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How do I submit a Cash Explosion entry?

To enter the Cash Explosion lottery drawing, you will need to visit the Ohio Lottery website and either sign up for a free account or log into your existing account. Then, you will be able to fill out an official entry form, submit your entry fee, and choose which Cash Explosion drawing you would like to enter.

Your entry will include up to five separate choices. Select the numbers you would like to submit, or opt to have the numbers chosen randomly. Once you have completed the entry form, you can submit your entry.

You will also have the option to register your contact information if you wish. Once you have entered, you will have the chance to win up to $250,000!.

How does Cash Explosion notify winners?

Cash Explosion notifies winners in several ways, including mail, phone, and email. Winners selected to appear in the studio audience for the taping of the show are notified by a show producer in the weeks leading up to the taping.

Winners who are selected to play the games in the studio are notified at least two weeks prior to the show’s taping date. If a winner is selected to play a game but cannot make the taping date, they will be notified in advance by the show’s production staff.

Those who win a cash prize through the Cash Explosion Prize-A-Day drawing will receive an email or telephone call from the Lottery within two weeks of the drawing. All remaining contestants are mailed a Winner Notification postcard.

Winners of cash prizes in Cash Explosion second chance Drawings will be notified by email or telephone by a Lottery staff member soon after the drawing takes place.

Where is Cash Explosion recorded?

Cash Explosion is recorded at the WOSU TV studios at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Located in the North Campus of the University, WOSU TV is home to a state-of-the-art production facility which records over 800 hours of Emmy Award Winning programming each year.

Cash Explosion is recorded in the newly renovated Mitchell Studios, which was renovated in 2017. Using the latest in audio and broadcast technology, the studio is designed to accommodate up to 3 cameras for multi-camera tapings, and its HD control room allows for live broadcasts and webcasting.

In addition to Cash Explosion, Other WOSU productions such as Columbus on the Record and Spectrum also record at this facility.

How much can you make on Cash Explosion?

Cash Explosion is a game show where contestants compete to win cash prizes. The amount contestants can win on the show depends on how far they make it through the game. If a contestant makes it to the final round and wins, they could win up to $45,000.

The show also typically offers a consolation prize in the amount of $1,000, even if the contestant doesn’t win. Additionally, if contestants make it through the speed round, they can win up to $3,000.

This can make for a total of up to $48,000 if the contestant wins the final round, the speed round, and the consolation prize.

What is the most money won on Cash Explosion?

The most money ever won on Cash Explosion is a whopping $1,335,000, by Robert McAuliffe of Dedham, MA. He is the show’s record-holder and appeared in two shows in September 2017, amassing an astonishing total of over a million dollars.

McAuliffe won 5 rounds in one show, which was an all-time record, and then won the next night and went on to win the grand prize of $1 million. He was the show’s first ever millionaire. McAuliffe’s money came from the Family Fortune Jackpot — a bonus round in which contestants can win up to $1 million by hitting certain targets.

He chose to use his winnings to pay off bills and invest in his daughter’s future.

Do contestants get paid on Cash Explosion?

No, contestants on Cash Explosion do not get paid. Although being a contestant on the show does offer some great incentives, there is no monetary compensation for appearing on the show. Instead, contestants get a chance to go head-to-head with friends or family members to compete for a chance to win cash prizes.

Contestants also get to enjoy meeting some of the show’s hosts, celebrities, and audience members. Additionally, contestants have the opportunity to experience once-in-a-lifetime prizes and enjoy the live studio audience.

Last, but not least, it’s a great way to make fabulous memories.

How do lotto winners get notified?

Lottery winners typically get notified by email or phone call. Depending on the state, the lottery may send out a notification whenever someone has won a certain prize or amount. This notification may include the process for claiming the prize.

In some cases, a winner may find out by themselves if they’ve won as most states require winning tickets to be validated before anyone can claim the prize. Some states also require lottery websites to publish the names of winners once the prizes have been claimed.

Depending on the lottery, winners may also be asked to appear on local news outlets to help promote and thank the lottery.

How does the 35th anniversary Cash Explosion work?

The 35th anniversary Cash Explosion works by giving away prizes to viewers with randomly selected numbers in a drawing format. The drawing is done every Saturday on WOSU TV. Each drawing includes a grand prize of $10,000 and three lesser prizes of $500.

Participants can purchase a ticket in the Cash Explosion drawing by purchasing a “Master Play” ticket with their local Ohio Lottery game. Each of the twenty-five (25) plays on the ticket corresponds to a randomly selected number in the drawing.

Each play on the ticket, if the randomly selected number shows up in the drawing, corresponds to the specified prize associated with that randomly selected number. Prize amounts range from $10,000 (Grand Prize) to $500 (Minor Prize).

In order to win the Grand Prize, a contestant must have all 25 of their plays present in the drawing.

The Grand Prize winner and Minor Prize winners are selected through a random number generator. The Grand Prize winner’s ticket is subject to verification and approval by the Ohio Lottery Ticket in order to confirm that all 25 plays from the ticket were present in the Cash Explosion drawing.

