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How do I contact Gotham Steel?

You can contact Gotham Steel by visiting their website at www. gothamsteel. com and visiting their contact page. There you’ll find a customer service number that you can call to speak with someone directly, as well as a contact form where you can submit questions or concerns.

You can also reach out to them via their social media accounts by sending a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Lastly, you can send an email directly to hello@gothamsteel. com and one of their customer service representatives will be in touch as soon as possible.

Does Gotham Steel have a lifetime warranty?

No, Gotham Steel does not have a lifetime warranty. However, they do offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your cookware, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

They do also have a limited warranty that covers any defects or failure in the product due to material or workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. If the product is found to be defective in materials or workmanship during this warranty period, they will replace the defective product with an identical or comparable item.

Where is my Gotham Steel order?

If you ordered Gotham Steel products from an online store, you should already have received a confirmation email containing your order information, including an estimated delivery date. If you did not receive this email or cannot find the email, please check your junk/spam folder to make sure it wasn’t filtered out.

Once your order has shipped, you should receive a new email containing the tracking information for your shipment. You can also log into your account on the online store’s website to view your order status.

If you’ve been waiting several days past the estimated delivery date, please contact the online store directly. They will have the most up-to-date information regarding your order and can help you track down your package if necessary.

Why is food sticking to my Gotham steel pan?

It is important to recognize the different possible causes and how to address each one.

Firstly, the pan may not be seasoned properly. Nonstick properties can come from a process called “seasoning”, which involves oiling the pan and applying heat to create a layer of polymerized oil. This layer helps to prevent food from sticking.

If the pan hasn’t been seasoned properly, then it is more likely that food will stick.

Another cause could be that you are using too high of a heat setting. Gotham steel pans should not be used on a high setting as it can cause food to stick and can also cause warping. Always cook on a low to medium heat setting.

If food is still sticking to the pan, then you may need to apply a bit of oil to the pan before cooking. A teaspoon of oil is generally enough, but you may need to apply more depending on the size and type of food you are cooking.

Finally, it’s also important to ensure that you are using the proper utensils in the pan. Using metal utensils in a nonstick pan can cause scratching, which can increase the chances of food sticking.

It’s best to use wood or rubber utensils in your Gotham steel pans.

By considering all of these possible causes, you can determine what may be causing the sticking issue with your Gotham steel pan and how to fix it.

Who owns Gotham Steel?

Gotham Steel is owned by Emson, Inc. , a privately-held company based in Farmingdale, New York. Founded in 2003 by Joseph Monastero, the company began selling cooking gadgets as Dr. Walt’s Healthy Cooking Systems.

Today, Emson, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of kitchen gadgets and products, including Gotham Steel. The company is known for offering innovative and high-quality products to suit the needs of modern home cooks.

This includes their line of cookware and bakeware, including the popular Gotham Steel pans and casserole dishes. The company operates warehouses and distribution centers across the United States and Canada, and their products are available through retailers such as Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Is Gotham Steel made in China?

No, Gotham Steel products are made in the United States. They partner with an American-based manufacturing company which is highly experienced in the production of titanium-ceramic cookware. Specifically, their pots and pans are made from the highest grade titanium and ceramic which is sourced from the U.

S. In addition, the cookware is then made in the U. S. with unrivaled craftsmanship that adheres to the strictest quality control standards. Gotham Steel products are all-around guaranteed to be free from any kind of defects or other problems.

Furthermore, their products are also quality tested in the U. S. to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

Which is better Copper Chef vs Gotham Steel?

This is a difficult question, as both Copper Chef and Gotham Steel are popular and well-crafted cookware products.

The Copper Chef line is best known for its deep-dish effect, which allows for a larger capacity for one-pan meals. It is made with the highest quality ceramic and aluminum materials, and is safe for the oven, grill, dishwasher and stove top.

Furthermore, all Copper Chef products come with a lifetime warranty.

On the other hand, Gotham Steel carries an even broader range of products, such as skillets, saucepans, griddle pans and more. It is also constructed with a combination of ceramic and aluminum materials, and is designed to last.

Many users report that the finish of the product is truly impressive, with no scratching or fading even after heavy use.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference — both Copper Chef and Gotham Steel are great cookware options. Both brands offer similar features and make use of quality materials. However, the warranty that Copper Chef provides may be beneficial to some, so it is important to take that into consideration.

Can Gotham Steel go in the oven?

Yes, Gotham Steel pans can go in the oven. All Gotham Steel products are oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and have a special Ti-Cerama scratch-proof coating to provide a longer lasting, non-stick surface.

Additionally, Gotham Steel is also PTFE, PFOA and PFOS free, so you don’t have to worry about fumes or off-gassing at high temperatures. With Gotham Steel you can sear, sauté, bake, fry, and boil, all in one pan, so be sure to take advantage of the oven-safe feature whenever you want to make a delicious meal.

