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How do you draw Scooby Doo easy?

Drawing Scooby Doo is easy and fun! Begin by drawing a circle for Scooby’s head – it can be as big or small as you’d like. Then, draw a curved line at the bottom for Scooby’s neck, connected to the bottom of his head.

Afterwards, draw a long oval shape for Scooby’s body. You can also draw a shorter oval shape for the upper body if you’d like. Add two small circles to the sides of his head for his ears and connect them with a curved line to make them look more realistic.

Next, draw two circles for Scooby’s eyes – you can make them any size you want – and add a curved line under each one for his eyebrows. For his nose, draw a medium-sized circle in the center of his face, connecting it to the two side of his face with two curved lines.

Draw a curved line at the top of his face to complete his nose. Lastly, draw Scooby’s mouth with a curved line – it can be a small or large smile depending on the look you want. For his collar, draw several curved lines connecting the top of his head to his body.

To make your Scooby look more detailed, you can also add shadows and highlights, as well as small details like tufts of fur or whiskers. With a little bit of practice and patience, you’ll be able to draw Scooby Doo in no time!.

How do you draw shaggy step by step?

Shaggy is a popular hair style that can be intimidating to create. However, it is easy to achieve a shaggy look with the right steps. Here’s how to get the perfect shaggy hairstyle, step by step.

1. Start by washing your hair with a high-quality shampoo and condition. This will help keep your hair looking healthy and hydrated. Consider using nourishing products to maximize your hair’s natural texture.

2. Detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb. This will make it easier to work with your hair when styling.

3. Towel-dry your hair until it’s damp. Don’t over-dry your hair or the shaggy look won’t last.

4. Apply a styling cream or paste to your damp hair. Try to evenly coat your hair with the product.

5. Begin blow drying your hair, starting at the back. Use your hands to tease and tousle sections of your hair while drying.

6. Use a round brush while blow drying the hair on top of your head. This will help to create volume.

7. After your hair is completely dry, use a texturizing spray for extra volume.

8. Finish the look by using a flat iron on the ends and bangs of your hair. This is optional, but it will help to emphasize your shaggy look.

By following these steps, you will be able to create a great shaggy look that will last. With a little bit of practice, you’ll soon be able to create the perfect shaggy hairstyle.

How do you draw a Steve face in Minecraft?

Drawing a Steve face in Minecraft is not difficult and can be done using a combination of in-game blocks and textures. To begin, gather the necessary blocks to form the face outline. This includes 14 blocks of cobblestone, one block of obsidian, and 7 blocks of nether brick.

Then, use a block of black wool to form the eyes and eyebrows, and 3 blocks of clay to form the nose and mouth. For the hair, use 9 blocks of white or light gray wool. You can then use various textures to give the face a more distinct look.

For example, for his iconic beard, choose a wool color that draws out the features that make him recognizable. Once you have determined the placement of the blocks and textures, you can adjust the color and detailing until you achieve the desired look.

Finally, use the “pick block” shortcut to select the desired face and apply it to the Steve head in Minecraft.

How to draw a Super Mario?

Drawing a Super Mario is not as difficult as it may seem. In a few simple steps, you can draw your own version of the beloved video game character.

The first step is to use a pencil to sketch out the basic outline of Mario. Begin at the top of his head and draw a large oval for his head. Then draw a smaller oval for the ears and round out the shape.

Next, draw a circular nose, horizontal lines for the eyes, a curved mouth, and a triangular mustache.

Next draw a large circular shape for the body and add a few curved lines to indicate his overalls. Keep the shape fairly open to allow for the arms and legs. For the arms, draw two lines extending from the body, tapering off as they reach the hands.

For the legs, draw two curved lines extending from the body, tapering off as they reach the feet.

Now its time to add the details. Using a black pen or marker, outline the drawing. Inside the head, draw two small circles for the eyes and two lines for the eyebrows. For his overalls, draw two front pockets, two large buttons, and a few decorative lines.

For the hands, draw four small circles to indicate the fingers. For the feet, draw two large pointed shoes with a few lines.

Lastly, bring some color to the picture. Use a variety of colors to make the drawing really vibrant. Color the head, body and overalls red, the mustache, eyebrows and feet brown, and the eyes, buttons, and shoes black.

With these steps, you now have your own unique version of the classic Super Mario!

What is the easiest way to draw ice?

The easiest way to draw ice is to use a reference photo and break it down into basic shapes. Start by drawing the outer shape of the ice, such as a cube or circle. Then, start to add details like cracks, transparency, and reflections.

Using a light blue or grey hue as a base can help make the shading effect more impactful. If you are drawing a realistic version of ice, adding shadows and highlights can also help. Additionally, try to be subtle and light when drawing the shading and details to make it look truly real.

With careful practice and attention to detail, drawing impressive ice art can be achievable.

How to draw a ghost for kids?

Drawing a ghost for kids is a fun and easy project. First, draw a basic circle for the ghost’s head. Add two eyes at the top of the circle and draw a slightly curved line underneath for the ghost’s mouth.

From the ghost’s head draw several lines to create a hood or cape. You can make the hood or cape as long or as short as you’d like. Next, draw two triangles at the bottom of the ghost’s head that meet to create the ghost’s body.

Finally, you can draw triangles all around the ghost’s body to create a sheet or haunt it with a pattern. You can also draw some zig zags at the bottom of the ghost’s body to make it look like smoke or clouds.

For an extra challenge, you can draw some arms for the ghost or a background. Have fun and have a spooky ghost!.