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Has anyone ever won the Tennessee Cash for life?

Yes, there have been several winners of the Tennessee Cash for Life lottery game, which is offered in all 95 Tennessee counties. The Tennessee Education Lottery has had multiple life-changing jackpot winners who have won the Tennessee Cash for Life lottery since its launch in October of 2014.

The largest jackpot to date was awarded to a winner in South Pittsburg, Tennessee in 2016. The winner of this jackpot was awarded $722,000 a year for life. Another great life-changing prize was awarded to a Smyrna, Tennessee winner who was paid $365,000 a year for life.

The Tennessee Cash for Life lottery game also offers financial safety nets to those who have won it. Win enough tickets, and you could be eligible for a comfortable, guaranteed income for life. It’s like a 401(k) that pays you until you turn 102.

In addition to being able to offer life-changing jackpots, the Tennessee Cash for Life lottery also provides money for educational initiatives in the state. All proceeds from the game go to the Tennessee Foundation for Educational Excellence and fund K-12 education initiatives and grants.

The Tennessee Cash for Life lottery has proven to be a popular game, with thousands of new players joining each year. If you’re lucky enough to rake in the jackpot, your life could be forever changed!

Can Tennessee Lottery winners remain anonymous?

In Tennessee, lottery winners have the right to remain anonymous if they choose to. Generally, a player must publicly disclose their identity when claiming a prize of over $600. However, winners have the right to have the prize issued in the name of a trust, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or other legal entity, in lieu of their individual name.

If claiming the prize anonymously in the form of a trust, LLC or similar entity, the winner must also provide form TL-5100 in addition to form TL-5104. The former form is used to reveal the name and taxpayer ID of the entity that will claim the prize.

For instance, if the winner elects to claim the prize within an LLC, they must provide the LLC’s name, employer identification number (EIN) and address of the LLC on form TL-5100. Form TL-5104 is the actual claim form and will be used to pay out the prize money to the entity set up and stated on form TL-5100.

It is important to note that in Tennessee, lottery winnings are still subject to state and federal income tax, regardless of whether or not the prize money is claimed anonymously.

What city won the Tennessee cash?

In the Tennessee Cash lottery drawing on Wednesday, April 28, 2021, the winning numbers were 1, 5, 11, 17, and 34 with a Cash Ball of 1. The city that won the Tennessee Cash was Hermitage, Tennessee.

The winner matched all five numbers of the draw to win the jackpot, which was estimated at $250,000. The winning ticket was sold at the Shell station located at 5240 Old Hickory Blvd in Hermitage, Tennessee.

Two other tickets sold in Tennessee also matched all five numbers, but without the Cash Ball number. Those lucky players from Clarksville and Lebanon each won $2,500. There were 378,610 tickets sold in the most recent Tennessee Cash drawing, with about $225,000 worth of winning tickets sold across the state.

Where was Tennessee Cash won last night?

Last night, Tennessee Cash was won by a player in Atwood, Tennessee. According to the Tennessee Lottery, the winning ticket in the Wednesday, April 7th drawing was purchased at the Atwood Grocery, located at 2076 Highway 124 in Atwood.

The ticket matched all five of the numbers drawn to win the estimated $211,000 jackpot. The winning numbers were 6 – 7 – 16 – 21 – 29.

What are the odds of winning Tennessee cash?

The odds of winning Tennessee Cash vary for each drawing and are based on the number of tickets sold for each game. Generally, the overall odds of winning any prize on Tennessee Cash are 1 in 4. 46. The odds of winning the jackpot prize are 1 in 1,792,940.

Players must match all 5 numbers drawn to win the top prize. In the event that multiple players match the same winning combination, the jackpot prize will be divided among those winners.

In addition, there are seven different secondary prize levels that are fixed prizes starting at $3 to the Match 5 prize of $100,000. Players can win on any combination of the five (5) numbers. The odds of winning any of the secondary prizes are 1 in 257.


Overall, the odds of winning any prize, including the jackpot, are 1 in 4.46.

What Time does tn Cash Draw?

Tennessee Cash drawings are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The drawings take place at approximately 10:29pm CST. Players must purchase their tickets by 9:00 pm CST on each drawing day if they wish to be eligible for that night’s drawing.

Players can view drawing results after 10:30 pm CST each drawing day by visiting the Tennessee Cash website.

How do you win at Tennessee Cash?

To win at Tennessee Cash, you must match the winning numbers that were drawn, in the exact order, to any of the prize tiers. The size of the prize that you win depends on the prize tier that you match.

In order to win the top prize of $200,000, you must match all 5 numbers drawn in the exact order. Overall, the more numbers you match in the exact order, the bigger the prize amount you will receive.

In order to play Tennessee Cash, you must buy a $2 ticket and select 5 numbers from 1 to 35. Alternatively, you can opt for the Quick Pick game, which will randomly choose numbers for you. The draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday night at 7:29pm (CT).

