, with deductions for children 3 and under, and the four-person season pass includes admission and unlimited access to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Waterpark for four people.

The seasonal passes also include exclusive discounts, early access to park events, and preferred parking. Additional family members can be added on to any of the passes, each one including all the same benefits, discounts, and access as the primary passes.

Cedar Point also offers group ticket discounts for more than 15 people that can be purchased in-person at Cedar Point’s Group Sales office.

What does a family ticket include?

A family ticket typically includes admission for two adults and two children, although this varies depending on the venue. Family ticket packages often offer savings over buying individual entry tickets, and extra perks including discounts on refreshments or souvenirs.

Depending on the venue, a family ticket may also provide discounts or access to special attractions, like rides or activities. When planning a family outing, it’s a good idea to check if a venue offers family tickets, as it can save time and money.

Can you bring your own water bottle to Cedar Point?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own water bottle to Cedar Point. You may fill or refill your water bottle at various locations throughout the park, including the refillable drink stations located at several park restaurants and snack stands.

Additionally, bottled water and other beverages can be purchased from a variety of stands throughout the park.

What age needs a ticket for Cedar Point?

At Cedar Point, all guests ages 3 and above need a ticket to enter the park. A child under the age of 3 can enter the park for free, but they still need to obtain a ticket upon arrival that shows they do not need to pay an admission fee.

How does Cedar Point Pass work?

Cedar Point’s Pass and Fast Lane Plus options offer guests the opportunity to enjoy an entire summer’s worth of fun for one low price! With a regular Cedar Point Pass, guests will get unlimited access to the park throughout the season plus additional perks like free parking and discounts on food, merchandise, and more.

The Fast Lane Plus Pass is an upgrade to the regular Pass and offers more perks, like a free ticket for a friend and unlimited access to the park’s Fast Lane attractions. With both of these passes, guests can enjoy the thrill of all the park’s rides and attractions, relax by the water park, take in a show, and enjoy dining options all summer long.