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How do I find the model of my Electrolux refrigerator?

The model number of your Electrolux refrigerator can be found in several ways.

One way is to look in your manual. The manual will typically have all the technical specifications, including the model number, listed on the first two pages.

If you do not have your manual, then you can look on the product itself for the model number. Typically, the model number is located on the inside of the left or right wall of your fridge. The model number may be hidden behind a small panel, so you may need to gently remove the panel in order to access it.

If you are still having trouble finding the model number, you can use the serial number on the product to look it up online. You can head to the Electrolux website, type in the serial number, and it will provide you with the model number.

Finally, a quick internet search may provide you with details and photos of Electrolux refrigerators, which you can use to compare with the product you have to determine the model.

How do I find my Electrolux model?

To find the model and serial number of your Electrolux appliance, you’ll need to look for a data label located somewhere on the back or side of the unit. This label typically has a small rectangular shape with the Electrolux logo and lists the model and serial numbers.

If you can’t locate the data label this way, you can also try looking for a removable back panel. Electrolux appliances often have service panels located at the top, back, or side of the appliance that can be removed, giving you access to the data label inside.

You can also find the model and serial number listed in user manuals next to the name of the product. If you can’t locate the manual, Electrolux has an online library of appliance manuals that you can access to find the correct model and serial number.

Where do I find model and serial number of refrigerator?

To find the model and serial number of a refrigerator, first locate the product identification label on the refrigerator. This label contains all of the required product information, including the model and serial number.

The product identity label is usually in the area of the refrigerator, like inside the crisper drawer, on the control panel, behind the control panel, on the upper left side, or on the side trim. Make sure to look carefully, as labels are sometimes difficult to find.

If you are unable to locate this label, please refer to the product manual or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

How do you read a Electrolux serial number?

The model and serial number label (including the UPC/barcode) on Electrolux appliances can typically be found on the back or side of the product, either inside a door, behind the kick plate in front, or underneath the top ledge.

It is usually located at the back corner on the left side of your appliance. To properly identify the model and serial number (also referred to as a “rating plate”) of your Electrolux appliance, you should look for a label containing both sequences of numbers and letters.

The serial number (or product number) should be the longest set of numbers/letters and may be broken up into chunks by a hyphen or three dots. The model number should be a second smaller set of numbers and letters immediately following.

For example, the model and serial number label may look something like this:


The first sequence of numbers and letters (AHFD938) would be the model number and the second set of numbers and letters (SL780-FT462) would be the serial number. To fully understand the model number, refer to the owner’s manual for your product or look for the breakdown online.

For example, on some models the digits might represent the product type, the capacity, size, color and version.

When purchasing replacement parts, having the model and serial number ready is essential in ensuring that the parts you order are compatible with your product. Different product models have unique features and parts, so the model and serial numbers are necessary to accurately identify the right parts for your Electrolux appliance.

Knowing the model and serial number can also help to determine the year the product was manufactured, expected life cycle, and warranty breakdown.

Are Electrolux appliances considered high end?

Yes, Electrolux appliances are generally considered high end products due to their quality, design, and performance. The Swedish company has been in business since 1919 and is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer appliances in the world.

Many of their products, including their vacuums, washing machines, and cooktops, are produced using innovative technologies that increase performance and reduce energy consumption. Additionally, their appliances have sophisticated designs that can enhance the decor of modern or traditional kitchens and their products often come with advanced features.

All of this makes Electrolux appliances a reliable, high end choice.

Why did Electrolux fail?

Electrolux’s failure can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the company failed to innovate, leading to a decrease in market share. As technology advanced and the home appliance industry became increasingly competitive, Electrolux had difficulty keeping up with technological advancements and creating products that could compete in the market.

Additionally, Electrolux experienced decreased demand as its traditional consumers shifted to other competitors offering better quality at lower prices.

Furthermore, Electrolux was heavily reliant on traditional retail outlets such as Kilroy’s, which began to suffer from increased competition from online retailers such as Amazon. As a result, Electrolux was unable to gain access to larger markets, leading to a decrease in sales and market share.

Finally, Electrolux’s operating expenses were too high due to inefficient use of resources and outdated information systems. This, combined with other factors, resulted in the company’s failure and eventual bankruptcy in 2014.

How long should an Electrolux fridge last?

The life expectancy of an Electrolux fridge depends on several factors, such as the type of refrigerator and the model year. For example, their premium stainless steel refrigerator models typically last 15-20 years.

Similarly, Electrolux’s other models last 10-15 years with proper use and care. They are well-sized and designed refrigerators, with advanced features and excellent performance. Additionally, regular maintenance or getting a technician to inspect the refrigerator every two years can help to extend the life expectancy even further.

On the other hand, if ensure that you are regularly cleaning the coils, replacing the water filter, and setting the temperature efficiently, it can also help to increase the longevity. Above all, with due diligence and proper use, you can easily enjoy your Electrolux refrigerator for many years to come.

What brands of refrigerators are made by Electrolux?

