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Has anyone in New Hampshire won the Powerball?

Yes, there have been a number of Powerball winners in New Hampshire. In 2017, a New Hampshire family won $487 million, which is the largest lottery jackpot ever won in the state. In 2018, another winner in New Hampshire made news when he won a $560 million jackpot.

Additionally, in 2019 there were two winners; one winning a $2 million prize and the other winning a $50,000 prize. Additionally, in 2020, two more players in New Hampshire won Powerball Jackpots and became the state’s third and fourth Powerball jackpot winners.

The first was a $100 million winner and the other was a $30 million winner. Throughout the years, countless other New Hampshire players have won smaller prizes from the game.

Where was the winning Powerball ticket sold in NH?

The winning Powerball ticket was sold at Reeds Ferry Market in Merrimack, New Hampshire on the night of January 6th 2021. The store is located at 20 Nashua Road. The ticket contained the lucky numbers 6, 7, 20, 37, 44 and the Powerball 16.

The winner has not yet chosen to come forward to claim the prize.

What state has the most winners for Powerball?

The state with the most winners for Powerball is Indiana. According to the Powerball website, Indiana is the state with the most Powerball jackpot winners and the most Powerball millionaire winners. As of December 1, 2020, the Powerball website states that Indiana has had 156 Powerball million dollar winners.

This means that Indiana has had more than twice as many Powerball millionaire winners as any other state in the US. In addition to leading the way in Powerball winners, Indiana also has the highest average jackpot winnings of any state, with an average winnings per winner of $9.

9 million.

Has anyone from NH won the lottery?

Yes, there have been numerous lottery winners from the state of New Hampshire. In fact, many high profile lottery wins have taken place in the state over the past few years. For example, in January 2020, a New Hampshire resident shared a $202 million prize from the Powerball lottery with a winner from Virginia.

In August 2018, three residents from Nashua, New Hampshire together purchased a winning ticket in the game Lucky for Life, taking home a $1 million prize. Two years earlier, a well-known lottery prize of $487 million was won by a New Hampshire couple, who stated that the win would not change their lives and that they were “speechless.


Other large prizes include two winners splitting a $200 million lottery prize in New Hampshire in 2018, and a Manchester resident taking home $12 million after purchasing a ticket with a special “add-on” feature.

As of 2021, the highest record-breaking prize won by a resident of New Hampshire was $570 million, which took place in July 2011. This ticket was purchased by two co-workers who chose to remain anonymous and chose to share the entirety of the prize.

Clearly, the state of New Hampshire has seen its fair share of lottery winners over the years, resulting in revenues that benefit the state and its citizens.

When was the last time someone in NH won Powerball?

The last time someone in New Hampshire won Powerball was on October 31, 2019, when Cathey Cunningham from Atkinson, New Hampshire, won the $60 million jackpot. Cunningham chose to take her winnings as a lump sum, netting her an impressive $37 million after taxes.

Coincidentally, October 31, 2019 was also the day that Powerball made changes to the game, increasing the odds of winning a larger grand prize. Congratulations to Cathey Cunningham and her good fortune!.

What NH lottery game has the odds?

The New Hampshire Lottery offers a variety of games which vary in terms of their odd. Their two most popular games, Mega Millions and Powerball, each have odds of around 1 in roughly 302 million. The New Hampshire Lottery also offers an array of other instate draw games, including Pick 3, Pick 4, Tri-State Megabucks Plus, and NH Tri-State Megabucks.

Each of these games have different odds. For example, Pick 3 has odds of around 1 in 1,000, Pick 4 has odds of about 1 in 10,000, Tri-State Megabucks Plus has odds of around 1 in 2. 3 million, and NH Tri-State Megabucks has odds of around 1 in 5.

1 million. Other games offered by the New Hampshire Lottery feature even longer odds such as “Cash For Life,” which has odds of roughly 1 in 1. 45 million, and the New Hampshire Hot Lotto, which has odds of around 1 in 419,935.

Did anyone win NH Mega Millions?

Yes, the winning numbers for the June 9th, 2020 NH Mega Millions drawing were 04-09-17-27-41 and Mega Ball 20. One lucky winner from North Carolina matched all five white balls and the Mega ball to win the $52 million jackpot.

The winner has chosen not to be identified, so no further details have been released at this time.

Can lottery winners remain anonymous in New Hampshire?

Yes, lottery winners in New Hampshire can remain anonymous. As of 2018, the “Right to Know” law in New Hampshire allows individuals to keep their identities private if they win lottery prizes over $1,000.

However. Once the winner’s identity is made public, the state or media can still release the person’s name, town, age and prize amount.

If a winner is not comfortable making their identity public, they can set up a trust and assign a trustee to manage the prize money for them. To do this, the individual would need to contact a lawyer to draw up the legal documents required to form the trust.

This is the preferred method for keeping anonymity.

In some cases, winners may have their identity made public even if they have a trust set up. The only way to guarantee that their information remains private is to avoid claiming the prize in the first place.

In short, lottery winners in New Hampshire do have the option of remaining anonymous, but establishing a trust is the most effective way of doing so.

What is the state to live in if you win the lottery?

If you win the lottery, you should consider carefully where to live if you decide to move. Cost of living, job market, weather, access to entertainment and amenities, and available housing.

For taxes, some states have flat income tax rates and do not tax lottery winnings, making them an attractive option. These include Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

Other states, such as California and New York, have higher income tax rates and may tax lottery winnings.

