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How do you get stone in story of seasons?

In Story of Seasons, you can obtain stone by mining rocks in the Mine and on your farm. To mine, expand your farm and invest in the Tool Shop upgrade level 1. Then talk to the Carpenter on the farm and purchase the Hammer, Pickaxe, and Watering Can.

Once you have the necessary tools, head to the Mine to start mining rocks. You can also find stones by collecting ore scattered around the mine, or by hitting random rocks with your Hammer. Once you have collected enough stone, return to your farm and put it in the Stone Shed.

Additionally, when you unlock Year 2 you will gain access to the quarry. Purchasing an excavator from the Carpenter allows for easier access to rock and ore deposited in the quarry. You can also buy completed stone items from the Carpenter, such as stone slabs, columns, frames, and more.

Where do you put lumber in Friends of Mineral Town?

In Friends of Mineral Town, lumber can be found at the Mountain Mine. You can access the Mountain Mine by taking the path from the northeast of the carpenters’ hut. Once you reach the mountain mine, you will see a wooden sign near the entrance with a red L on it that signifies lumber.

You can then enter the mine and use your sickle to cut down the lumber present in the mine and bring it back to your farm. You can also purchase lumber from the carpenters’ shop or from the supermarket.

You can use the lumber to build upgrades and accessories for the inside and outside of your farm.

Does story of seasons end?

No, the Story of Seasons series does not end, as the franchise is ongoing and still releasing new titles. Since the first installment was released in 1996, numerous games have been launched in the Story of Seasons series, with the most recent being Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.

While the series did go through some name changes in the West, they still remain in the same series regardless of the name. Each release offers a unique set of characters, story, environment, and items to craft, so even if you’ve played the previous installments, there’s always something new to discover.

With numerous Story of Seasons sequels, spin-offs, and remakes, the series doesn’t look like it will be ending anytime soon.

What can you do with Golden lumber SOS FOMT?

Golden lumber in SOS FOMT can be used to build a number of different structures and expansions on your farm. You can use it to upgrade things such as the fences, barns and coops for your livestock, build bridges and stables for your farm animals, and even use it to buy more land for your farm.

It can also be used to build greenhouses, add forest paths and roads, and even build a giant treehouse! Additionally, you can use it to craft furniture and items like tables and beds, as well as upgrade your existing tools like the hammer and fishing pole.

Golden lumber is a valuable resource that can help you make your farm the best that it can be!.

How to break big rocks Story of Seasons?

Breaking big rocks in Story of Seasons can be quite tricky, especially for beginners. To do this, you will first need a hoe and a hammer. These tools can be purchased from the tool shop. Once you have the necessary tools, you can start breaking the rocks.

First, use the hoe to target the rock. The hoe allows you to dig around the rock and create an opening. Once you have created a space large enough, you can use the hammer to target the rock directly.

When using the hammer, it is important to keep in mind to do this in a strategic pattern. Strike the rock in peaks and valleys to encourage it to break apart.

Alternatively, you can also buy fertilizer from the tool shop and sprinkle it on the rock. Fertilizer has a special affect that causes volcanic rocks to break apart. Make sure to target the rocks edges with the fertilizer as this will make them easier to separate.

Once the rock is broken apart, you can then proceed to dig it up and move it to an area of your choice on the map. Breaking rocks may sound like an intimidating task but with some time and effort, you can have the job completed in no time.

How do you break boulders in Mineral Town?

Breaking boulders in Mineral Town usually requires an upgraded Hammer tool. Generally, the max upgrade for the Hammer tool can be obtained after completing the Mythic Stone quest, however it can be upgraded to a maximum of 2 stars earlier if you visit the blacksmith daily to receive hammer upgrades.

A 2-star Hammer is strong enough to break most of the boulders in Mineral Town.

When using the Hammer to break a boulder, you must hit the boulder two or three times with the left directional button while keeping your character close to the boulder. Nothing will happen if you hit the boulder too far away or not enough times.

After hitting the boulder enough times, the boulder should break, yielding different rewards depending on the boulder. Some boulders will give you special items, some may give ore, and some will give you money.

It should be noted that the boulder in the Mother Hill cannot be broken in Mineral Town, as it will break after you have completed all the other tasks of the Mountain Island quest line.

So to break boulders in Mineral Town, upgrade your Hammer to at least 2 stars, stand close to the boulder, and hit it two or three times with the left directional button.

Which process breaks large rocks?

The process of breaking down large rocks into small rocks and sediment particles is called mechanical weathering. Mechanical weathering occurs when rocks are exposed to wind, rain, heat and cold, which can cause physical and chemical reactions that eventually break the rocks down.

Common methods of mechanical weathering include freeze-thaw cycles, abrasion, exfoliation, and salt crystal growth. Freeze-thaw cycles occur when water gets between cracks in the rocks and then freezes and expands, causing the cracks to widen and eventually break the rocks apart.

