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How do I get a Kentucky Colonel license plate?

To obtain a Kentucky Colonel license plate, you must first submit an application to the Kentucky Colonel Commission. There is an application fee of $50 payable to the Governor’s Office for Executive Orders and then you must include a copy of your Colonel’s commission letter.

The Commissioner may also require you to submit a copy of your driver’s license or other proof of identity.

Once your application is processed, you will receive an email advising you that you have been officially appointed as a Kentucky Colonel. You can then submit your application and $25 fee to the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission in order to receive your Kentucky Colonel license plates.

The Kentucky Colonel license plates are also available in other special designs, including a personalized design with your own name, at an additional cost of $25 per plate.

In addition to your license plate, you will also receive a metal Kentucky Colonel hat pin to signify your commission as a Kentucky Colonel. The pin must be displayed in front of your license plate in order for it to be valid.

What does it mean to be awarded a Kentucky Colonel?

Being awarded Kentucky Colonel is a distinct honor awarded by the Governor of Kentucky since the first commission was issued in 1813. It signifies recognition from the Commonwealth of Kentucky in appreciation of noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to a community, state, or nation.

Traditionally, this recognition has gone to individuals for their leadership and dedication in a variety of philanthropic and political endeavors, usually at the local or state level.

The title is not hereditary and cannot be bought: it is an expression of personal recognition from the Governor himself. The recipients are presented with an official certificate, a medal, and awarded the title Kentucky Colonel.

The Kentucky Colonel Certificate is often framed and is the highest form of honor given in the Commonwealth. The Kentucky Colonel title carries with it the obligation to exercise the responsibility of an ambassador of goodwill and a leader in philanthropic and charitable works.

What are the privileges of being a Kentucky Colonel?

Being designated a Kentucky Colonel is more than just an honorary title given to those who have made a positive impact on the state of Kentucky—it also comes with a number of privileges.

At the most basic level, being a Kentucky Colonel grants the individual the right to use the title “Colonel” as a courtesy title before their name. In addition, Kentucky Colonels are extended the privileges of courtesies and recognitions that may be extended by certain government officials, the military, and social events.

More specifically, Kentucky Colonels may receive courtroom privileges, such as the traditional request to approach the bench, present evidence, and testimony. Kentucky Colonels may also be extended the privilege of special seating or access to government or military facilities and certain events, such as pageantry occasions or conventions.

Furthermore, Kentucky Colonels have the privilege of representing the state at many public events, such as festivals, grand openings, award ceremonies and other events of regional or national significance.

All in all, being designated as a Kentucky Colonel is an honor steeped in tradition and respect, providing those so honored with a range of special privileges that add to their stature within the community.

How do you address a colonel in Kentucky?

When addressing a colonel in Kentucky, appropriate forms of address should be used. When speaking directly to the colonel, it is appropriate to say “Colonel [full name]. ” When speaking to them in the third person or referring to them in writing, they should be addressed as “Colonel [last name].

” In very formal situations, they may choose to be addressed as “Colonel [full name, rank, and branch of service]. ” When speaking to a group of officers, they should be referred to as “Colonel [last name]” in order to avoid any confusion.

Is colonel a high rank?

Yes, colonel is a high rank in the military. In the United States Army and Marine Corps, being a colonel is the most senior field officer rank, typically commanding a battalion or brigade of several hundred soldiers.

In the US Air Force, colonel is equivalent to the naval rank of captain in the other uniformed services. In Commonwealth countries, colonel is the most senior line officer rank. Other senior officer ranks include brigadier, brigadier general and major general.

Do you salute a colonel?

The short answer is yes, generally speaking, you should salute a colonel. Formal military courtesy dictates that all members of the armed forces should salute any officer of higher rank. In the United States military, ranks of colonel and higher are all considered equal in rank, and so, regardless of branch or age, when saluting an officer of this rank, the appropriate gesture is to bring the palm of the hand up to the forehead in a smart, swift motion.

In fact, most military officers of any rank expect to be saluted and to be treated with respect. Not saluting a colonel or other officer is an offense which could lead to disciplinary action, so it is important to always observe the appropriate protocol when encountering higher-ranking officers.

Can Kentucky Colonels call themselves colonel?

Yes, Kentucky Colonels can call themselves Colonel. The title of Kentucky Colonel is the highest title of honor bestowed by the Commonwealth for individuals who have distinguished themselves in their community or the Commonwealth through outstanding civic, humanitarian, and public service.

The title does not carry any legal authority but carries a great sense of pride and honor for those who are bestowed this title. To be named as a Kentucky Colonel, one must be recommended by the Governor and be approved by the Secretary of State.

Once approved, the recipient of the award is officially referred to as a Kentucky Colonel and can refer to themselves as such.

How many colonels are in Kentucky?

The number of colonels in Kentucky could be estimated based on the size of the population and the number of commissioned officers appointed to serve in the Kentucky National Guard. Currently, the population of Kentucky is estimated to be roughly 4.

5 million people. According to the Kentucky National Guard website, there are approximately 8,000 Kentucky Guardsmen, including both enlisted and commissioned officers. Of that number, approximately 2,000 are commissioned officers, including colonels.

Based on these figures, this would suggest that there are approximately 200 colonels in Kentucky, although this is just an estimate.

Do Kentucky Colonels still exist?

Yes, the Kentucky Colonels still exist today. Although they no longer operate as a basketball team, they remain a well-known organization with a rich history. The original Kentucky Colonels were founded in 1968 and were one of the charter members of the American Basketball Association (ABA).

After the ABA folded in 1976, the team ceased to exist, but the legacy of the Kentucky Colonels remains alive today. The Kentucky Colonels organization is involved in a variety of charitable projects, including helping to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged children in Appalachia.

