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How many original members are still with Styx?

There are only two original members of the band Styx that are still with the group: founding member and lead singer/keyboardist Dennis DeYoung and founding bassist Chuck Panozzo. The band was originally formed in the early 1970s by brothers DeYoung and Panozzo with guitarist John Curulewski and drummer John Panozzo.

Despite numerous personnel shifts over the years, DeYoung and Chuck Panozzo have held on to their roles as members of the band and are still performing with them. The remaining original members have retired or passed away, including John Panozzo, who passed away in 1996, and John Curulewski, who decided to retire in 1999.

Since then, the band has seen new members come and go, but the lineup still features DeYoung and Panozzo.

What Styx members are still alive?

Currently, five members of the rock band Styx are still alive. These five members include the three founding members, the lead vocalist and keyboardist Dennis DeYoung, the bassist Chuck Panozzo, and the drummer John Panozzo.

Additionally, the guitarist and vocalist James Young, who joined Styx in 1970, and the guitarist, Keyboardist, and vocalist Tommy Shaw, who joined in 1976, are both still alive. Together, these five members have played a role in creating the sound that Styx is known and loved for.

Is the original Styx band still together?

No, the original Styx lineup is no longer together. The original lineup featured brothers Chuck and John Panozzo, as well as Dennis DeYoung, James Young, and John Curulewski, who formed the group in Elgin, Illinois, in 1971.

Sadly, John Curulewski left the group in 1975 and was replaced by Tommy Shaw, just prior to the release of the band’s breakthrough album the Grand Illusion in 1977. In 1999, after relations between Dennis DeYoung and the other members had become strained, DeYoung was replaced by guitarist/vocalist Lawrence Gowan.

Chuck Panozzo decided to stick to his position as a part-time/session member, marking the end of the original lineup. The band continues to tour today with Tommy Shaw and Lawrence Gowan, along with Lawrence Gowan’s original member and Todd Sucherman.

Is the lead singer of Styx still alive?

Yes, the lead singer of Styx, Tommy Shaw, is still alive. He is now 63 years old and is still touring and performing with the band. Tommy Shaw originally joined the band Styx in 1975, and has been the lead singer since then.

During his time with the band they have released several multi-platinum albums and have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are also known for their hit singles “Come Sail Away” and “Renegade”.

Since the start of his solo career in 1987, Tommy Shaw has released several successful albums, including 7 Deadly Zens in 1993 and Sing for the Day! in 2008. He has also written and performed several solo singles, and continues to tour and record with both Styx and his solo career.

How many lead singers has Styx had?

Styx has had four lead singers, all with distinct sounds and styles. The original lead singer, Dennis DeYoung, was part of the band from 1972 until 1999 and sang lead vocals on most of their most famous tracks.

He was later replaced by Lawrence Gowan, who has been with the band since joining in 1999 and remains their lead singer. Before joining Styx, Gowan had a successful solo career as a singer and keyboardist.

From 2011-2013, Dennis DeYoung returned to the band to provide lead vocals on their reunion tour and album, “The Grand Illusion/ Pieces of Eight Live. ” In addition, former Survivor vocalist and guitarist, Todd Sucherman, provided lead vocals when DeYoung was unavailable to perform.

Todd sang lead vocals on 4 of their songs throughout the tour. Lastly, earlier this year, Styx announced the addition of their fourth lead singer, Cyclopean vocalist, Tommy Shaw. Tommy and has been providing lead vocals in addition to Lawrence since the band’s 2019 summer tour.

Who is the current lead singer of Styx?

The current lead singer of Styx is Tommy Shaw. He has been a member of the band since 1975, when he took over lead vocal duties from John Curulewski. Shaw wrote some of Styx’s biggest hits, including “Too Much Time on My Hands,” “Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)” and “Renegade.

” He also plays guitar and mandolin in the band. Tommy Shaw is an important part of Styx’s sound, playing a key role in their live performances. He also generally sings lead vocals on most of the band’s songs.

Was Dennis DeYoung kicked out of Styx?

No, Dennis DeYoung was not kicked out of Styx. In fact, DeYoung had been a core member of the band since 1972, when he first joined the group. However, in the late 1990s the other members of Styx had become increasingly frustrated with DeYoung’s desire to pursue a more progressive, progressive rock-influenced sound, while the other members wanted to focus on a more commercially viable, arena rock-type sound.

After several years of creative tensions, DeYoung and the other members of Styx decided to part ways in 1999 and DeYoung left the band. Since then, Styx has continued on without DeYoung, while DeYoung has pursued a successful solo career and has occasionally reunited with the other members of Styx.

Why did Styx break up?

Styx broke up in 1983 for a variety of reasons. For starters, the popularity of the band’s music had plateaued in the past few years, which led to a decrease in demand for their albums and shows. Furthermore, the members of the band were facing a lot of creative differences over their musical direction.

The band wanted to create a more commercial sound, while Bassist Chuck Panozzo and guitarist Tommy Shaw wanted to retain their original rock-oriented roots. In addition, tensions within the group were already increasing due to their hectic touring schedule, and it only got worse with the release of their Kilroy Was Here album in 1983; with the album’s story-based concept, disagreements about how songs were to be performed and who should be singing them were rampant.

As a result of all these issues, the band decided to take a hiatus from touring and recording and eventually broke up.

Who came first Styx or Queen?

