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How much is 2million Won in Dollars?

2 million Won is approximately 1,757. 31 US Dollars. This is based on the current conversion rate of 1,000 South Korean Won to 0. 88 US Dollars. The conversion rate is subject to fluctuations and can change at any time, so it is best to check the latest conversion rate before carrying out any transactions.

How many dollars is 3 million won?

3 million won is equal to approximately 2,637 US dollars. This calculation was made using the current exchange rate of 1,278.07 Korean won per US dollar.

What is $1 USD in won?

At the time of this writing, 1 US Dollar (USD) converts to 1,139. 29 South Korean won (KRW). This means that for every 1 USD you have, you would have 1,139. 29 KRW in Korean currency. This conversion rate is often changing though, so it is important to check the current exchange rate before attempting to convert USD to won.

How many won in 100 dollars?

100 dollars is equal to 11,624.90 won. So if you have 100 dollars, you would have 11,624.90 won.

Can you use US dollars in Korea?

No, you cannot use US Dollars in Korea. The Korean currency is the Korean Won (₩). Depending on where you are using the US Dollars and how you are using them, you may be able to exchange your US Dollars for Korean Won at some foreign exchange locations, such as banks, hotels, and airports.

It’s important to note that most places will likely charge a fee for converting your money. You can also use Paypal and other online payment companies to transfer and exchange your US Dollars in Korea.

Additionally, there are international credit and debit cards that will allow you to use US Dollars while overseas, but they may also involve added fees.

How much is an apartment in Seoul?

The cost of an apartment in Seoul can vary widely, depending on location and size. Generally, the size of the apartment will be the biggest factor in determining cost, as larger apartments usually come with higher monthly rent.

A typical studio apartment in Seoul will usually start at around KRW 500,000 per month, with one-bedroom apartments usually costing around KRW 700,000 per month. For a two-bedroom apartment, the average cost is usually around KRW 1,000,000 per month, while three-bedroom apartments can cost as much as KRW 1,500,000 per month.

Of course, the closer an apartment is to the Seoul city center, or the popular tourist districts of Gangnam or Myeongdong, the higher the price tag will be. Additionally, the price of an apartment will also depend on the amenities and features it offers, such as internet access, air conditioning, and a balcony.

Overall, the cost of an apartment in Seoul can range from KRW 500,000 per month for a studio, to KRW 2,000,000 or more for a top-of-the-line three-bedroom unit.

What does 2 million won mean?

2 million won is a sum of money in South Korean currency. One South Korean won (KRW) is equal to approximately 0. 0009 US dollars, meaning 2 million won is approximately $1,780 USD. This currency is mostly used for everyday transactions and bills in the country, and is not widely used outside of South Korea.

This amount could be used to purchase things such as a nice dinner, tickets to a movie, a month’s worth of groceries, or a high quality laptop.