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How do I put money on my tarc card?

Putting money on your TARC card is easy and can be done in three ways:

1. Online: You can visit the TARC website and add funds to your card online with a debit or credit card.

2. In Person: You can add funds to your card in person at participating retailers and services, including convenience stores, banks, restaurants, and more.

3. By Phone: You can also add funds to your card by phone using the TARC customer service line.

Once you’ve put money on your card, you can use it to pay for travel on TARC buses, as well as for purchases with participating merchants.

How much is public transportation in Louisville Ky?

The cost of public transportation in Louisville, Ky will depend on the type of service you’re using. The Louisville Area Rapid Transit Authority operates TARC buses, which are a more affordable option and cost just $1.

75 for a single ride, or you can purchase a pass for 7 days, 30 days, or and annual pass. Fares can be paid with cash and change or with a reloadable TARC pass. The Louisville Transportation Company (LTC) operates paratransit services for those with disabilities and seniors, and the fare for each ride is $2.

50. There is also a discounted rate for those eligible for paratransit, who can pay just $1. 00 per ride. Lastly, TARC’s My Ride is a ridesharing service for riders of similar origin and destinations that costs $3.

00 per single ride.

Does tarc have an app?

Yes! TARC (the Transit Authority of River City) has a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. The app provides real-time tracking of buses, information on current routes, detours and schedules, as well as an interactive system map to help find the routes that are closest to you.

It also allows you to pay your fare with a credit or debit card, and you can save your favorite stops to easily access their location and schedule. Finally, the app has an integrated trip planner to help you plan a transit journey.

What happens if I don’t have enough money on my go card?

If you don’t have enough money on your go card, you will be unable to use it until you add more funds to it. Depending on what type of go card you have, you can add funds to it online, via your bank account, a top-up machine at one of the many transport hubs, or in person at a customer service centre.

Depending on the type of card you have, you might be charged a fee for topping up your card, or for going over your card balance limit. If your go card has expired or been damaged, you’ll need to get a replacement before you will be able to top up again.

Is tarc bus free?

No, riding on a TARC bus isn’t free. TARC (Transit Authority of River City) is a public transit system that operates in Louisville, Kentucky and its surrounding areas. The TARC bus system consists of 10 bus routes and 2 “Flex Routes” that provide service throughout the Louisville metropolitan area.

The cost to ride a TARC bus varies depending on type of pass purchased. One-way fare for regular fare buses is $1. 75 for adults, $1. 10 for seniors, and $1. 00 for disabled riders, although TARC may offer reduced fare programs for those who meet certain criteria.

Day, weekly, and monthly passes are also available, with rates ranging from $6 – $38 depending on the pass type. TARC also offers a free mobile ticketing app, called MyTARC, that allows riders to purchase, renew, and manage their fare passes.

Additionally, TARC offers an All-Day Student Pass for $3. This pass allows students (ages 6-19) from any school, public or private, to ride TARC buses for an entire day.

For more information on fares and passes, please visit TARC’s website at

Is TARC same as utar?

No, TARC and UTAR are two distinct universities. TARC is the Tun Aminah Razak Community College which is located in Malacca, while UTAR is the University Tunku Abdul Rahman which is located around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

TARC was established in 2009 and offers various courses in fields such as accounting, banking and finance, business, information technology, engineering, hospitality, culinary, healthcare and the creative industries.

It has become the largest private community college in Malaysia, with over 8,000 full-time and part-time students.

On the other hand, UTAR is one of the more established Malaysian private universities which was established in 2002. It is a multi-campus university and offers a wide range of courses in fields such as Information Technology (IT), Business and Management, Engineering and Applied Sciences and Arts, Language, Education and Social Sciences.

Furthermore, UTAR also provides professional and research programs in various fields as well.

The two universities have different academic structures, curricula and student intakes, and thus, TARC and UTAR are not the same.

What does TARC stand for in Louisville Ky?

TARC stands for Transit Authority of River City and is the public transportation system serving the Greater Louisville area. TARC was founded in 1974 and is overseen by the Transit Authority of River City board.

It operates a fleet of over 300 buses and provides service on fifty routes throughout Louisville and Jefferson County. TARC also offers a variety of services such as Access Services for those with disabilities, Neighborhood Connector for those accessing rural areas, and Express Service for those traveling between downtown Louisville and outlying regions.