The origin of the band Queen predates that of Styx by several years. Queen, a rock band from London, was formed in 1970 by lead singer Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, and drummer Roger Taylor. The group released their self-titled debut album in 1973 and developed into one of the most influential and popular bands in rock music.

Styx, on the other hand, was formed in 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. The band, led by Dennis DeYoung, had their first commercial success with their fourth album The Grand Illusion, which was released in 1977.

This album included their breakout single “Come Sail Away,” and propelled them to the top of the charts. Styx achieved even greater success with their 1979 album Paradise Theatre, which included the hit single “Babe”.

Therefore, Queen came first and Styx followed several years later.

Why doesn’t Styx play Babe in concert?

Styx does not play “Babe” in concert for a variety of reasons. While the song is considered one of their most popular singles and beloved by fans, the band members no longer perform the song. Lead singer Dennis DeYoung wrote the song in 1979 and performed it during many of their live shows until 1999, when DeYoung left the band for personal reasons.

Aside from lacking the right personnel to perform the song since DeYoung’s departure, “Babe” is a difficult song to perform live. It is a particularly vocal-heavy song with complicated chords and a tricky time signature.

Without DeYoung leading the way, the band found it hard to replicate the original arrangement and felt it was best to move on rather than attempt a replica they couldn’t get right.

In addition to the difficulties of performing the song live, Styx have since gone on to create a new kind of identity since the release of “Babe. ” The musicians have gone in different creative directions since DeYoung’s departure, focusing on their signature sound rather than the classic songs from their past, which has led them to forgo playing certain iconic songs like “Babe” in concert.

Despite this, fans continue to request the song during shows and hope that one day their favorite hits from the past may be performed once again in a live setting.

What is Styx most famous song?

Styx is an American rock band most famous for their song “Come Sail Away”. This single, which was released in 1977, has become their most recognizable and beloved song. It has been used in countless films and television shows, most notably in the 1980 classic Caddyshack.

The song is a fan favorite and is a mainstay of classic rock radio stations all over the world. The lyrics, which tell of a romantic voyage that awaits anyone courageous enough to follow their dreams, have captivated audiences for decades.

The song has also been covered multiple times by other artists. Its impact on classic rock is undeniable and it is arguably Styx’ most famous song.

Who were the original Styx members?

The original members of rock band Styx were Dennis DeYoung, John Curulewski, Chuck and John Panozzo, and James “J. Y. ” Young. The group originally formed as a group of four Chicago-area high school friends called The Tradewinds — they then changed their name to TW4 before finally becoming Styx.

Styx was known for their progressive rock style and success in the late 70s and early 80s. During this period the band released albums such as “The Grand Illusion” (1977), “Pieces of Eight” (1978), and “Paradise Theatre” (1981).

Although John Curulewski left the band in 1975 and Chuck Panozzo left in 1999, Dennis DeYoung and James Young remain as members of Styx.

How many members of Styx are original?

There are four original members of the rock band Styx who have been part of the band since its inception in 1972. They include twin brothers Chuck and John Panozzo on bass and drums respectively, vocalist/guitarist Tommy Shaw, and vocalist/keyboardist Dennis DeYoung.

Styx enjoyed much success in the ’70s and ’80s, becoming the first band to have four consecutive multi-platinum albums. Although other musicians have come and gone throughout the years, these four members have remained the backbone of the group.

Who were the members of Styx?

The members of the band Styx were Dennis DeYoung (vocals, keyboard, synthesizers and percussion), John Panozzo (drums and percussion), Chuck Panozzo (bass and vocals), James “J. Y. ” Young (guitars, keyboards and vocals), and Tommy Shaw (guitars, mandolin, banjo, and vocals).

The original lineup of the band, who originally formed in the early 1970s, consisted of the Panozzo brothers along with DeYoung and Shaw. In 1975, Young was added as the permanent fifth member after DeYoung and Shaw wrote and performed the demo of a song called “Lady”.

Young also contributed his signature songwriting and musical skills to the band’s popularity and success.

Styx’ original lineup lasted for most of the 1970s until 1983, when Shaw temporarily left the group to pursue a solo career. DeYoung, who had already become the group’s primary songwriter, lyricist, lead vocalist and keyboard player, took over as lead vocalist until Shaw rejoined the group in the mid-90s.

As of 2019, the classic lineup of the band includes only DeYoung and Shaw, while Chuck Panzozo retired in 1999 due to health issues and John Panzozo sadly passed away in 1996. However, unlike other bands that have gone through numerous lineup changes, Styx still maintains the same spirit and musical style despite the changing personnel over the years.

Who are the Styx twins?

The Styx twins are two characters from Greek mythology, named Castor and Polydeuces. They were two sons of King Tyndareus of Sparta, who were born from the same mother but had two different fathers. The father of Castor was King Tyndareus, while the father of Polydeuces was Zeus, the legendary god-king of Olympus.

They were very close brothers, as Polydeuces was the only person Castor trusted in battle. The two were famous for their adventures, most notably when they took part in the Argonaut expedition.

When their mother died, the twin brothers were granted immortality by Zeus and they shared one Mount Olympus throne between them. As time passed, they eventually came to be known as the Styx twins, after the river in Hades where their souls partook in the ferry of Charon.

The Styx twins appeared in a number of literature, most notably in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, Aeschylus’ Agamemnon, and Hyginus’ Fabulae. Their story has been told for millennia, with both Castor and Polydeuces being made Olympic gods in the first Olympic games by the ancient Greeks.