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How does the governor in TWD die?

In the very first season of The Walking Dead, Governor (aka Philip Blake) is introduced as the leader of a fortified town called Woodbury. He is a ruthless leader, using violence and manipulation to keep the town and its citizens in line.

As the series progresses, more of his past is revealed, including a hidden, dark side that ultimately leads to his downfall.

Governor’s final downfall occurs when he attempts to take over the prison that Rick’s group has been occupying. After a failed attack and a final attempt to convince Rick and the group to come to Woodbury, Governor is confronted in the woods outside the prison by one of the group members, Michonne.

During the confrontation, Michonne stabs him in the stomach and he later dies from blood loss. His death marks a turning point for both the group and the show, showing that Rick and his group are willing to do anything to survive in a dangerous, zombie-infested world.

Who kills the Governor in walking dead?

The Governor, also known as Philip Blake, is a fictional character from AMC’s The Walking Dead and is one of the most important antagonists of the series. He was the leader of the town of Woodbury and a primary antagonist during the third and fourth seasons.

In the season four finale, the Governor was killed by Michonne, a wary survivor of the zombie apocalypse.

Michonne had been searching for the Governor and had finally tracked him down in an abandoned warehouse. She, along with Tyreese and a group of other survivors, confronted him and tried to reason with him and his group of Woodbury survivors.

However, when the Governor refused to concede, a fight ensued and everyone attacked each other. In the midst of the chaos, Michonne was able to stab the Governor with a sword three times. The Governor, after being killed, was then devoured by walkers and died for good.

Michonne’s actions were a result of her intense hatred for the Governor, who had killed and harmed the people she cared about. She had finally found the strength to take the Governor down and put a stop to his brutal reign over Woodbury.

What episode does Governor die?

The Governor’s death occurs in season 4, episode 8 of The Walking Dead, titled “Too Far Gone”. The episode marks a major turning point for the series and for the Governor, as his entire camp is destroyed in a conflict with Rick’s group.

After being surrounded by Rick and the others, the Governor attempts to rally his people, but is swiftly taken out of action by Michonne, who stabs him in the chest. He briefly survives, but is ultimately put out of his misery by Lilly, who shoots him in the head.

The Governor’s death is mourned by both sides, and his body is eventually found by his former followers and taken away.

Who is more evil Negan or the Governor?

This is a difficult question to answer as it comes down to personal opinion and personal interpretation of the characters. Both Negan and the Governor are antagonists in their respective stories and have done some pretty terrible things throughout the course of their respective series, so determining who is more evil is really a matter of opinion.

From a story telling standpoint, Negan is generally seen as more of a villain due to the fact that he has caused more carnage and chaos throughout his storyline. He is cold-blooded and ruthless, utilizing fear to control his followers and adversaries alike.

On the other hand, The Governor is presented as more of a complex character. While he can easily be seen as a villain, his motives and reasoning are somewhat understandable. He’s willing to hurt and kill to protect his own people and territory, not just for power and personal gain.

Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide who is more evil.

Did Carl or Rick Shoot the Governor?

The answer to this question is not definitively known. In the comic book series on which The Walking Dead TV show is based, it is revealed that Michonne is the one who ultimately kills the Governor. However, in the TV show, the two characters of Carl and Rick Grimes were both involved in the events that led to the Governor’s death.

After the Governor fails in his attempt to break the prison walls and take control of the prison with his forces, he retreats and is later seen alone in a room when Rick and Carl Grimes enter. Rick and the Governor engage in a verbal confrontation in which the Governor taunts Carl, pushing Rick over the edge and inspiring him to shoot the Governor.

Rick manages to get a few shots off, and then Carl takes the gun and fires the fatal shots that kill the Governor. So, while it is not definitively known who fired the fatal shots that killed the Governor, both Carl and Rick Grimes are involved in the events which ultimately lead to his death.

What did Daryl do before the apocalypse?

Before the apocalypse, Daryl Dixon lived with his family in Georgia and had been there his whole life. He worked in a variety of odd jobs, mostly manual labor, and was seen as an outcast to other townspeople due to his poor upbringing.

During this time, Daryl liked to hunt and had a love for motorcycles. He was also close to his brother, Merle and the two of them relied on each other for support and guidance. Merle was a powerful influence in Daryl’s life and played a major role in shaping his non-conformist attitude and general demeanor.

Did The Governor die in Season 3?

No, The Governor (or Philip Blake) did not die in Season 3 of the AMC television series The Walking Dead. He survived the events at the prison and encountered Rick Grimes’ group of survivors again in Season 4, though he had changed significantly from the ruthless leader he once was.

After being rejected by Rick and his group, The Governor left and founded a new community, which he soon became violent and despotic over. In Season 4’s finale, Rick and The Governor have a face-off which results in The Governor’s apparent death, though he is never seen after suffering several gun shots.

This leaves his ultimate fate ambiguous, though it is heavily implied that he perished.

