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Fun Things to Do At a Sleepover

Sleepovers are exciting and fun. You get to invite a bunch of friends to sleep at your place, tell stories, and have fun. However, it can be challenging figuring out the best activities to engage in during the occasion. When you do not have a plan for what to do, you are likely to get bored and sleep early. Your friends may not be excited about a sleepover at your place in future.

Forget cards and pillow fights! There is so much more you can do for your sleepover to have fun and connect with your friends. If you are wondering how you will be able to keep all those friends busy for hours, then here are some of the fun things you guys can engage in:

Fun Activities for Girls

Sleepovers are different for both girls and boys. While there may be some activities that will work for both genders, most of the time, girls and boys have different interests. The following are some things girls can do to have fun and stay awake during a sleepover.


The occasional makeover is something most girls dream about. So get those makeup kits and clothes and completely change the look of each other. Find fun ways to paint your nails and dress up. Everyone in the room will look and feel pretty. You can also go the extra mile, take out the camera and pose. These will be memories that you will cherish for years.

Spa Night

You can do this by heating the bathroom for a sauna and getting those pores opened up with some steam. You can also give each other massages and facials. All girls deserve pampering, and the sleepover is the perfect time for you to achieve this. Your bodies will be thankful. What is more, your bond as friends will increase.


Manhunting is a classic favorite for most people. Instead of playing the hide and seek game kids play, the search is better for bigger girls. It is always played outside in the dark. If you have a large piece of property, or there are some woods nearby, this game can be fun. For safety, be sure to bring flashlights.


Watching a great movie or series on TV is the perfect way to stay interested and have a great time with friends. So get that big bowl of popcorn and get your favorite DVD. You may not even concentrate on the movie because of all the stories and chatter.

Camp Out in the Back Yard

If your friends are okay with it, you can have a camping set up outside your yard. You can start a bonfire, roast some marshmallows, and even make s’mores. Here, you will have the perfect opportunity to sing, tell stories, and share secrets. With camping, you can play outdoor games for hours into the night and sleep late in your tents. It will be a night to make exciting memories.

Truth or Dare and Pranks

Truth or dare is one of the games that make a sleepover exciting. You could also play harmless pranks on each other, siblings, and parents. However, keep in mind that the line between bullying and a funny joke is thin. So be sure that the person has a great sense of humor.

Sleepover Activities for Boys

For boys, fun activities are diverse. They depend on the people involved. Here are some great ideas.

Water Balloon Battle

Divide yourselves into teams, two or more, and come up with battle strategies on how you will beat other teams and win a gift or other merchandise. You will have to play this one outside because the water can be quite messy and you do not want to damage any electronics.

Obstacle Course

As a skater or biker, you always want to sharpen your skills and make yourself stand out whenever you are riding outside. For your sleepover, you could put obstacles like cardboard boxes and take turns maneuvering and going over these obstacles. These skills will impress the girls (if they are part of the group).

Glow Bowling

Glow bowling should be played in the dark both inside and outside. All you have to do is fill an empty container with water and throw a glow stick in them. Line them up like bowling pins and use a bowling ball to hit the bottles. You can use any other type of ball for this game or anything heavy enough to roll and hit.

Would You Rather

This game needs you to sit and write questions on paper fold them up and put them in a bowl or a hat. You can ask each other numerous other questions. The trick is to make the questions light-hearted and not too invasive.

Games That Suit Both Genders

If you find yourself at a sleepover whether there are both girls and boys, some activities can be done with all people instead of splitting them.

Talent Shows

This is a great time to enjoy some performances from your friends/family. You can choose the best awards and give a chance for the most talented, silliest, and most annoying performances.


Making food is one of the best activities that can be done by both boys and girls. You can all participate in the types of food you want and try out new recipes. Everyone can participate in cutting and arranging foods. Everybody can have the chance to decorate his or her plate and snacks differently. This will be a great activity for both dinner and breakfast. You will have fun and full stomachs to pat with.


Sleepovers can be fun and exciting for both boys and girls. Remember that traditional sleepover activities like pillow fights are also fun and great for you to enjoy with your friends. Keep in mind that choosing the right activity will depend on what you and your friends like. What works for one sleepover may not work for all sleepovers. Keep experimenting and changing it.

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