Electrolux is a Swedish appliance manufacturing company that produces a wide range of products, including refrigerators. Their refrigerator line includes the Frigidaire brand of French door, top freezer, and side-by-side refrigerator models, as well as their full service icon counter-depth refrigerator.

Additionally, Electrolux manufactures a variety of other refrigerators under their own brand name as well, including their all-in-one refrigerator-freezer model, the Electrolux ActiveSmart refrigerator, their all-in-one, ultra-capacity French door model, and the Electrolux ICON counter-depth refrigerator.

These models all feature advanced technologies for efficient cooling and energy, including Luxury-Glide storage drawers and advanced temperature displays, as well as spill-proof shelving for optimal organization.

Furthermore, all Electrolux refrigerators are UL certified for safety and exceed established industry standards for energy efficiency.

How do I know what model vacuum I have?

In order to determine what model of vacuum cleaner you have it is important to consult the owners manual, as this will have all the information you need. Alternatively, if you do not have the owners manual, you can look for a sticker or a plate on the back of the vacuum cleaner which will provide the model number, which can then be looked up online.

Additionally, you may be able to narrow down the type of vacuum cleaner through an online search for identifying features such as the shape and colour. If you still remain uncertain, you can contact the manufacturer or take the vacuum cleaner to a repair shop in order to find out what model it is.

How do I find out my washing machine model?

In order to find out your washing machine model, first you need to locate the model number information. This can usually be found on the outside of the washing machine, usually on its back or bottom.

It may also be located on a particular part of the washer’s control panel, so make sure to check there too. The model number should be printed on a label, sticker, or plate. It is usually between four and eight characters long.

Once you’ve identified the model number, search online for this number and the make and model of your washing machine should appear. Alternatively, you can also contact the manufacturer directly to provide them with the model number and they will provide you with the make and model or any other relevant information.

How do you find out what model your stove is?

One of the easiest ways is to refer to any user manuals or documents that came with it when you purchased it. These often contain information about the model of the stove. Additionally, if you have the original receipt from the purchase, it should list the model number as well.

If neither of these methods are available to you, you can manually inspect the stove itself for any markings or identifications that indicate what model the stove is. These markings are usually found near the manufacturer’s name or logo, or near the model and serial number.

If you’re still unable to find out what model it is, you can reach out to the manufacturer’s customer service and provide them with the serial number or any identifying information found on the stove.

They should be able to tell you the model of the stove.

Where is the model number located on a shop vac?

The model number of a shop vac is typically located on the back of the unit. On the back there will be a rating label which will include the model number, voltage, and other important information associated with the product.

The model number will likely have part of or all of the brand name associated with it as well; for example, shop vac model numbers usually start with the words “Shop-Vac”. Additionally, many Shop-Vac products have a small white label with a bar code and the model number on the side and/or back of the product.

If you still can’t locate the model number and the label doesn’t have it, the manual for the product should have it as well.

What is the oldest vacuum brand?

The oldest vacuum brand is Hoover, which was founded in 1908. The company started when William Henry Hoover, an engineering and business graduate, bought an existing leather products business to help his family supplement its income during tough times.

William Henry developed a revolutionary vacuum cleaner in 1908 and launched the Hoover brand for the first time. over the years, Hoover has continuously innovated, developed, and invested in research and development to create products that make everyday cleaning simpler and easier.

From the introduction of ‘The Hoover Suction Sweeper’ in 1919, to the more advanced bagless cyclonic style cleaners of today, Hoover has been at the forefront of vacuum innovation and design.

What does N and D mean on a vacuum?

The term “N” and “D” are used to describe two different types of vacuum cleaners that operate differently.

The “N” type is a vacuum cleaner that uses a spinning brush roll-head to agitate dirt and debris from carpet or upholstery. This type of vacuum cleaner is typically used for carpets and rugs, as it is able to provide powerful suction to help lift dirt and particles from the carpet.

The “D” type is a vacuum cleaner that uses suction to pull dirt, debris, and hair up into the unit. Typically these types of vacuum cleaners are designed to pick up smaller dust particles and debris such as pet hair and dirt from hardwood floors.

These types of vacuums are often described as being ‘bagless’ and use cyclonic technology to pick up more dust and dirt than a traditional filter bag and cleaning method.

Both types of vacuum cleaners have their own benefits, so it’s important to consider what type of cleaning job you are going to be doing to decide which type is best for you.

Are Electrolux refrigerators good?

Yes, Electrolux refrigerators are good appliances, providing many great features to provide a high-quality user experience. They have a reputation for reliability, and make many popular models that have good overall customer satisfaction ratings.

These refrigerators come in different sizes and designs to meet a variety of needs. They have a wide range of features, from their spacious interiors and user-friendly features, such as LED lighting, adjustable temperature control and easy-to-clean shelves, to their advanced cooling and energy-saving technology.

They also come with great warranty options that provide peace of mind. Additionally, they offer competitive pricing, making them an affordable option for many households. All in all, Electrolux refrigerators offer a reliable and cost-effective cooling solution.