Abrasion occurs when rocks are constantly worn down by wind, water, or ice, and exfoliation occurs when the outer layers of rock are removed over time as a result of temperature changes. Lastly, salt crystal growth occurs when salt in groundwater enters the cracks in the rocks and then crystallizes, creating pressure that eventually breaks them apart.

What tool is used to break rocks?

A variety of tools can be used to break rocks. Depending on the size and type of rock, the most commonly used tools include a sledgehammer, chisel, and rock hammer. For smaller rocks and rocks with thin layers, a chisel and hammer can be used to break the rocks into smaller pieces.

For larger rocks, a sledgehammer can be used to break them into more manageable pieces. In some cases, specialty breakers such as jackhammers can be used to break through the toughest of rocks.

What are 4 ways rocks can be broken down?

Rocks can be broken down in a variety of ways, including physical, chemical, biological, and weathering processes.

1. Physical breakdown is the result of direct physical impacts, such as freeze-thaw cycles, ice wedging, and physical weathering from events like landslides and erosion.

2. Chemical breakdown is caused by chemical alteration, such as oxidation, hydrolysis, hydration, and carbonation.

3. Biological breakdown takes place when plants and animals interact with rocks, eating away at them. This can happen with acid rain, when microorganisms in dirt break down rocks, or with certain plants that will root into the land, creating cracks.

4. Weathering is the consequence of physical and chemical breakdown due to the environment, like wind, rain, snow, heat, and cold. Over time, the physical and chemical changes caused by the weather break the rocks down.

How do you split a large rock in half?

Splitting a large rock in half can be achieved in several ways, depending on the size, weight, and material of the rock. The most commonly used method is to drill holes near the edges of the rock, where it needs to be split.

Steel wedges and steel shims are then inserted into the drilled holes, and a sledgehammer is used to drive the wedges in, which forces the rock to split along the pre-determined line. The drill and chisel method is another way to split a rock — holes are drilled in the rock and a chisel or a pickaxe is used to split it either by hand or with a hammer.

It is important to ensure that the hammer strikes are perpendicular and uniform for an even split. Depending on the size, water jet cutting and sawing can also be used, however these methods require expensive equipment, so should be considered only for larger rocks.

How do you unlock a lumber maker?

To unlock a lumber maker, you will first need to complete the tutorial and progress far enough in the game to unlock the lumber maker technology. Once you have done that, you will need to have enough resources at your disposal, such as wood, stone, and coins.

Additionally, you will need to have reached a certain Town Hall level to be able to afford the lumber maker technology. Once all of these requirements have been fulfilled, you can then purchase the technology from the Shop tab and unlock the lumber maker.

After the lumber maker is unlocked, you will be able to construct the lumber maker in your game and begin to produce wood resources.

How do you get lumber in SOS?

Getting lumber in SOS is an essential part of building and crafting in the game. There are a few different ways to get lumber in SOS.

The most common way is to chop down trees. You can find trees located throughout the map and you can chop them down with an axe to obtain the lumber. Be sure to equip the axe before you start chopping, as it is an essential tool for this method.

You’ll also need to be aware of the size of the tree, which dictates how many pieces of lumber you get for each chop. Smaller trees will yield fewer pieces compared to larger trees.

Another way to get lumber is to salvage pieces from abandoned buildings, such as houses or shipwrecks. These broken-down structures can be found in various areas of the map and you can salvage the axes from them for some lumber.

This method is usually best for collecting smaller pieces of wood compared to chopping down trees.

In addition, you will occasionally find pieces of lumber tucked away in various places in the world. Keep an eye out for rusty barrels, closets, and other areas where you may be able to scavenge some lumber.

Finally, you can also join a tribe and purchase lumber from them. Tribes typically have a trader that sells various items, including lumber. This can be one of the quickest and most reliable ways to get lumber in SOS.

How do you marry the pioneers in Olive town?

Marrying the pioneers in Olive Town requires you to complete several tasks. First, you need to raise your friendship level with the pioneer you’re interested in. You can do this by talking to them, giving them gifts, and completing requests they give you.

Secondly, once you reach a friendship level of four hearts or higher, you can then give them bouquets. Bouquets give you an extra +1000 friendship points and can be created using flowers found all over the town.

Thirdly, when the friendship level is high enough, you’ll be able to propose marriage to the pioneer. To do this, select the ‘propose’ option from the list of available actions when speaking to them and the marriage will be accepted if each of you confirm the proposal.

Finally, after accepting the proposal, the two of you will be married and a wedding invitation will appear in the town square. Heading over to the town square will take you to your wedding celebration, which is the final step in marrying the pioneers in Olive Town.