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How do I know what Kohler toilet model I have?

The best way to determine what model Kohler toilet you have is to first locate the nameplate, which will be located on the back of the toilet tank lid. This will provide you with the model number for your Kohler toilet.

You can then use this model number to search for details about the specific model on Kohler’s website. Additionally, you can often look at the specific features of the toilet to help you determine the model.

Many Kohler models feature a distinct design that can be used to identify the correct model. Furthermore, the owners manual that came with the toilet can help you to identify the specific model.

Is KOHLER guaranteed for life?

Yes, KOHLER offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty on many of its products. This warranty covers “defects in material and workmanship” of the product with reasonable care and use. A separate Lifetime Limited Warranty is also offered on KOHLER finishes on both plumbing and kitchen/bath products.

The warranty covers the finish of the product with reasonable care and use. KOHLER products must be installed in accordance with local plumbing codes or, in the absence of local codes, with the National Plumbing Code of the United States.

Please note that the terms and conditions of the limited lifetime warranties are specific for each product, so it is best to consult the product’s specifications for an accurate description of the coverage.

Does Kohler replace parts for free?

Kohler offers limited lifetime warranties on some of its products and replacement parts. Depending on the particular part, warranty coverage may include repair, replacement and/or limited parts or labor costs.

However, most warranties do not cover abuse, misuse, normal wear and tear, or incorrect installation. Furthermore, some warranties may require that the part be registered with Kohler Company, or that proof of purchase be provided.

To find out the specific warranty policy for the part you’re looking for, you can go to Kohler’s website and navigate their Warranty Center. They have a wide range of topics from which to get important information and details about warranties and replacement parts.

Additionally, if you still have questions or want to inquire further, you can reach out to Kohler’s customer service team. They’re available to assist you and help you best understand how their warranties apply to your particular situation.

What brand is comparable to Kohler?

Kohler is a leading manufacturer of kitchen, bathroom and plumbing fixtures, known for their modern design and top-of-the-line performance. When looking for a comparable brand to Kohler, there are several options, including Delta, Moen, American Standard and Grohe.

Delta specializes in faucets, showers and toilets; all with a sleek, modern design. Moen is a strong competitor, offering similar styles of kitchen and bathroom fixtures as well as an extensive selection of tub and shower systems.

American Standard also offers a broad range of kitchen and bath fixtures, including a versatile and high-performing line of sinks, bathtubs and showers. Finally, Grohe has become a leading European fixture manufacturer, offering lines of contemporary and modern styled plumbing fixtures.

Each of these brands are popular and reliable alternatives to Kohler, offering similar levels of quality craftsmanship and performance.

Does Kohler have a high end brand?

Yes, Kohler is known for having a high end brand. They are renowned for creating stylish and innovative bathroom and kitchen products with superior quality. From their premium faucets and fixtures to their luxurious bathtubs, toilets and bathroom accessories, Kohler offers products that are designed to stand the test of time and offer homeowners a stylish, yet timeless design.

In addition, Kohler offers appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and disposers with features and finishes that make them perfect for any kitchen. With so many products to choose from, Kohler truly offers a high end brand for every style and taste.

What is the most expensive Kohler toilet?

The most expensive Kohler toilet currently available is the Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet, which is priced at $7,000 and is Kohler’s flagship “intelligent” lavatory. This high-end toilet is designed to provide users with an elevated experience, featuring automatic seat heating and cooling, customizable finishes, a hands-free opening and closing lid, built-in speakers, personalized cleansing functionality, a heated foot warmer and a deodorizing system.

Additionally, the Numi toilet is controlled and monitored with a sleek wireless remote and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit for hands-free voice activation. Because of its luxurious features and advanced technology, it is definitely the most expensive Kohler toilet on the market.

Is Kohler made in China?

No, Kohler is not made in China. Kohler is an American-based global manufacturing company that produces a variety of products such as kitchen and bath fixtures, furniture, engines, and generators. While they have production facilities in 87 countries, their headquarters is located in Kohler, Wisconsin.

In addition to the United States, they have major production facilities located in the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, India, and a number of other countries. While they do source some parts and products from China, the bulk of their production is done in other countries.

What is Kohler’s tallest toilet?

Kohler’s tallest toilet is the Highline Classic Comfort Height Elongated Toilet Bowl. This toilet is a two-piece toilet with a comfort height seat that is approximately 2 inches taller than a traditional toilet seat.

The Highline Classic features an elongated bowl that is designed to provide added comfort, allowing for a much larger seating area. In addition, it also has a patented flush system that utilizes 3 separate nozzles for the most powerful and efficient flush available.

This toilet is a great choice for those looking for a taller toilet that offers both comfort and performance.

Is there an app to identify plumbing parts?

Yes, there is an app to identify plumbing parts! Plumbing Parts Wizard is a free plumbing app available for both iOS and Android that can help identify plumbing parts. It includes a database of over 3000 parts, with descriptions and images, that you can use to quickly identify what you’re looking for.

You can search by type, size, shape, and brand, and then the app will match to whatever you are looking for. It can be especially helpful if you’re trying to find an obscure or hard-to-identify plumbing part.

