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Has anyone claimed the billion dollar Mega Millions ticket?

No, as of October 17th 2020, no one has yet claimed the billion dollar Mega Millions ticket. The ticket was purchased in Michigan on September 15th 2020 and has 180 days to be claimed before its expiration.

This means that the winner still has until March 14th 2021 to claim the prize before it is forfeited. The billion dollar prize is the largest ever for Mega Millions and the third largest for American lottery history.

Whoever wins will be able to choose between the cash option of $739. 6 million or the annual payout of $38. 8 million for the next 30 years.

Did the billion lotto get claimed?

No, the billion dollar lotto recently up for grabs in the United States was not claimed. The winning numbers for the April 24, 2019 Powerball Jackpot were 16-20-37-44-62 and the Powerball number was 12.

Since no one matched all six numbers to win the grand prize, the prize was not claimed and was rolled over to the next draw. The next draw of the Powerball will be on April 27 with an estimated jackpot of $625 million.

Did anybody win the billion dollar lottery?

No, the billion dollar lottery has yet to be won. This lottery is an ongoing event where tickets are purchased for a chance to potentially win one billion dollars. The lottery is run every time the jackpot reaches a certain amount, and a single person can become the winner of this grand prize.

To date, no one has won the billion dollar lottery, although there have been many other lottery winners who have won large jackpots in the past.

How much did the 1.28 billion lottery winner take home?

The 1. 28 billion lottery winner took home an estimated total of $877. 8 million. This is after taxes and the cash option payment plan. Because the jackpot was an estimated $1. 28 billion, the total winnings after taxes would have been $877.

8 million. This is divided into two parts – an immediate lump sum cash payment of $496. 5 million and an annuity of 29 annual payments of about $33 million for a total value of $381. 3 million.

What state has sold the most winning Mega Millions ticket?

The state that has sold the most winning Mega Millions ticket is California. To date, the California Lottery has seen 215 winning Mega Millions tickets including the largest Mega Millions jackpot of $1.

537 billion that was shared by two lucky tickets in October 2018. California is followed by Florida with 84 winning tickets, Illinois with 73, New York with 58, and Texas with 51 winning tickets. Notably, the five states mentioned above make up nearly 70% of all Mega Millions winners.

What happened to the billionaire lottery winner?

In January of 2021, a mysterious billionaire lottery winner made headlines around the world when they chose to remain anonymous after winning a massive jackpot. The jackpot, which was the largest lottery prize in the history of the United States, was won by a single person from Florida.

Although it was initially unclear who the winner was, it was later revealed that the ticket had been purchased by a relatively unknown businessman in his early 30s.

Since their victory, this anonymous billionaire has been living discreetly and has not made any public statements regarding their winnings. It is believed that they have invested in various stocks, real estate, and other long-term investments in order to preserve their newfound wealth.

This has been their modus operandi since their victory and has allowed them to avoid any attention that may put their newfound fortune at risk.

The billionaire’s identity is still a mystery, but they are believed to have been born and raised in Florida, with no record of any past affinity towards gambling. Reports suggest that they purchased the lucky ticket after picking up a pack of cigarettes at a local convenience store.

Ultimately, the identity of this mysterious billionaire lottery winner is still unknown to the public. All that is known is that they have managed to remain anonymous and have kept their winnings under tight wraps.

As of now, it appears that the mystery behind this winner’s identity will remain unsolved, much to the curiosity of lottery fans everywhere.

How much did the winner of the 1.6 billion get?

The winner of the historic $1. 6 billion Powerball jackpot in January 2016 was revealed to be three winners from California, Florida and Tennessee. The Tennessee winner, John and Lisa Robinson, elected to accept the lump sum payment of approximately $327 million, before taxes.

The other two winners – Marvin and Mae Acosta of California and David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith of Florida – also elected to take their shares in a one-time cash payout, and as such, how much they each received isn’t exactly clear.

It was reported, however, that the California jackpot winner and Florida jackpot winner each took home a lump sum of around $327 million, before taxes. So in total, the three winners from California, Florida, and Tennessee received approximately $981 million before taxes.