Who is Michonne looking for in season 4?

In season 4 of The Walking Dead, Michonne is on a mission to find whoever took her two children away from her. While on the journey she crosses paths with a group of people who are on their own mission to find who is in charge of the butchering, enslavement, and torture of the people of their community.

It is this mission that Michonne decides to join, and she pledges to use her incredible sword-weilding abilities to help them succeed. She also begins searching for clues about her missing kids.

Michonne does not give any concrete details about who took her children, but she is able to piece together bits of information from her travels and her investigations. From these she is able to guess that the Governor, a charismatic but tyrannical leader of one of the communities in the area, is probably the one responsible for their disappearance.

As the season progresses, Michonne becomes obsessed with finding the Governor, mostly to seek revenge, but also to hopefully find answers about what happened to her children.

Does the Governor turn good in TWD?

That depends on which governor you’re referring to. In Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, The Walking Dead, the Governor (real name Philip Blake) was the main antagonist for the series between issues #27 and #48.

His arc was full of cruelty and violent acts, so much so that Rick, who until then relied on his moral code, had to accept that he needed to be killed. In the television series, there was a similar character also named The Governor, though his timeline was slightly altered and his backstory was not exactly the same.

Initially a stand-offish leader, he eventually found a moral code, tried to protect his people, and ultimately reformed himself upon realizing that he needed to change. In the end, he sacrificed himself so that his loved ones could live and even forgave Rick for killing him.

So yes, in The Walking Dead TV series, the Governor does turn good.

What episode does Andrea sleep with the Governor?

The episode in which Andrea sleeps with the Governor is “Live Bait”, which is the eighth episode of the third season of “The Walking Dead”. During the episode, Andrea has to confront her feelings for both the Governor and her former friend Michonne.

Despite her attempts to distance herself from the Governor, he continues to show his affections toward her and eventually they give in to temptation. The Governor takes Andrea to his bedroom, which he has transformed into a symbol of his past life, as a way to seduce her.

During their time together, Andrea ultimately realizes that the Governor cannot change and decides it’s best she leave him, ending the relationship before it really began.

Does Andrea stab the Governor?

No, Andrea does not stab the Governor. During her time in the prison in the Season 4 finale, Andrea is held captive by the Governor as his prisoner. When he visits her in her cell, she is seen reaching for a shard of glass.

The Governor notices her movement and remarks that she could hurt him if she wanted to, but instead she kisses him. Afterwards, he lets her go and she leaves the prison, never attempting to stab him.

How did the governor survive the zombies?

The governor managed to survive the zombie outbreak by using his wits and resourcefulness. He was able to make his own fortifications and secure his home to keep the zombies at bay. He also scavenged for supplies when he could and began stockpiling ammunition, food and other resources to keep him and his family safe from the undead.

He also made alliances with other survivors and recruited them to help in the defense of the base. He also formed a militia to protect the people living in the area, and he continuously monitored the situation and adjusted plans as needed to stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving zombie threat.

The governor was able to survive the zombie onslaught with smarts, courage and determination.

Who took the Governor’s eye?

At the conclusion of the fifth season of the hit television series “Game of Thrones,” it is revealed that Arya Stark, one of the main characters, took the Governor’s eye. In the show’s storyline, Arya goes on a quest that leads her to the House of Black and White temple and she meets a figure known as The Waif.

In order to get closer to her goal of revenge, Arya undergoes physical and mental training as well as mastering the art of Faceless Men–which includes being blind and learning to fight with all of her senses.

The Waif eventually gives Arya a mission to steal an object from The Governor’s keep and in return he will give her a “gift”. When she succeeds, he presents her with a bottle of water and tells her to drink it and take what is inside–the “gift” turns out to be the Governor’s eye.

Arya successfuly takes the eye as a sign of revenge for all the wrongs done in her life, allowing her to begin her journey of redemption and self-discovery.

Who is the leader of zombies?

As zombies are a fictional creature typically found in horror films and other media. Generally speaking, the leader of a zombie horde or undead army is usually a more powerful or intelligent zombie than other members.

This could be a mutated or enhanced zombie, or a zombie with some form of supernatural or magical ability. Generally, this zombie mastermind is the one who issues orders and sets plans to achieve the goal of consuming or enslaving humanity.

In some cases, the leader of a zombie horde can be a living being or entity controlling the zombies from afar.

How did Penny become a zombie?

Penny became a zombie due to a laboratory accident that resulted in her being exposed to a mysterious virus. The virus had the ability to reanimate dead cells and cause them to come back to life. As a result, Penny was left in the lab and eventually, she awoke to find her physical form had changed and she was now a zombie.

Since then, Penny has been able to maintain her cognitive abilities and has retained her humanity in many ways. She is able to remember her past life and she retains a humorous, empathetic attitude despite her new state.

However, she must constantly battle with her new, instinctual hunger for flesh and with the physical pain that comes along with being a zombie.