How long does a lifetime warranty last?

A lifetime warranty is an assurance that a manufacturer will repair or replace a product if it fails due to a manufacturing defect, regardless of how long the product has been owned. Each product is different, so it is important to understand the terms of a particular product’s warranty.

Generally, a lifetime warranty lasts as long as the product is useable or until the original owner no longer owns the product. A lifetime warranty usually does not extend to the original purchaser’s successors.

Additionally, some lifetime warranties are not transferable or have limited transferability. Therefore, it is important to read the warranty for any product before you buy it to ensure you understand the warranty’s scope and limitations.

Do metal utensils scratch Gotham pans?

No, metal utensils should not scratch Gotham pans when used properly. Gotham cookware is made with a non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking and makes it easier to clean up. The hardened surface is also scratch resistant and can preserve the non-stick coating for years of quality use.

In order to prevent scratches to the non-stick surface it is recommended to use only wood, plastic, rubber, silicone, or nylon utensils when cooking in Gotham pans. While stainless steel utensils won’t necessarily scratch the cookware, it is possible for the utensil to cause the non-stick coating to wear down, resulting in changes to the shape of the pan or food sticking over time.

To preserve maximum performance, it is recommended to only use the approved utensils when cooking.

Is there a warranty on the Gotham Steel pans?

Yes, there is a warranty on the Gotham Steel pans. All Gotham Steel pans feature a lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty covers any defects that may occur due to poor workmanship or faulty materials.

The warranty is non-transferable and covers the original purchaser only. It is strongly recommended that you register your product with the manufacturer once you have purchased it to activate your warranty and be certain you are covered.

If an issue does occur with your pan, contact the manufacturer and provide them with proof of purchase for coverage under the warranty.

How to claim Gotham Steel warranty?

If you would like to claim your warranty for Gotham Steel, you will need to submit your proof of purchase along with the product serial number to the manufacturer. You can do this by either mailing in your information along with the product to the manufacturer or by filling out the warranty form online.

If you are mailing in your information, send your proof of purchase and serial number to the address provided in the warranty section of the manufacturer’s website or contact their customer support line for further information.

If you are filling out the warranty form online, you will need to provide your proof of purchase, product serial number, contact information, and a brief description of the issue you are having with the product.

Once the form has been filled out, the warranty process will begin and you will be contacted shortly with an update.

We recommend keeping your proof of purchase and product serial number with you at all times to ensure a fast and easy warranty process. If you have any further questions regarding how to claim your warranty, please contact the manufacturer’s customer support line.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

Submitting a warranty claim will vary depending on the product you have and the company providing the warranty. However, here are some general steps to follow on how to submit a warranty claim.

1. Understand the limitation of your warranty. Make sure to read over the warranty details to get a full understanding of what is covered and what is not covered by your warranty.

2. Contact the company providing the warranty. Get in touch with the company to find out what the process is for submitting a warranty claim. This may be done by calling the company or sending an email.

3. Fill out any required paperwork. Depending on the company, you may need to fill out a warranty claim form. You may have to include information about the product, purchase date, proof of purchase, and description of the issue.

4. Take pictures or provide proof. In order to help support your warranty claim, detailed pictures of the issue and proof of purchase may be required.

5. Ship the product. Depending on the type of claim, you may need to return the product to the warranty providing company. Make sure to pack the item securely and include any receipts and documents required.

6. Wait for approval. It may take up to 10 business days to process your warranty claim. Once the warranty claim is approved, your product will either be replaced, repaired, or refunded.

Keep in mind that the process may vary depending on the company and the product you have. Contact the warranty provider to find out more details.

Can a warranty get you a refund?

Yes, in many cases, a warranty can get you a refund. Depending on the specifics of the warranty, you may be eligible for a full or partial refund of your purchase if a product is found to be defective.

This refund may be issued in cash, in-kind service or credit, or a combination of the three.

In some cases, warranties may even cover instances where you made an error in purchasing a product – for example, if you bought a product but then realize it’s not compatible with existing hardware. In those situations, the warranty may offer a refund or direct exchange for a more suitable item.

Warranties typically include detailed information about how refunds and exchanges can be requested, so always read through the fine print before making a purchase. Be sure to also understand when and how refunds are issued, so you’re aware of any deadlines or documentation you may need to provide.

Do you need a receipt to prove warranty?

Yes, it is important to keep a receipt to prove warranty of a product. A copy of the receipt will act as proof of purchase and is required to establish a warranty claim. Manufacturers and retailers need to verify that you legitimately purchased the product that is being serviced.

The receipt can also include the terms and conditions of the warranty, making it easy to remember what is covered and the amount of time before the warranty expires. Additionally, if you are returning a product or asking to exchange it, most retailers and manufacturers require the original receipt for proof of purchase.

Without a receipt, it may be more difficult to successfully fulfill a warranty claim.