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How much does it cost to zipline at Louisville Mega Cavern?

The cost of ziplining at the Louisville Mega Cavern depends on the package you select. The Mega Zip Package for one person is $109 and includes three ziplines, two trails, and a Mega Truck Tour. The Mega Zip Plus Package for one person is $179 and includes six ziplines, three trails, and a Mega Truck Tour.

The Adventure Package for one person is $199 and includes all available activities, including all trails, ziplines, and the Mega Truck Tour. A Mega Zip Adventure for Two people is $315, and includes three ziplines, two trails, and two Mega Truck Tours.

For larger groups, the Louisville Mega Cavern offers group discounts. Additionally, some packages may have an additional fee for Friday and Saturday times which is typically $10. All packages require a waiver to be completed before participating, so please make sure you allow time to do that before your scheduled package time.

How long is the zipline in the Mega Cavern?

The zipline in the Mega Cavern is 1,700 feet long, making it the longest zipline in an underground facility in the United States. The zipline is suspended above the immense Louisville room, immediately after riders are transported across the cave via the enormous freight elevator.

Riders can expect an exciting ride, reaching speeds up to 40mph as they soar through the 200 foot tall cave. The zipline consists of four separate lines, allowing up to four riders to participate at one time.

The entire zipline ride takes approximately two and a half minutes to complete.

Visitors also have the opportunity to participate in the Mega Zip Mini, a shorter version of the Mega Zip. The Mega Zip Mini takes riders along a 350 foot track located adjacent to the main zipline course.

Both the Mega Zip and Mega Zip Mini close at 5:00 PM nightly.

How long is Mega Cavern tram tour?

The Mega Cavern tram tour typically lasts between 75 and 90 minutes. The unique subterranean journey begins as soon as you board the tram. As you make your way through the man-made underground world, you’ll be able to take in the incredible sights, including a massive underground amphitheater and a world’s record, the world’s longest known cave passageway.

During your trip, you’ll learn about the geology and history of Louisville and the caverns, as well as the environmental importance of the structure. After the tour, you’ll be able to explore the Mega Zoo, with its extraordinary roars, colorful exotic lizards, and more.

Once your time there is up, you’ll be escorted back to the surface, and the tour is complete.

Can you drive through Mega Cavern?

No, you cannot drive through Mega Cavern. The only exceptions for driving inside of the vast underground complex in Louisville, KY, is for staff and tour participants. The entire underground space is owned and operated by the same logistics company, who have made it their goal to ensure the safety of this incredible man-made environment.

To get around the large area, visitors can join a Mega Tram tour, an educational Adventure Tour, or a Zipline and Challenges Tour. The Mega Tram tour includes descriptions and stories of the mine’s past, while the Adventure Tour includes a path of incredible quartz formations, as well as the opportunity to zipline through the darkened space! The Zipline and Challenges Tour is the perfect opportunity for thrill seekers and brave adventurers seeking an exciting journey.

By abiding by the safety protocols and listening to the guide, participants can have an unforgettable experience and explore the amazing space of Mega Cavern.

What is the cost of the Mega Cavern?

The cost of a visit to Louisville Mega Cavern varies depending on the activity. For the Mega Tram tour and the lights tour, the cost is adults (13+) $19. 95, seniors (62+) $17. 95, and children (4-12) $11.

95. If you are planning a large event, such as a corporate outing or field trip, please contact Louisville Mega Cavern’s scheduler at 502-815-5282.

For an aerial adventure (ropes course and ziplining), the cost is adults (13+) $39. 99, children (7-12) $27. 99, and children (6 and younger) $19. 99. Children must be over the age of 7 and 42″ to participate.

Prices for MegaQuest (ropes course and short lines) are adults (13+) $29. 99 and children (7-12) $19. 99. Prices for the MegaTranz Zipline are adults $24. 99, children (7-12) $14. 99, and children (6 and younger) $9.


Finally, the cost for the Batoberfest Bat Tour is adults (13+) $33.44 and children (4-12) $21.44. On these tours, you can enjoy a sampling of Kentucky themed snacks and a souvenir beer glass.

In addition to the ticket prices, there is a parking fee of $5.00 per car and Lexington tours will be subject to a 2% convenience fee.

How long is the mega zip?

The Mega Zip is 557 meters in length and is spread across 8 platforms, each at a different height. With a total drop of 89 meters, it is the longest of its kind in South East Asia and one of the longest in the world.

It is faster than a roller coaster, at speeds of up to 60kph. The ride takes around one minute and provides a thrilling, adrenaline pumping experience as you make your way down the length of the zip line.

Where is the longest zipline in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

The longest zipline in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is located on the Isle of Kos,which is one of the main islands located in the Aegean Sea. It is connected to the Kos underwater cave and spans a distance of 430m (1410ft).

It is a fun way to traverse the island and reach points of interest quickly. The zipline starts near the northern edge of the islet and extends far off the island to the Kos Underwater Cave. It is a great spot for the player to take in the views of the Aegean Sea before diving into the depths of the cave.