To have a chance of winning any of the prizes available in the draw, you must ensure that your ticket is active. The Tennessee Cash cut-off time is 7:30pm (CT). All tickets that are bought after this time cannot be entered into the current draw to win a prize.

Good luck!

Where was the Mega Millions won in Tennessee?

The Mega Millions jackpot was won in Tennessee on January 2, 2021. The lucky ticket was purchased at a Mapco Express in La Vergne, which is located in Rutherford County. The winning numbers for the drawing were 18, 24, 25, 33, and 56, with a Mega Ball of 8.

This was the first time an individual had won the Mega Millions jackpot in Tennessee. The winner has chosen to remain anonymous, but it is reported that they will take the lump sum payment of $118 million before taxes.

You could be the next big lottery winner in Tennessee!.

What part of Tennessee won the Mega Million?

The winning ticket for the October 23, 2018 Mega Million was purchased in the state of Tennessee, matching all five white ball numbers and the Mega ball to win the jackpot. The ticket was purchased at Naifeh’s Food Mart in Trenton, which is a small town in Gibson County in West Tennessee.

The winning numbers were 8, 12, 13, 19 and 27, with a Mega Ball of 10. The winner opted to remain anonymous, but took a lump sum payment of $198. 1 million. This is the largest Mega Million jackpot ever won in Tennessee, with the previous highest jackpot in the state winning $144 million in April 2004.

Did anyone win the Tennessee Powerball?

No, there was no winner of the Tennessee Powerball drawing on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. The winning numbers were 3, 11, 15, 19, 21, and Powerball 25, but no ticket matched all six numbers. The jackpot has been growing since August 29, after a group of 11 co-workers in New York won a $450 million prize.

Tennessee residents were hopeful that they would be the winning ticket holders, but it was not to be. The next drawing is Saturday, November 14, 2020 and the estimated jackpot is now $550 million.

What’s the top prize for Cash4Life?

The top prize for Cash4Life is $1,000 a day for life. Players must choose five numbers from 1 to 60 and one Cash Ball number from 1-4. If a player’s ticket is a match for the five numbers and one Cash Ball number, they’ve won the top prize of $1,000 a day for life.

The top prize is payable in 30 annual payments of $365,000. After those payments have been made, the remaining prize value, if any, will be paid out in a lump sum. Supposing nobody wins the top prize, it will roll over and increase in value until someone does match all six winning numbers.

How many different ways can you win on Cash4Life?

You can win on Cash4Life in three different ways. The top prize is $1,000 a day for life, second prize is $1,000 a week for life and third prize is a one-time cash prize of $1,000,000. In order to be eligible for the top two prizes, you must match all 5 numbers plus the Cash Ball® number.

If you match all 5 numbers, you will win the third prize of $1,000,000. Each play costs $2 and you can purchase up to five plays per ticket. You can also add Cash4Life to your lottery subscription for an additional fee.

There are drawings twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, with winning ticket numbers typically posted the following day. Good luck!.

Is Cash4Life actually for life?

No, the Cash4Life lottery is not actually for life. The name of the game can be slightly misleading, as it implies that winners will receive a lifetime of payments. However, the game only offers an annuity with a guaranteed minimum of 20 years of payments.

If the winner dies before 20 years has passed, the remaining payments will be made to their designated beneficiary.

How does $1,000 a day for life work?

$1,000 a day for life is often a type of lottery prize where a winner chooses to receive a set cash amount every day for the rest of their life. The prize is usually offered as a lump sum that is then paid out in yearly increments for the winner’s entire life span.

Depending on the jurisdiction and lottery provider, the payments may come with an inflation hedge, a minimum number of years, or even restrictions on how the money can be used.

For example, some lottery providers guarantee the $1,000 a day prize for a minimum of 20 years or until the winner passes away, whichever comes first. This assures that the winner will receive dependable income for a certain number of years even if their life expectancy is shorter than expected.

Furthermore, the inflation hedge ensures that the winner does not lose purchasing power since their $1,000 a day stays the same in real value over their lifetime.

Overall, $1,000 a day for life is a great prize to win, as the winner can enjoy a consistent stream of income each day while they can also be at ease knowing that the value of their prize won’t be affected by inflation.

Is Cash for Life Florida only?

No, Cash for Life is not only in Florida. In fact, it is offered in many states across the United States. Cash for Life is a special lottery game with bigger jackpots and more frequent draws. Players can purchase tickets for the game in 22 states and Washington D.

C. and the game is offered on various different platforms. In some states, you can buy the tickets in physical stores, or use the lottery app. Cash for Life is a game of chance with two draw options: the $2,000 per week for life, or the $7 million lump sum.

Players can increase their chances of winning by playing more lines, however, the odds of winning remain the same.