The app also includes a complete reference guide to help you understand the different parts and their uses, as well as an area to upload photos you’ve taken of the parts you’re trying to identify. You can even store parts that you’ve already identified so you can reference them quickly when needed.

Plumbing Parts Wizard is a great resource for plumbers, and a great tool for anyone trying to DIY a plumbing repair.

How do I identify my faucet parts?

Identifying the parts of your faucet can be relatively straightforward, depending on the type of faucet you have. If you have a traditional sink faucet, you should have the following components: 1) Faucet handle – This is the part of the faucet that you physically interact with, often in the form of a knob or lever, to control the water’s temperature or turn it on or off.

2) Escutcheon plate – This is the accent plate or round piece of metal that attaches to the faucet assembly and often surrounds the faucet handle. 3) Valve – Also referred to as the cartridge or stem, this is the part that controls the water flow and turns it on or off.

It is typically found inside the escutcheon plate. 4) Spout – This is the part of the faucet assembly that the water flows through, usually located directly behind the faucet handle. 5) Aerator – This is an optional piece of equipment that is used to reduce splashing and create a more precise water stream.

6) Pop-up drain stopper – This is the part that is pulled or pushed to block or allow water to flow through the drain. In the event that you have a shower faucet, there are a few additional pieces that you may need to identify that you would not find on a sink faucet – these pieces include the shower hose, shower head, and showerarm.

It is also important to keep track of the faucets make and model, which can be found on the manufacturer’s label located on the inside of the faucet assembly or the escutcheon plate. Knowing the make and model of the faucet, as well as the corresponding parts, will make it easier when you are ready to purchase replacement components.

How do I submit a KOHLER warranty claim?

Submitting a KOHLER warranty claim is a simple process. First, you’ll need to determine if the product is still covered by the KOHLER warranty. The warranty can be found on the product’s packaging, in the product’s instruction manual, or on www.

kohler. com.

Once you’ve confirmed the warranty coverage is still in effect, you’ll need to gather the information you need to submit your warranty claim. This will include proof of your purchase and all relevant product information, including any serial numbers.

Next, you’ll need to visit the KOHLER Warranty Submission page found on the company’s website. There, you’ll be able to complete an online form and upload any necessary documents.

Once you’ve submitted the form, KOHLER will review your claim and contact you to advise you of their decision. If the claim is approved, they will provide instructions on how you can receive replacement parts or other remedies within the scope of the warranty.

What is Kohler return policy?

Kohler’s return policy has been designed to ensure customers receive the best possible service and satisfaction. Customers can return products purchased through Kohler. com within 30 days of delivery.

Returns must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt, must contain all original packaging and components, and must be in new and unused condition. Certain products are excluded from returns and exchanges, such as custom orders, personalized products, and certain special order products.

To submit a return request, please visit Kohler. com and select the “Return Request” button at the bottom of the page. Then select “Request a Return” from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions found on the page.

A customer service representative will then review your request and contact you via email with return instructions should it be approved. The customer is responsible for all costs associated with returning the product, including shipping costs and any applicable taxes or duties.

All returns are subject to inspection upon receipt, and it may be necessary to return a product to the manufacturer for replacement or repair. All refunds will be issued to the original payment method used when placing the order within 14 business days following receipt of the returned product.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your local Kohler showroom or customer service center.

What is the labor cost to replace a bathroom faucet?

The labor cost to replace a bathroom faucet will depend on a variety of factors, such as what type of faucet you need installed and the hourly rate of the contractor hired to do the job. Generally speaking, installation costs can range anywhere from $100 to $200, with the higher end of that range being for specialized installation.

If you need to replace existing plumbing, or if the job is particularly difficult to access, the cost could increase. It is best to consult with your contractor to get an exact cost estimate for the job.

What faucet company has a lifetime warranty?

Delta Faucets offers a lifetime limited warranty on all of their residential products, parts, and accessories. According to the company, their limited lifetime warranty covers parts and finish, ensuring that the product is free of defects in material and workmanship under normal installation, use and service for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns the residential product.

Delta Faucets also includes lifetime customer service, so that in the event a repair is required, Delta’s customer service will provide you with a replacement part. To receive coverage under the Delta limited lifetime warranty, the product must be registered with Delta within 90 days of purchase or delivery.

They also offer extended warranties on select faucet models and accessories.

How do I find out what year my toilet was made?

There are a few ways you can go about finding out what year your toilet was made.

The first option is to check the toilet itself for any identifying marks. The underside of the tank lid or the back of the bowl usually have the manufacturer’s logo or name on it, as well as a serial number.

This serial number may give you the exact year it was made. If not, you will likely at least be able to find out the manufacturer and estimate when your toilet was made.

Another option is to contact your local plumbing inspector or even the manufacturer itself. It’s possible they may have records that can help you identify when your toilet was installed or created.

Finally, you can search the internet or the manufacturer website to try and identify when the model of your toilet was manufactured. You will need the exact model number or name of the toilet to do this, which you can find in the previous section.

No matter which method you choose, it should be fairly easy for you to find out what year your toilet was made.