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How many Kentucky football players are in the NFL?

As of the 2020 NFL season, there are currently 36 former Kentucky football players in the NFL. Of those players, 26 are on active rosters and 10 are on practice squads. Notable players include wide receiver Randall Cobb for the Houston Texans, linebacker Josh Allen for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and quarterback Jared Lorenzen for the Indianapolis Colts.

The other players are spread among a variety of positions at various teams throughout the league.

What NFL players played for Kentucky?

There have been a number of NFL players who played college football at the University of Kentucky. Some of the more notable NFL players who have played for the Wildcats include Randall Cobb, Tim Couch, George Blanda, Josh Allen, Vince Marrow, and Jacob Tamme.

Randall Cobb was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft. He has since established himself as one of the top wide receivers in the league, earning Pro-Bowl honors in 2014.

During his time at Kentucky, Cobb had a very successful career, setting a school record with 33 career touchdowns.

Tim Couch was the first player taken in the 1999 NFL Draft and is widely considered to be one of the biggest NFL Draft busts of all-time. During his college career at Kentucky, Couch broke numerous school records, including most career passing yards.

George Blanda was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1981. During his college career at Kentucky, he was a two-time All-American and set numerous school records. After finishing his college career, he was drafted in the 12th round of the 1949 draft by the Chicago Bears.

Josh Allen is a rising star in the NFL. After a successful college career at Kentucky, he was selected by the Buffalo Bills as the seventh overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Allen was named to the Pro Bowl in his second season and is considered to be a franchise cornerstone for the Bills.

Vince Marrow is currently the tight ends and associate head coach at the University of Kentucky. Before returning to Kentucky to become a coach, Marrow played in the NFL for four seasons with the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers.

Jacob Tamme was a very successful tight end at Kentucky, setting school records in receiving yards and receptions. After posting excellent numbers at Kentucky, Tamme was taken in the fourth round of the 2008 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts and spent eight years in the NFL.

Who is Kentucky’s biggest rival?

Kentucky’s biggest rival is the University of Louisville. The two schools are always competing for supremacy in basketball, football, and other sports. The rivalry between Kentucky and Louisville extends far beyond athletics.

It is the border rivalry between two of the most powerful states in the South. It is also the rivalry between the more rural, conservative Kentucky and the more urban, liberal Louisville. Both schools have passionate fan bases that really bring the rivalry to life at games.

It’s hard to find a bigger rivalry in college sports than Kentucky vs. Louisville.

What NFL team does Kentucky root for?

Most of the state of Kentucky roots for the Cincinnati Bengals, who play in the AFC North Division of the NFL. The Bengals were founded in 1968, and have had many passionate fans in Kentucky since their early days.

The Bengals have a great rivalry with the Cleveland Browns, another team in the AFC North, which further adds to the excitement of being a Bengals fan in Kentucky. The Bengals have enjoyed great success over the years, making the playoffs in five of seven of the last seasons.

As a result, Kentucky Bengals fans have been able to witness plenty of great moments as part of the team’s history. Furthermore, as a team that is based close to Kentucky, Bengals games are very accessible for fans in the state, and many Kentucky fans often travel to see the Bengals play in Cincinnati or on the road.

Kentucky loves the Bengals, and Bengals fans love Kentucky.

Why does Drake support Kentucky?

Drake is a fan of Kentucky athletics, and he has done a lot to show his support over the last few years. He has made multiple public appearances to show his love of the Wildcats, and he has his own UK-related clothing brand, October’s Very Own.

He also has a longstanding relationship with UK head coach John Calipari, and according to Calipari, Drake has been “unbelievably supportive” of the Kentucky program. Drake also donated $50,000 to the UK LEAD Academy, a program designed to help at-risk students develop leadership skills, in 2016.

Drake’s support of Kentucky extends beyond the athletic realm, as he has also visited Kentucky children’s hospitals and met with families affected by tragic events in the state. The superstar rapper has also publicly praised the talent of UK basketball players and often includes the team in his music videos.

