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How much is Mega Quest Louisville?

Mega Quest Louisville is a uniquely themed adventure park that offers a variety of activities for all ages. The cost for a day of adventure at Mega Quest Louisville depends on the size and type of package you purchase.

A basic package, which includes two hours of guided play, a Mega Quest t-shirt, a digital photo, and unlimited access to the laser tag arena and blaster zone, is $29. 99 per person. The mid-level package, which includes three hours of guided play, a digital photo, and unlimited access to the laser tag arena, blaster zone, and drop zone, is $39.

99 per person. The premium package, which includes four hours of guided play and unlimited access to all of the attractions, including axe throwing and ropes course, is $49. 99 per person. The packages are available for both individuals and families, and discounts are available for large groups.

How long does it take to go through Louisville Mega Cavern?

The average time it takes to experience the Louisville Mega Cavern is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Depending on if you opt to take the tram tour, zip line tour, or the ropes challenge course, there could be additional time.

The tram tour is the longest of the adventures available at the Mega Cavern and can take anywhere from one hour and forty-five minutes to two and a half hours depending on the number of riders. The zip line tour is the second longest and can take between fifty minutes to one hour and forty-five minutes depending on the number of participants.

The ropes course is the shortest with most individuals completing the course in thirty minutes.

How much is the Mega Cavern walking tour?

The Mega Cavern walking tour is available for purchase at the price of $14. 99 per person. The tour begins with a presentation by a trained guide that covers the history of the Mega Cavern, talks about the features and features of the cavern, and offers virtual reality simulations.

After the presentation, visitors are taken on a guided tour of the cavern, which includes a 1,000-foot-long underground corridor, various interactive displays, and even a simulated underground river.

Additionally, the tour also includes access to the rock climbing walls, suspension bridge, and numerous other activities. The tour generally runs for around two hours and is a great opportunity to explore and discover Louisville’s underground world.

How much does it cost for Lights Under Louisville?

The cost for Lights Under Louisville varies depending on the time of year. During peak season (November 13 – December 31, 2020) the cost is $31. 95 per vehicle. During non-peak season (January 1 – November 12, 2020) the cost is $21 per vehicle.

There are also discounts available for groups of 15 or more vehicles; for peak season, the cost is $29. 60 per vehicle, and for non-peak season, the cost is $19. 25 per vehicle. If you’re interested in signing up for Lights Under Louisville, you can do so online or by calling 502-587-7000.

Can you drive through the Mega Cavern?

No, it is not possible to drive through the Mega Cavern. The Mega Cavern is the world’s largest underground bike park, occupying 470,000 sq ft beneath Louisville, Kentucky. It is a unique, off-road bicycling experience, as the facility features over 45 trails and attractions, including ramps, curves, and other features.

However, driving in the Mega Cavern itself is not allowed due to safety concerns. The facility has a strict no motorized vehicles policy, which includes electric assist bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds and other similar vehicles.

All vehicles must be parked above ground and the facility is only for the use of cyclists. In addition, the only vehicles allowed inside are electric-assist bicycles, with two electric motors, no more than 250 watts power, and a top speed of 15 mph, which must be ridden by adults 18 years of age or older.

How much does it cost to go to Cosmic Caverns?

The cost to visit Cosmic Caverns in Berryville, Arkansas depends on the type of tour you are taking. The one hour Cave Tour costs $14. 95 plus tax per adult (age 13 and up), $10. 95 plus tax per child (age 6-12), and is free for children age 5 and under.

The two hour Wild Cave Tour costs $45. 95 plus tax per person, and is available to people over the age of 8. Private tours are available for both the Cave Tour and Wild Cave Tour, but the pricing for those tours vary depending on the size of your group.

All visitors must pay an Adventure Fee of $4 plus tax per person for the use of helmets and headlamps.

Is the Mega Cavern cold?

No, the Mega Cavern is not cold. The temperature inside the Louisville Mega Cavern never drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and while the temperature is cooler than outside, it is not cold. In fact, some people find it rather pleasant! The Average monthly temperature inside the Louisville Mega Cavern stays between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit so it’s never too hot or too cold.

During summer months, air conditioning is used to keep temperatures comfortable. Overall it is a temperature-controlled environment, making for a great climate for year-round activities.

What should I wear to the Louisville Mega Cavern?

When attending the Louisville Mega Cavern, you should dress appropriately for the activities you plan to do. If you plan to take the Underground Zip Line Adventure, you should wear clothing that is comfortable and flexible, such as a t-shirt, lightweight pants, and sneakers.