How long does the zip wire take?

The exact time it takes to complete a zip wire ride depends on the length of the zip wire and the speed at which you travel. Generally, zip wires range from 300 feet to over 6,000 feet in length, with some of the longer zip wire rides taking upwards of 15 minutes.

The speed of the zip wire will also vary based on the weight of the person riding and the angle of the line. Zip wire riders typically reach speeds of up to 70 mph, although this can vary depending on the angle and weight of the person riding.

Is the Louisville Mega Cavern worth it?

The Louisville Mega Cavern is definitely worth checking out! It is the world’s only underground bike park and a fully-enclosed underground adventure space that is located 100 feet beneath the surface.

The cavern offers a variety of activities, from zip lining and rope courses to taking a tram tour of rarely seen historical artifacts. It is also one of the few places in the world where you can drive your own RC car on underground tracks.

The Cavern has been featured in major films, TV shows, and events, so visiting is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The adventurous terrain, breathtaking views, and exciting activities make it a great way to spend an afternoon with the family or a group of friends.

Is the Mega Cavern cold?

No, the Mega Cavern is not cold. According to the official website, the natural underground environment is kept between a consistent 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit year round. The temperature is maintained by two large geo-thermal fans that pull cool air through an underground ventilation system.

The temperature of the Mega Cavern also helps preserve its unique history and artifacts. The underground atmosphere helps to prevent rust, rot, fungus and decay so artifacts from the minerals stored to the trams used during mining can still be seen in their original condition today.

How long is the tram ride at Shark Valley?

The tram ride at Shark Valley in Everglades National Park is approximately two hours long. It is a 15-mile loop beginning and ending at the Visitor Center, though the visitors can get off at any of the designated stops along the way to explore the surrounding park.

During the ride, visitors have the chance to see the incredible wildlife of the Everglades, including alligators and wading birds, as well as occasional Florida panthers and black bears. The beautiful scenery and wildlife make the two-hour ride a memorable experience.

How big is the Mega Cavern in Louisville Kentucky?

The Mega Cavern in Louisville, Kentucky is an underground limestone cave measuring more than 135 acres (or over 6 million square feet). It is 100 feet deep and is located underneath the Watterson Expressway, one of Louisville’s busiest highways.

The immense size of the Mega Cavern allows it to be used as an entertaining tourist attraction, an educational environment, a storage facility, and an underground park. At the tourist attraction end, they have an Adventure Tour, a Lights Under Louisville show, and a trampoline park.

In terms of educational purposes, they host field trips and offer segments on environmental issues such as hydrological studies and cave conservation. Plus, it is one of the largest recycling facilities for green materials that is also considered to be the cleanest, safest underground storage facility in the world.

Lastly, the Mega Cavern is home to Megabowl, the only underground bowling alley in the United States, and a broken bridge trail, a special bike trail built in addition to the Louisville Loop. In summary, the Mega Cavern in Louisville, Kentucky is an enormous, underground limestone cave with many uses and activities to explore.

Can you explore Mammoth Cave without a tour?

Exploring Mammoth Cave without a tour is generally not recommended due to the size and complexity of the cave system. Mammoth Cave is home to the world’s longest known cave system, and is composed of nearly 400 miles of mapped passageways.

The cave is also extremely dark, making it difficult to find your way around. Additionally, the cave is home to dangerous conditions such as slippery surfaces, unstable ceilings, and deep shafts. Without the guidance of a qualified cave tour guide or ranger, exploring Mammoth Cave could be dangerous and confusing.

However, if you are an experienced caver, Mammoth Cave offers several options for self-guided exploration. The Wild Cave Tour, Cave Simulator, and Frozen Niagra Tours allow visitors to explore the cave with minimal guidance and develop their spelunking skills.

Locations offered by these tours include the historic Entryway and Star Chamber, Nipple Hall, and Keyhole Passage. For anyone looking to explore Mammoth Cave without a tour, these locations offer the chance to explore without compromising safety.

Overall, exploring Mammoth Cave without a tour is possible with the right experience and skills, but it can still be dangerous due to the complexity and size of the cave system. Visitors should always use caution when entering the cave and seek guidance from cave tour guides and park rangers for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Can you go inside Mammoth Cave?

Yes, you can go inside Mammoth Cave! Located in south-central Kentucky, Mammoth Cave National Park is home to the world’s longest known cave system, stretching across over 400 miles of interconnected underground passages.

The cave offers several different visitor experiences, including ranger-led and self-guided tours. For a more intrepid adventure, there are several spelunking-style tours that take you right into the heart of the cave.

These tours require special permits and you may need to meet specific physical requirements.

No matter which tour you choose, you can expect to see some beautiful geological features such as springs, stalactites and stalagmites, and various colored and textured walls. You may even spot some of the cave’s resident wildlife, such as bats, salamanders and crayfish.

So come explore this natural wonder and all of its hidden secrets!