The cost of living is also important when picking a state to live in. You should look at housing prices, food costs, shopping and other entertainment, and the cost of living overall. States such as Mississippi, Arkansas, and West Virginia all have fairly low costs of living, while states like Hawaii and California can be quite expensive.

The job market is also important – unemployment rates, availability and strength of jobs, and the local economy should all be considered. States with strong job markets and economic growth include Utah, Colorado, and Idaho.

The weather should be another consideration – if you dislike summer heat, then an area such as Maine or Montana may be more ideal. On the other hand, if you prefer year-round warmth, you may find Florida, California, and Hawaii to be more to your liking.

The availability of entertainment, amenities, and recreational opportunities should also play a role in your decision. Major cities such as New York and Los Angeles have plenty of entertainment and recreational activities, making them attractive for those who want to live in an exciting area.

On the other hand, rural states offer quieter, more relaxed lifestyles and plenty of outdoor activities.

Finally, you should look at the available housing in the state. Many states have different types of housing to choose from – homes, condos, townhouses, apartments, and more. Additionally, the local real estate market is important to consider when deciding on a place to live.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can pick a state that best fits your needs. Ultimately, the decision is up to you and there is no single “best” state to live in if you win the lottery.

What states keep lottery winners secret?

Many states have laws that allow lottery winners to keep their identity a secret. These states include Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington.

In most of these states, lottery winners must submit a signed statement that they wish their identity to be kept confidential. The state will then protect the winner’s personal information by denying the public the right to access it.

This includes address, phone number, and other contact information.

In Georgia, the Lottery Corporation can go as far as creating a trust fund or limited liability company to maintain the winner’s anonymity. Winners in Texas also have the option of creating a trust to claim their winnings.

Some states go even further and allow winners to claim their prize money in a lump sum payment through a third-party agent. This third-party will collect the prize money on behalf of the winner, preventing their identity from being revealed to the public.

Lotteries are an exciting way to potentially win thousands or even millions of dollars, but it’s important to consider the potential privacy risks that come with it. While winners are technically not allowed to keep their identity a secret, states like Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington make it much easier for lottery winners to maintain anonymity.

What state has won the most Mega Millions?

The state with the most Mega Millions jackpot wins since 2002 is California with 24. According to the California Lottery website, the state has had five wins in 2020 alone. California is closely followed by Florida and Pennsylvania, which have had 15 and 11 wins, respectively.

A total of 36 states plus the District of Columbia and the U. S. Virgin Islands participate in the Mega Millions lottery.

Did anyone win the Powerball drawing?

Yes, someone did win the most recent Powerball drawing. The winning numbers for the October 3, 2020 drawing were 4, 26, 42, 50, 60 and Power Ball 2. According to the Powerball website, there was one grand-prize winning ticket sold in the State of Michigan.

The lucky person or persons who purchased the ticket will take home a whopping grand prize of $94 million.

Who was the person that won the Powerball?

The winner of the Powerball draw on Wednesday February 19th, 2020, was 20-year-old Manuel Franco from Wisconsin. He was the sole winner of the $768. 4 million Powerball jackpot, the third-largest lottery grand prize ever offered in the U.

S. , and the biggest-ever lottery win by a single ticket.

When Franco, a production operator at Wisconsin’s Air Express International, was informed that he was the winner by Wisconsin lottery officials, he initially thought it was a prank. He rushed to the lottery officials to meet them in person and validate his ticket, where he was informed that he had won.

Franco chose to take the cash option, which amounts to a lump sum payment of $477 million before taxes. He is the 24th jackpot winner in Wisconsin’s history and the biggest winner from the state.

Franco stated he plans to use a part of the money to help his family, donate to charities and put some aside for retirement.

What City won the last Powerball?

The last Powerball jackpot was won on March 27, 2021. The $60 million jackpot was won by a single ticket holder in Columbus, Georgia. The state lottery office in Atlanta, Georgia reported that the winning ticket was sold in the city of Columbus at a Circle K on Dean Road.

The winning numbers for the March 27, 2021 Powerball drawing were 1-4 – 12-31-40-50-69, and the Powerball was 22. The winner has 180 days from the time of the drawing to claim their prize.

What should I do first if I win the lottery?

If you win the lottery, the very first thing you should do is remain calm and secure your ticket. Make sure you properly sign the back of the lottery ticket and place it in a safe location. You should avoid telling anyone about your win until you have consulted with a lawyer or financial advisor who is familiar with lottery winnings and the relevant laws of your state or country.

Next, you should contact the authorities about the specific rules for claiming your lottery winnings and when to make yourself available for media interviews. Be sure to consult with them about any tax implications you may have from your winnings.

Once you have the financial advice and legal guidance you need, you can begin to think about taking steps to protect and utilize your funds. You may want to set up a trust to protect your funds and set up automatic transfers to bank accounts.

Speak with your financial advisor and lawyer to determine which investments and savings plans might be best for you.

At the same time, you may want to focus on how you want to use your newfound wealth to invest in yourself and others. Consider how your money can be used to enjoy life, help family and friends, and support causes important to you.

Lastly, having a financial plan in place is essential to managing a large sum of money. For some people, it can help to work with a financial planner to create a plan that both protects and maintains your wealth.

Taking the time to plan your finances carefully and with professionals can help you maximize and manage your winnings for many years to come.