Has the 184 million jackpot been claimed?

At this time, no. The 184 million-dollar jackpot that was up for grabs has yet to be claimed. The drawing for the jackpot took place on May 9th, 2021 and the winning numbers of 7, 10, 22, 32, 35 and Powerball of 19 were announced at 11pm ET.

At the time of the drawing, the estimated jackpot was $183 million with a cash-value option of $140. 7 million. The holder of the winning ticket will have up to 180 days from the day of the draw to claim their prize.

In the meantime, the winning lottery ticket will have to remain a mystery until the winner comes forward. According to the Multi-State Lottery Association, the mystery ticket was purchased in the state of Florida.

Until the lucky individual with the ticket steps forward, the remarkable amount of money will continue to remain unclaimed.

Did the billion dollar lottery winner come forward yet?

No, the winner of the billion dollar lottery has not yet come forward. The winning ticket was sold at a store in Simpsonville, South Carolina, but the person who purchased the ticket has not revealed their identity.

In fact, the winner has 180 days to claim the prize, so they do not need to come forward until at least the end of June 2021. After the winning ticket is claimed, the person will have the choice to receive the full $1.

5 billion prize money as an annuity paid out over 30 years or a lump sum of approximately $877 million.

What is the next drawing for Mega Millions?

The next drawing for the Mega Millions lottery will be held on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 11:00 PM EDT. Five white balls will be drawn from a set of 70 numbered balls, and one gold Mega Ball will be drawn from a set of 25 numbered balls.

The jackpot for this drawing is estimated to be $150 million, with a cash option of $118. 2 million. Tickets must be purchased by 10:45 PM EDT on the day of the drawing in order to be eligible for the jackpot.

Tickets for this drawing can be purchased at an authorized retailer in participating states, as well as online at some retailers. Players must carefully check the rules and regulations for their jurisdiction before purchasing tickets.

Good luck!.

What if you win 3 numbers in Mega Millions?

If you win 3 numbers in the Mega Millions lottery, you will receive a prize depending on the specific numbers you have matched. If you matched 3 white balls (1-70) without the Mega Ball (1-25), your prize will be $10.

Matching 2 white balls and the Mega Ball will result in a $10 prize as well. However, if you matched 3 white balls and the Mega Ball, your prize will be $200. Additionally, if you had the Megaplier feature on your ticket, the value of your prize will be multiplied by the Megaplier number drawn.

For example, if the Megaplier number drawn was 4 and you matched 3 white balls and the Mega Ball, your prize would be multiplied by 4 for a total of $800.

How many numbers do you need to win a prize in Mega Millions?

In order to win a prize in the Mega Millions game, you need to match 5 numbers out of a possible 70 as well as a Mega Ball out of a possible 25. The goal is to match all 6 numbers in order to win the jackpot.

Even if you don’t match all the numbers you can still become a winner by matching just the Mega Ball, or matching 4 out of 5 white numbers plus the Mega Ball. Matching all 5 white numbers without the Mega Ball will also earn you a prize.

Where was the winning Mega Ball Mega Millions ticket sold?

The winning ticket for the October 23, 2020 Mega Millions lottery was sold at Holiday Stationstore located at 7811 16th St. , in Berwyn, Illinois. This marked the largest single-ticket jackpot in the state’s history, with the ticket being sold to an anonymous ticket holder who chose to remain anonymous.

The ticket holder will receive the full $81 million jackpot, which is paid out in annuity payments over the course of 29 years. The store will also receive a bonus of $500,000 for selling the winning ticket.

Which state just won the Mega Millions?

The state of South Carolina recently won the Mega Millions jackpot. On October 23, 2018, the Mega Millions lottery announced that a winning ticket was bought in South Carolina for the $1. 537 billion dollar jackpot.

It was the highest final jackpot ever offered for the lottery game and the second-highest winning pot of any lottery in the US. The estimated $1. 537 billion prize was paid out as an annuity of $878 million over 29 years, or as a one-time lump sum of $913 million before taxes.

This is the first time the state of South Carolina has ever won the Mega Millions, and the winner of the ticket has chosen to remain anonymous.