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Does Trisha Yearwood have a Christmas album?

What is the #1 Christmas album of all time?

The #1 Christmas album of all time is widely considered to be Bing Crosby’s “Merry Christmas” from 1945. This classic album has sold tens of millions of copies over the years and is credited with popularizing many of the classic Christmas songs we all know and love today, such as “White Christmas,” “Silent Night,” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

” The album also featured collaborations with the Andrews Sisters and legendary crooner Danny Kaye. This timeless classic is still considered one of the best-selling albums in history, making it the #1 Christmas album of all time.

What famous singers have Christmas albums?

Many famous singers have released Christmas albums over the years. Bing Crosby’s 1950 album, “Merry Christmas,” is widely seen as one of the best and most influential ever recorded. Other great Christmas albums include Elvis Presley’s 1957 “Elvis’ Christmas Album;” Kenny Rogers’ 1981 album “Kenny Rogers’ Christmas;” John Denver & The Muppets’ 1979 “A Christmas Together;” Nat King Cole’s 1961 album “The Magic of Christmas;” Johnny Mathis’ 1958 album “Merry Christmas;” Mariah Carey’s 1994 “Merry Christmas;” Dolly Parton’s 1990 album “Home for Christmas;” Wham!’s 1986 “The Final” featuring “Last Christmas;” Bryan Adams’ 1984 album “Reckless” featuring “Christmas Time;” and more recently Ariana Grande’s 2019 “Christmas & Chill” and Meghan Trainor’s 2020 release “Vibrant”.

There are countless more famous singers that have released Christmas albums over the years, and many additional albums are released each year.

Who is the biggest selling Christmas artist?

Elvis Presley is widely considered to be the biggest-selling Christmas artist of all time, with over 20 million holiday albums and singles sold over his career. When it comes to holiday albums specifically, he holds the record for the most certified units sold in the US with over 13 million units sold.

Recorded over a 30 year span, Elvis’ classic tunes have become staples during the holiday season, with songs such as “Blue Christmas” and “Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me. “.

In terms of hit holiday singles, his most popular tunes are his 1957 recording “Blue Christmas,” “Here Comes Santa Claus,” and “White Christmas” off of his 1957 album Elvis’ Christmas Album, which sold over 11 million album copies and was certified 11 times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Other notable Holiday classics by Elvis include “If Every Day Was Like Christmas,” “Mama Liked the Roses,” and his iconic single “It Won’t Seem Like Christmas (Without You). “.

Has a Christmas album won a Grammy?

Yes, a Christmas album has won a Grammy award! The first Christmas album to win a Grammy award was Kenny Rogers’ “Merry Christmas” in 1978. Since then, several other Christmas albums have gone on to win Grammys, including Death Cab for Cutie’s “The Tales of a Pope & His Kin” in 2020.

The Eagles’ “Farewell I Tour: Live from Melbourne” was awarded two Grammys in 2015, including Best Pop Vocal Album. Michael Bublé’s “Mistletoe” and “Christmas” albums were also both nominated for Grammys in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

In addition, various Christmas compilations, including TobyMac’s “Christmas in Diverse City,” as well as Jim Brickman’s “Sending you a Little Christmas” have also been awarded Grammys. Christmas albums by Mariah Carey, Josh Groban, Justin Bieber, Pentatonix, Barbra Streisand, Amy Grant and Dido have all been nominated for the prestigious award.

How many Christmas albums does Garth Brooks have?

Garth Brooks has released a total of five Christmas albums. His initial holiday release was titled “Garth Brooks and The Magic of Christmas,” which was released in 1999. His second holiday release was “Gifts from the Fire,” released in 2006.

His third album, “Beyond the Season,” was released in 1992. His fourth holiday release was the compilation album “Total Xanadu,” released in 2014. His most recent holiday release was “Christmas Together,” released in 2016.

In addition to his five Christmas albums, Garth Brooks has released one EP of Christmas songs, titled “Winter Wonderland. ”.

How many Garth Brooks albums are there?