They are also heavily involved in promoting leadership and positive values in Kentucky’s young citizens in both the urban and rural areas of the state. The Kentucky Colonels also host a variety of special events, such as their “Colonels House Party,” a series of dinners and events that bring together Kentucky Colonels alum and fans to celebrate Kentucky’s proud sports history.

So yes, the Kentucky Colonels still exist and continue to be a valuable asset to the state of Kentucky.

Is being a Kentucky Colonel a big deal?

Being a Kentucky Colonel is a significant honor throughout the Bluegrass State and beyond. It is a title of respect given by the Governor of Kentucky to citizens who have made a significant contribution to the state in a variety of ways, from charitable work to business leadership or political service.

Kentucky Colonels are considered the “ambassadors” of Kentucky who show hospitality and good will to tourists, visitors and those from abroad who travel to the state. The title dates back to the 18th century and is bestowed with a special commission and membership in the Governor’s Elite Guard.

As a Kentucky Colonel, you have an obligation to help the citizens of Kentucky any way you can, and those who have received the title often have the opportunity to hold important positions on boards and committees.

According to many, being a Kentucky Colonel has a certain amount of mystique, and bestowing the title is a great way to show appreciation for a lifetime of loyal service.

Are there female Kentucky Colonels?

Yes, there are female Kentucky Colonels. Kentucky Colonels are special honorary titles granted to individuals by the Governor of Kentucky in recognition of their remarkable accomplishments and dedication to the Commonwealth.

While historically most Kentucky Colonel titles were granted to men, women also have been granted the coveted title in recent years. Among the notable female Kentucky Colonels are Maya Angelou, Dolly Parton, Betty White, and Meryl Streep.

The title of Kentucky Colonel is one of the highest honors of the Commonwealth, and female Kentucky Colonels have shown remarkable achievements in their fields of expertise and have served the Commonwealth in a variety of ways.

Is it hard to become a colonel in Kentucky?

Yes, it requires a great deal of dedication, commitment and hard work to become a colonel in Kentucky. Generally, candidates must have at least 20 years of service with the Kentucky Army National Guard or Kentucky Air National Guard to be eligible for promotion to the rank of colonel.

To become a colonel, candidates must have a high level of knowledge in military operations and strategic leadership, as well as a deep understanding of other fields such as logistics, intelligence, law, organization and personnel management.

Additionally, officers must continually meet or exceed the standards set by their peers and superiors in order to move up in rank in the military. Becoming a colonel also involves extensive paperwork, including submitting an application for promotion up the rank.

As such, it takes a great amount of dedication and commitment to fulfill all the requirements necessary to become a colonel in Kentucky.

What branches have Colonels?

Colonels serve in a variety of branches within the military, including the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Space Force.

In the Air Force, Colonels serve as commanders at the Squadron, Group, Wing, and Numbered Air Force level, as well as senior staff members at Headquarters Air Force, the Air Staff, and other Headquarters sites.

Colonels also serve as commanders at select major organizations, such as Space Operations and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance.

In the Army, Colonels serve as commanders at the Brigade, Divisional and Corps level, as well as in various staff positions at Headquarters Army and Major Subordinate Commands.

In the Marine Corps, Colonels serve as commanders at the Regiment, Group, and Base level, as well as in senior staff positions at Headquarters Marine Corps and the various Marine Expeditionary Forces (MEFs).

In the Navy, Colonels serve as commanders at Field Grade Assessment Boards, in various staff positions at Headquarters Navy, and at the Naval War College.

In the Space Force, Colonels serve as commanders at headquarters, Space Operations Command, Force Logistics Element Command, and Joint Interagency Combined Space Operations Command. They also manage space-based systems and subordinate units, as well as support other branches of the military and government organizations.

Why is Eastern Kentucky called the Colonels?

Eastern Kentucky is often referred to as the Colonels because of its close ties to military history. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, military service was an important component of life in the region.

It is believed that the title of Colonel was bestowed to the settlers of the region in recognition of their service. The term Colonel was also used as a title of respect for influential families and local political leaders, on both sides of the war.

During the Civil War, the Confederacy and the Union both had Colonels from the region who made significant contributions to the war effort. This led to the region being known as the Colonels and their connection to the military continues to this day.

Eastern Kentucky is home to many colleges and universities that pride themselves on their long-standing traditions of service and military history, including Eastern Kentucky University’s ROTC program.

The nickname has since become a symbol of honor and pride for the people of Eastern Kentucky and its military history.

Why did the Kentucky Colonels fold?

The Kentucky Colonels were a professional basketball team based out of Louisville, Kentucky that played in the American Basketball Association from 1967 to 1975. During their nine-year existence, the Colonels enjoyed notable success, winning the ABA Championship in 1975.

However, despite their on-court success, the Colonels eventually folded due to a combination of financial and ownership issues.

The main contributing factor in the Colonels’ demise was their lack of financial stability. Owner John Y. Brown Jr. helped to finance the team’s early existence, but eventually sold the majority of his stake in the team in 1971 due to the franchise’s financial woes.

This left the team with a limited budget and limited resources to make necessary improvements to their roster and facilities. At the same time, the ABA was in a state of financial disarray and as a result, had difficulty attracting new investors and partners, including potential replacements for Brown.

A further issue contributing to the Colonels’ downfall was their failure to make a successful transition to the newly-formed NBA in 1976. The NBA was the premier basketball league in the country, and was more financially stable than the ABA, giving it a leg up in negotiations.

Despite the Colonels’ success in the ABA and general popularity in the Louisville area, they were unable to secure a spot in the NBA and were left to fold due to the league’s refusal.

In the end, the Kentucky Colonels’ demise was the result of a combination of factors including financial instability, lack of new investors, and unsuccessful negotiations with the NBA.