It’s also important to wear a light jacket or sweater as temperatures inside the cavern typically stay around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you plan to take the Mega Quest Adventure Tour, dress for the same temperatures as the Zip Line Adventure, but also consider wearing long sleeves and longer pants to protect your skin from any incidental contact with the cave walls.

It’s also important to wear closed-toed shoes, as well as a comfortable pair of socks that provide adequate grip. Finally, no matter what activity you plan to do in the Louisville Mega Cavern, you should wear a hat, sunscreen, and bug spray to protect yourself from any inclement weather or cave critters.

How high up is Mega Cavern ziplining?

Mega Cavern Ziplining provides an exhilarating experience for those looking for a unique way to explore the underground. The ziplining course is located in the depths of the Louisville Mega Cavern beneath downtown.

You will soar up to 70 feet in the air as you traverse through 8,000 feet of underground space. The largest line on the course is over 300 feet long and will make you feel as if you are flying. Depending on the individual line, participants can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

The course is designed to accommodate riders of all different heights and sizes, so you can be sure to have an experience that fits your needs. With multiple line features, beginners are sure to feel safe and experienced riders are sure to get their adrenaline fix.

The course offers a unique way to explore Louisville and experience the city in a unique way.

What do you wear to a cavern?

When visiting a cavern, the most important factor to consider is comfort and function. You should wear comfortable and durable clothes that can withstand any trimming or roughening of the walls, as well as loose-fitting and lightweight fabric.

Sturdy shoes with nonslip soles are a must, as some of the caves may be slippery. Additionally, it’s a good idea to layer in case the temperature in the cave is significantly different than expected.

Along with comfortable and functional clothing, there are other items you should bring with you to a cavern. A flashlight is essential since caves tend to be dark. A hat can also be beneficial to keep your head cool in case the cave is warmer than the outside temperature.

Additionally, wear a pair of gloves, as the walls can be scaly and wet. It’s a good idea to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated, as well as any sunglasses or goggles depending on the type of cave you are visiting.

What to wear inside Mammoth caves?

When visiting Mammoth Caves, it is important to wear comfortable and appropriately-fitted clothing. Avoid clothing that is too tight or has dangling accessories, as they may catch onto the cave walls or rock formations.

Also, wear comfortable shoes that have good traction. Sneakers, walking shoes, or possibly rubber-soled hiking boots are recommended. Additionally, it is important to wear (or bring) a warm layer, as caves tend to stay cool throughout the day.

Consider bringing a light long-sleeved shirt, a thin windbreaker, or a light jacket as a layer. Water-resistant clothing is also recommended as moisture can get trapped in the cave atmosphere. Additionally, if you plan to explore for a long period of time, bring extra snacks, water and a flashlight with extra batteries in case of an emergency.

Finally, be sure to follow any rules and guidelines provided by the staff and never enter any areas not specified for public use.

What is the longest tour at Mammoth Cave?

The Mammoth Cave National Park offers a variety of tours ranging from short walks to very long hikes, but the longest tour available is the Wild Cave Tour. This tour is six hours in length, taking visitors through undeveloped sections of the Mammoth Cave system.

This tour is the only one to traverse through all three levels of the cave complex and exposes visitors to the most remote, wild sections of the cave. As it is an advanced trip, participants must be in good physical condition, as some areas require crawling and squeezing through very small spaces.

Throughout the tour, visitors will see many rare and unique cave formations, as well as the variety of colorful mineral deposits that help define the cave system. Highlights of the journey include Saddlebag Lake, one of the few bodies of water located in the world’s longest cave system, and The Grand Avenue, which is over 600 feet in length.

As this is an off-trail tour, only individuals who have been specially trained in cave safety and exploration are permitted to guide the trips.

How long is the tram ride at Shark Valley?

The tram ride at Shark Valley in Everglades National Park is approximately two hours long. The actual length may vary depending on stops made for photo opportunities, wildlife sightings and so on. Each tram is air-conditioned and holds up to 35 passengers, plus the driver/guide.

The tram ride begins at the Shark Valley Visitor Center, where guests can take part in a 15-minute orientation before the ride begins. The round-trip journey encompasses 15 miles of the Shark Valley loop, while traveling at speeds between 5 and 15 mph.

Along the way, guests can experience the Everglades in its fullest, with a variety of wildlife species, lush vegetation and picturesque views at every turn. The tram ride concludes back at the Shark Valley Visitor Center.