Garth Brooks has released 11 studio albums, 3 compilation albums, and 1 live album. His studio albums are: Garth Brooks (1989), No Fences (1990), Ropin’ the Wind (1991), The Hits (1994), Fresh Horses (1995), Sevens (1997), Scarecrow (2001), Man Against Machine (2014), Gunslinger (2016), The Ultimate Collection (2016), and Fun (2020).

His compilation albums are: The Limited Series (1998), Double Live (1998), and The Ultimate Hits (2007). His live album is: Blame It All on My Roots: Five Decades of Influences (2013). As of 2020, Garth Brooks has a total of 16 albums.

What is the most played song on Christmas?

The most played song on Christmas is “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. The track was released on November 1, 1994, as the lead single from her fourth studio album “Merry Christmas”. The festive tune has become one of the most enduringly popular Christmas songs of all time, and is widely considered to be a modern-day, global Christmas classic.

It recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a double A-Side single, complete with brand-new remixes. The song has achieved incredible success, rallying fans from all over the world, who turn up the volume every Christmas season.

It was even named the most streamed song of the 2019 Christmas season.

How many A Very Special Christmas albums are there?

As of November 2020, there have been eight albums released in the A Very Special Christmas series. The first album in the series was released in 1987 and featured a variety of popular artists like U2, Run-DMC, Bon Jovi and Whitney Houston.

Several of the albums have been certified multi-platinum and the series has resulted in the raising of over 100 million dollars for Special Olympics, a nonprofit organization that provides year-round sports training and competition for people with intellectual disabilities.

The list of albums in the A Very Special Christmas series is as follows:

1. A Very Special Christmas (1987)

2. A Very Special Christmas 2 (1992)

3. A Very Special Christmas 3 (1997)

4. A Very Special Christmas: World Wide (2001)

5. A Very Special Christmas 5 (2005)

6. A Very Special Acoustic Christmas (2009)

7. A Very Special Christmas: The 25th Anniversary (2012)

8. A Very Special Christmas: Bringing Peace On Earth (2020)

Does Garth and Trisha have a song together?

Yes, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have several songs together. Not only have the two legendary country music stars released duets together over the course of their careers, but they have also tackled some of music’s biggest hits in stunning harmonies.

Perhaps the most iconic of their songs together is their rendition of “Shallow” from A Star is Born, which went viral after a beautiful performance on the Grand Ole Opry stage in 2019. Other songs they’ve collaborated on include “Squeeze Me In”, “In Another’s Eyes”, “Whiskey to Wine” and the 2002 Grammy-nominated number one single “Where Your Road Leads”.

Garth and Trisha have also shared the stage at their energetic joint-tours, “Garth & Trisha Live!”.

Does Trisha Yearwood sing at Garth Brooks concerts?

Yes, Trisha Yearwood often accompanies her husband, Garth Brooks, on tour as an opening act and to perform as part of festivities during the encore of their concerts. She often joins him midway through the show to perform a few of her more well-known songs, as well as take on some of his big hits like “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” “Friends In Low Places,” and “The Dance.

” Yearwood has also been known to give her husband a bit of a break during the encore by performing a few of her own hits, letting him rest for his own performance. As of lately, the couple has also been known to duet together on “Shameless,” “In Another’s Eyes,” and “The River,” so it’s not out of the ordinary for them to perform together throughout their concert events.

What is Garth Brooks most popular song of all time?

Garth Brooks’ most popular song of all time has to be “Friends in Low Places”, released on his second studio album No Fences in 1990. This song topped the pop, country, and adult contemporary charts in the United States, and became a crossover hit around the world.

It has been certified platinum five times by the Recording Industry Association of America, and is ranked amongst the greatest country music songs of all time. Co-written with songwriters Ed Hill and Bobby Wood, “Friends in Low Places” is a classic tale of revenge, with an impressive sing-along chorus.

Its popularity has led to frequent cover versions and Brooks continues to perform the song in all of his live shows.

How long has Trisha and Garth been together?

Trisha and Garth have been together since early 2014. They first met through a mutual friend and began dating soon afterward. Since then, they have been an inseparable pair, spending their extra time together, going on adventures and visiting friends.

Though they have faced some challenges, they’ve worked through them and have grown stronger as a couple. Their relationship is still going strong four years later, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be apart any time soon.