All routes are serviced daily and the TARC website provides schedules and fares. TARC has three downtown locations and 27 Park-n-Ride lots, as well as free bus wi-fi across all its buses.

How do you ride a tarc bus?

To ride a TARC bus, you’ll first need to plan your trip using the TARC website or on the TARC mobile app before you board the bus. When you arrive at the bus stop, check the route and schedule for the bus you wish to board.

When the bus approaches, use the electronic cards available on the bus. As the bus arrives, the electronic reader will activate, allowing you to present the card. You may then board the bus where you can find a seat or grab a pole if all the seats are taken.

If you don’t have an electronic card, you can use coins or a paper transfer. When you’re ready to disembark, simply tell the driver or pull the stop cord and exit the bus.

How do you pay for the bus in NC?

In North Carolina, you can pay for the bus using cash or a ticket/pass. When paying with cash, passengers should have the exact fare, as the bus driver does not carry any change. To save time and extra hassle, passengers can also purchase a ticket or pass from the bus driver, which will allow them to ride the bus for multiple trips.

Tickets or passes can be purchased in 1-day, 3-day, 7-day, 14-day, 31-day, and annual formats, and they are transferable between different routes. Passengers can also purchase tickets or passes in advance, and there are often discounts available for adults, children, seniors, and disabled riders.

Finally, many bus lines now accept debit and credit cards, allowing passengers to easily and quickly pay for their bus ride.

Is there a tarc app?

Yes, there is a TARC app! The Transit Authority of River City (TARC) app is a great way to keep up with all the public transportation options available in the Louisville area. The app helps you plan trips, view real-time vehicle arrival information, receive service alerts, purchase fares, and more.

It is available for both Android and iPhone users and is a great way to plan routes and save time.

How do I apply for a TARC entry pass?

To apply for a TARC entry pass, you will need to visit your local transit authority. At the transit authority, you will be required to fill out an application form. This application can be found on the transit authority’s website and should include basic information such as name, address, phone number, and other relevant information.

Once the application is submitted, you will need to provide proof of your identity and residence, as well as proof of income to complete the application. Once your application is approved, you will be issued a TARC Entry Pass, which will allow you to use the transit system free of charge.

Does tarc go to indiana?

No, the TARC (Transit Authority of River city) does not go to Indiana. It is a public transportation system serving the Greater Louisville, Kentucky area. The system provides local and express service within Louisville and routes to its surrounding suburbs in both Kentucky and southern Indiana.

Routes travel to cities in Kentucky, including Jeffersonville, New Albany, and Bullitt County, as well as Indiana cities such as Clarksville and Jeffersonville. Therefore, while TARC does serve cities and towns in the southern Indiana area, it does not go as far as Indiana itself.

What is the biggest high school in Louisville?

The largest high school in Louisville is duPont Manual High School with an enrollment of 1,893 students. Located in downtown Louisville in the Old Louisville neighborhood, duPont Manual offers a variety of activities and academic opportunities for both students and parents.

The school is home to a variety of varsity athletic teams such as football, soccer, basketball, track, golf, Softball, baseball, wrestling, and cross country. Additionally, the school features a variety of performing arts and extracurricular activities such as student clubs, theatre, robotics, debate, forensics, and yearbook.

Manual also features an extensive variety of Advanced Placement (AP) courses and honors classes for college-bound students. Manual is also home to specialized academies for students interested in engineering, law, and communication.

These academies provide students with experience and exposure to future careers and training in various fields. duPont Manual offers a variety of academic and supplemental support services to ensure that all their students graduate with the tools they need to achieve success whether in college or a career.

Do UofL students get free TARC?

No, University of Louisville students do not get free TARC. TARC is the local public transit system in Louisville, Kentucky, and fares must be paid for each journey. UofL does offer a discount program for UofL students and employees, which allows them to purchase an annual TARC pass for a reduced fare.

This discounted away pass is valid for unlimited rides, but does not reduce fares for single trips. Students also have the option to purchase a monthly pass for a further discounted rate. In addition, the University provides a shuttle service that runs between the main campus and Belknap campus, as well as student parking lots, but no fares are charged on this service.