If this is the case, the Grand Prize winner will be awarded the full prize money. If only some of the plays are present in the Cash Explosion drawing then the Grand Prize winner will be awarded proportional prize money up to the full amount of the Grand Prize.

So for example, if the Grand Prize winner has 15 of the 25 plays present in the drawing then they would be awarded $15,000 out of the total $10,000 grand prize.

Minor Prize winners are awarded the $500 prize regardless of how many plays are present in the Cash Explosion drawing. If any of theticket’s plays match any of the randomly selected numbers in the drawing, the Minor Prize winner will be awarded $500.

Overall, the 35th Anniversary Cash Explosion works by having viewers purchase Master Play tickets with their local lottery game and then having those tickets entered in a drawing where randomly selected numbers are drawn to determine who wins the prizes.

The grand prize is $10,000 and there are also three minor prizes of $500 awarded to a few random participants as well. To win, a contestant must have all 25 of their plays present in the drawing.

Do Florida Lottery winners have to reveal their identity?

Yes, Florida Lottery winners are legally required to reveal their identity. This assurance is provided to the public to ensure the integrity of the lottery system and the fairness of the game. According to the official rules of the Florida Lottery, players must present valid identification to collect their winnings, including the winner’s name, address, and social security number.

Winning tickets must be validated by the Florida Lottery before prizes can be paid out. The Lottery also follows the Florida Sunshine Law, which requires disclosure of government records and other information for public inspection and duplication.

Winners who accept cash prizes of more than $600 must complete a Winner Claim Form and submit it to the lottery along with two forms of valid identification. The form also asks winners to state how they intend to use the funds, and which type of pay-out they prefer, either annuitized payments or a one-time lump sum payment.

That information is put into the public record and is made available to anyone who requests it.

Does the Florida Lottery know where the winning tickets are?

No, the Florida Lottery does not have any information on the whereabouts of winning tickets. When a person purchases a lottery ticket, they are responsible for keeping track of it by either putting it in a safe place or even taking a photo of it.

It is important that the ticket holder signs the back of the ticket and makes sure to keep the ticket safe for up to 180 days to claim the prize. The Florida Lottery does not track the location of the winning tickets, so if the ticket is lost, misplaced or even stolen, there is no way to determine who the rightful ticket holder is.

How do you know if you are a contestant on Cash Explosion?

If you are selected as a contestant on Cash Explosion, you will receive a call from show producers. The producers will verify your eligibility to play and discuss the game rules with you. They will also discuss the details of the show, including appearance times, location, wardrobe, and any other pertinent information.

They will also arrange for your travel and hotel accommodations if needed. Additionally, you may receive an email or letter from Cash Explosion informing you of your selection and providing you with further details.

Upon arrival for the taping at the Cash Explosion TV studio, you will be required to present valid photo identification, such as a driver’s license or state ID card, to prove that you are the person selected to participate.

What time is the Cash Explosion drawing?

The Cash Explosion drawing is held weekly, every Saturday at 7:30 p. m. ET. It is aired live on WEWS TV in the state of Ohio and syndicated throughout the state. The public can purchase tickets for Cash Explosion from the Ohio Lottery.

In order to win the Cash Explosion prize, players must match all five numbers plus the Cash Ball number for that particular drawing. The number of winners varies from week to week. Good luck!.

How are Cash Explosion contestants chosen?

Cash Explosion contestants are chosen in a few ways. First, lottery players can enter the Cash Explosion giveaway through their purchased tickets. Each ticket is then entered into the drawing, and randomly selected players will be chosen to appear on the show.

Players who enter the Cash Explosion Raffle can also be randomly selected to appear on the show.

In addition, the Ohio Lottery website allows players to enter the VIP Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to the show and win big. To enter, players must register their lottery tickets on the website.

Each week, the Ohio Lottery will draw a winner. Winners and their guest are then flown out to the studio where they participate and win prizes.

The Cash Explosion Prize Patrol also selects players from across Ohio to appear on the show. The Prize Patrol team usually go to fairs, festivals, or other public and private events to surprise players in their hometown and have them compete on the show.

No matter how they are chosen, contestants have the chance to win a life-changing prize!

How do you win cash Pop Florida Lottery?

The Pop Florida Lottery is a game operated by the Florida Lottery. To win cash in the Pop Florida Lottery, players must purchase a ticket at a participating retailer and choose six numbers between 1 and 47.

Players can then check the winning numbers, which are published each Wednesday and Saturday evening. Those who match an existing combination of numbers will be eligible to win various cash prizes. There are two other ways to win in the Pop Florida Lottery.

One is through the Quick Pick option, which allows players to have a randomly generated set of numbers chosen for them. The other way is through the Grand Prize Draw, which takes place every Saturday evening.

Players must qualify for the Grand Prize Draw by matching five numbers with a bonus number. A Grand Prize winner will be awarded up to $250,000 in cash.