All in all, Drake’s support for Kentucky reflects his love for the state, and his enthusiasm for the teams and people of Kentucky is evident.

Is Drake still a Kentucky fan?

Yes, Drake is still a fan of the Kentucky Wildcats. After attending Kentucky for two years, Drake has remained loyal to the university. He typically wears a Kentucky t-shirt or sweatshirt at various events, expresses support for Kentucky through various social media channels, and has been seen attending Kentucky basketball games.

In particular, he has been seen attending Kentucky games alongside Anthony Davis and John Wall, two former standouts of the Kentucky basketball team. Additionally, Drake has been seen giving out scholarships to Kentucky students and making generous donations to the university.

All of this is solid evidence that Drake is still a Kentucky fan.

Has Ky ever had a NFL team?

No, Ky has never had an official NFL team. However, there have been various attempts over the years to bring a professional football team to Kentucky. The most significant was an effort to bring the Buffalo Bills to Louisville in the mid-90s.

The proposal was backed by then-governor Brereton Jones and eventually secured a commitment from the team’s owner, Jim Kelly, to move the team to Louisville once funding was approved. Unfortunately, the funding was never approved and the move never materialized, leaving Kentucky without an NFL franchise.

What are Kentucky fans called?

Kentucky fans are affectionately known as Big Blue Nation. This name originated from the blue and white colors the University of Kentucky has historically been known for wearing. The term is used to embody the entire group of fans for all the sports teams at the University of Kentucky, although it is often associated with the basketball team.

Big Blue Nation extends far beyond the University of Kentucky, with fans across the country who are keen followers of Kentucky’s sports teams. Kentucky fans are known for their loud, passionate support, and Big Blue Nation provides an online community for fans to mingle and discuss sports, as well as watch UK sports information and news.

Who is the Kentucky football player ever?

The Kentucky football player with the most successful college career was Tim Couch. Couch was a three-year starting quarterback for the Wildcats and led the team to two bowl victories. During his college career he set numerous passing records, including becoming the only player in the history of the NCAA to have thrown for over 11,000 yards in three consecutive seasons (1996-1998).

Tim Couch was inducted into the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame in 2010 and was also the first player from Kentucky to be taken in the NFL draft when the Cleveland Browns selected him first overall in 1999.

He went on to have a successful NFL career, making the Pro Bowl in 2001 and becoming the fourth quarterback in the history of the league to have thrown for over 30,000 yards in his career.

Did anyone from Kentucky get drafted?

Yes, a few people from Kentucky were drafted in 2019. According to CBS Sports, linebacker Josh Allen from the University of Kentucky was the first player selected with the seventh pick in the draft. He was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Later in the first round, safety Mike Edwards was taken by Tampa Bay as the 99th pick. Additionally, wide receiver David Sills V was taken by the New York Giants with the 232nd pick. In the third round, tight end C.

J. Conrad was chosen by the New York Giants with the 95th pick and defensive end Zach Allen was selected by the Arizona Cardinals with the 65th pick. Later, with the 243rd pick, linebacker Ahmad Gooden was chosen by Denver.

A few other players from Kentucky were chosen in later rounds, including offensive tackle George Asafo-Adjei, cornerback Darius West, and linebacker Jordan Jones.

Who just committed to Kentucky?

Recently, five-star guard Devin Askew committed to play basketball at the University of Kentucky. Askew, a 6-foot-3 guard out of Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, California, is ranked as the No. 21 overall recruit and the No.

4 point guard in the 2021 class. He has drawn comparisons to former NBA stars Dwyane Wade and Lou Williams for his scoring prowess and physical style of play. Askew chose Kentucky after also taking visits to Arizona, Louisville and Kansas.

He is the second player to commit to Kentucky for the 2021 season, joining five-star forward Daimion Collins. Kentucky head coach John Calipari is looking to make another run at the NCAA championship with a talented recruiting class that includes Askew and Collins.