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How big is an XXL from Papa Johns?

An XXL from Papa John’s is a 14 inch pizza with 8 slices. The pizza has a 16 inch diameter before we apply our Hand Tossed style. The crust is slightly thicker compared to a regular pizza, with just the right amount of crunch.

XXL pizzas have 6 toppings and you have the option to pick any topping you like. The XXL has a total of 50 square inches of topping, which is spread out evenly over the pizza. It’s a great option for larger groups who want the delicious taste of our original crust.

How many slices are in a Papa Johns XXL?

A Papa John’s XXL pizza typically comes with 10 large slices. However, some locations may offer 12 slices per pizza, so you should check with your local store for exact information. The size of the slices varies depending on where you order, but you can expect to get large or extra-large size slices.

Additionally, each slice generally measures around 3-4 inches wide.

How big is Papa John’s XXL UK?

Papa John’s XXL UK is a large pizza size, measuring at 28 inches or 71 cm in diameter. It is the same size as Papa John’s L or XL pizza sizes in the US, although the amount of pizza toppings may vary between the US and the UK.

The XXL is big enough to serve up to 8 people, offering a unique sharing experience. The Papa John’s XXL pizza is not to be confused with the Papa John’s Party size, which is the largest size made by the company, measuring up to 30 inches.

What is the largest pizza at Papa John’s?

The largest pizza at Papa John’s is the 24-inch XXXL pizza, which has 50 percent more topping than the large (14-inch) size. The Papa John’s XXXL pizza has up to five toppings of your choice, including fresh cut vegetables and a variety of premium meats.

You can also add extra cheese and premium sauces to customize your pizza. The 24-inch pizza is large enough to serve eight people and is an excellent option for game night, parties, or large family dinners.

Topping combinations are also customizable and include classic favorites like pepperoni and mushrooms, and unique toppings like banana peppers, anchovies, and steak.

How many pizzas do I need for 50 people?

It depends on a few factors, such as how many slices each person will eat and the size of the pizza. On average, each person will eat about 2-3 slices of pizza. That means for 50 people you will need 25-37.

5 pizzas. If you are serving large pizzas with 8 slices each, then you will need a total of 6-9 pizzas. If you are serving smaller pizzas with 4 slices each, then you will need a total of 12-18 pizzas.

It’s always a good idea to get an extra pizza or two just in case.

What is the difference between large and extra large Papa Johns?

The primary difference between large and extra large Papa Johns pizzas is the size of the pizza. A large Papa Johns pizza is 12 inches in diameter and slices into 8 equal slices. An extra large Papa Johns pizza is 14 inches in diameter and slices into 10 equal slices.

This difference means that an extra large Papa Johns pizza has 25% more pizza than a large Papa Johns. The cost of a large pizza varies depending on the toppings and can range from $9. 99 to $15. 99.

The cost of an extra large Papa Johns pizza also varies depending on the toppings and can range from $14. 49 to $19. 99. Therefore, purchasing an extra large pizza will usually cost you more than a large pizza.

For large groups, the extra large Papa Johns is the better value.

Is a 14 inch pizza a large At Papa Johns?

Yes, 14 inch pizzas at Papa John’s are considered a large. Papa John’s offers a variety of pizza sizes, from Small (10″) to Extra-Large (14″). The 14 inch large pizza is the most popular size, offering enough pizza to feed 3 – 4 adults.

Each large pizza is made with up to 50% more of Papa John’s fresh, never frozen original dough, and loaded with your favorite toppings. For a truly unique pizza experience, consider Papa John’s original pan pizza with an edge-to-edge cheese that bakes up into a crunchy, buttery crust that won’t’t disappoint.

Is 2 Medium pizzas bigger than a large Papa Johns?

The answer to that question depends on the size of the large pizza from Papa Johns. Generally, two medium pizzas will be larger than one large pizza, but it really depends on what size the large pizza is.

Medium pizzas from Papa Johns are usually 12 inches in diameter, whereas large pizzas are usually 14 inches in diameter. However, some Papa Johns locations offer extra large pizzas that are 16 inches in diameter.

Therefore, depending on the size of the large pizza, it is possible that two medium pizzas could actually be smaller than one large Papa Johns pizza.

What size is Papa John’s small pizza?

Papa John’s small pizza has a diameter of 10 inches and a total area of 78. 5 in². It is part of the Classic variety of pizzas, which also includes medium (12 inches, 113 in²), large (14 inches, 153.

9 in²), and Extra-Large (16 inches, 201. 1 in²). Papa John’s small pizza comes with up to three toppings of your choice. It is a great size for one person or a couple of people to enjoy a delicious pizza.

How do you calculate pizza per person?

Calculating how much pizza to get per person depends on factors like how many people you are feeding, how hungry everyone is, and how much variety you want to offer. Generally speaking, one large pizza will feed four to six people, two large pizzas will feed eight to twelve people, three large pizzas will feed twelve to eighteen people and so on.

If your group is especially hungry or looking for variety, you may want to increase the number of pizzas you order for each additional four to six people. For example, if you have nine people, you may want to order four large pizzas.

If you are using a variety of sizes, like two medium and five small, you can use the total area of all the pizzas to determine how much each person will get. Divide the total area of the pizza by the number of people and then divide again to get the area per person.

For example, if you have nine people and have a total of 35 square inches, then each person would get approximately 3. 9 square inches.

Is a 12 inch pizza for 2?

A 12 inch pizza can make a great meal for two people for a light lunch or dinner. However, if you are both large eaters or plan on having leftovers, you may want to opt for a 14 or 16 inch instead. 12-inch pizzas generally have up to 8 slices, so each person would get 4 slices.

That’s enough for some people, but if you plan on having sides or appetizers, you may want to get more. If you’re trying to decide the right size for two people, you can also look at the calories per serving – a 12-inch pizza typically has around 550 calories per serving and may be suitable for two people, depending on your dietary goals.