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How much is the KFC 10 piece bucket?

The price of the KFC 10 Piece Bucket typically varies depending on location, but typically ranges from around $15 to $20. It usually includes 10 pieces of either Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, or Deliciously Spicy chicken, a large side of your choice, 4 individual sides, and 4 biscuits.

What comes in a KFC 10 piece bucket meal?

The KFC 10 piece bucket meal comes with 10 pieces of tender and juicy Original Recipe chicken, 2 large sides of your choice, and 5 delicious biscuits. The chicken comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from the classic Original Recipe to Extra Crispy, Zingers, and Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

The large sides choices include mashed potatoes, coleslaw, potato wedges, macaroni & cheese, green beans, sweet kernel corn, and more. The meal also includes 5 buttery, made-from-scratch biscuits for that home-cookin’ style.

Does KFC have $10 buckets?

At KFC, there are a few different options for $10 buckets. You can get a 10 pc. Meal for $10. 99 that includes 10 pieces of chicken, 2 Large sides, and 4 biscuits or you can get 4 pieces of chicken plus 2 large sides and 4 biscuits for $10.

99. You can also get 8 pieces of chicken, and 4 chicken tenders with 2 large sides and 4 biscuits for $10. 99. Lastly, you can get the 10 pc. Extra Crispy Tenders Meal for $10. 99, which includes 2 large sides and 4 biscuits.

To get more information or to place an order, you can visit KFC. com or use the KFC app.

What pieces are in KFC 10 piece?

KFC’s 10 piece meal includes 10 Original Recipe® chicken pieces, with 8 Extra Crispy™ chicken tenders, plus a large cole slaw, 4 biscuits and 2 large mashed potatoes and gravy. This meal is perfect for groups and families, and is a modern version of Colonel Sanders’ Original Recipe® with 11 herbs and spices.

All of the chicken is made with no artificial flavors and no added steroids or hormones. Enjoy a meal that is not only delicious, but contains real ingredients that you can trust.

What is 10 for 10 at KFC?

10 For 10 at KFC is a value deal that offers you 10 pieces of chicken either original or extra crispy, plus four biscuits and two large sides, all for just 10 dollars. It’s a great deal because you can feed a family of four or five with just one purchase.

Plus, you’ll have plenty of leftovers. Choose from 10 tasty pieces of Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, or even Extra Crispy Tenders. Have your choice of a variety of side dishes, such as mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, coleslaw, corn on the cob, or green beans.

The 10 for 10 at KFC is perfect for those times when you need dinner in a hurry and don’t want to break the bank to do it.

What is the KFC $6 box?

The KFC $6 Box is a fast food deal offered at KFC that includes a number of items at a discounted price. This deal includes a choice of four pieces of Original Recipe Chicken, two Select Tenders, six Hot Wings, a selection of two family-sized side dishes, a biscuit and a dipping sauce.

The deal is perfect for families or those looking for a budget-friendly meal. KFC occasionally offers other variations of the $6 Box, such as a Popcorn Chicken option and the Fish & Fries option. Additionally, the $6 Box is currently available for delivery via the KFC website, app, and other delivery services in certain locations.

The KFC $6 Box is a great way to get a filling meal without breaking the bank.

Does KFC still have the $5 fill up box?

Yes, KFC still has the $5 Fill Up Box. This classic deal features a main dish (either a 3-piece Chicken Tenders, Pot Pie, Chicken Breast, or Chicken Drumstick & Thigh) as well as two sides (choose from Mashed Potatoes, Coleslaw, Baked Beans, Green Beans, Mac & Cheese, and more!), a biscuit, and a medium drink.

The $5 Fill Up Box is a great value for a great price. It’s a convenient and delicious meal for any occasion.

How many pieces of chicken in a $20 fill up at KFC?

At KFC, the $20 Fill Up includes 8 pieces of chicken, a large cole slaw, 4 biscuits, and 2 large mashed potatoes and gravy. The 8 pieces of chicken are two drums, two thighs, two pieces of breast, and two wings for a complete meal that feeds a family of four.

All of the items are made with KFC’s signature herbs and spices, and come packaged conveniently in their signature red box.

What pieces of chicken are in a 12-piece KFC bucket?

A 12-piece KFC bucket typically contains 8 pieces of original recipe chicken, 4 pieces of extra crispy chicken, and an entire batch of crispy tenders, all made using the brand’s legendary 11 herbs and spices.

8 of the pieces are large, juicy and tender as they are dipped in a secret, flavorful marinade and pressure-cooked in small batches. The other 4 pieces are extra crispy, crunchy and delicious and pressure-fried to perfection with KFC’s special proprietary coating.

Included in the bucket will also be crispy tenders, made with 100% whole muscle chicken breast, for a unsurpassable crunch and flavor.

What’s in a $10 bucket of KFC?

A $10 KFC bucket includes 10 pieces of KFC’s Original Recipe chicken, 20 hot wings, two large sides (such as mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, and baked beans), plus four KFC famous biscuits. The 10 pieces of chicken can be a mix of dark and white meat or all white.

If you choose to upgrade the sides, the bucket can cost more. The 20 hot wings can be Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, or Kentucky Grilled and include your choice of dipping sauce. Dipping sauces include ranch, honey mustard, hot sauce, BBQ, original, and creamy buffalo.

What comes with the 12 piece meal at kentucky fried chicken?

At Kentucky Fried Chicken, the 12-Piece Meal comes with twelve pieces of freshly-prepared, delicious chicken – your choice of Original Recipe or Extra Crispy, 12 individual sides, and 4 biscuits. You can choose your own combination of dark and/or white meat pieces.

The 12-Piece Variety Meal includes three tenders, two leg, two thigh, and five wings – plus four individual sides and 2 biscuits. The 4 Individual Sides vary by location, but generally include two of their signature sides like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, Mac ‘N Cheese, potato wedges, sweet corn, green beans, or a delicious sweet surprise like a chocolate chip cookie.

The four biscuits included in both meals are pale, warm, and fresh from the oven, perfect for dunking in your favorite gravy or sauce. Enjoy the 12-Piece Meal with the whole family for a great value.

How many pieces are in a KFC bucket of chicken?

A KFC bucket of chicken typically contains eight pieces of chicken. However, the number of pieces can vary depending on the size of the bucket and the region you are in. For example, there may be eight to 10 pieces in a regular bucket and up to 16 pieces in an extra-large bucket.

Your local KFC restaurant may also offer combo deals that offer more pieces of chicken, sides, and beverages.

What are the different chicken pieces KFC?

KFC offers a variety of chicken pieces to choose from, and they’re all freshly prepared and cooked to order. KFC’s classic Original Recipe chicken is made with 11 herbs and spices that are blended together to give each piece the signature KFC flavor.

Some of the other popular chicken pieces KFC offers include extra crispy, grilled, and tender roasts.

Extra Crispy Chicken consists of crunchy pieces of fried chicken which are double-breaded with KFC’s signature blend of 11 herbs and spices. Grilled Chicken is a healthier alternative to fried chicken, and it’s made from marinated pieces of all-white meat chicken, which are grilled to perfection.

KFC also offers Tender Roasts, which are marinated for at least 12 hours and then slow cooked in the oven.

KFC also has several side menu items that pair well with the different chicken pieces. Popular side dishes include Coleslaw, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes with gravy, and French fries.

Other side items include biscuits, chocolate chip cakes, sweet kernel corn, corn on the cob, and green beans. KFC offers a variety of kid-friendly menu items, including chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and popcorn chicken.

How many sides in the KFC $20 fill up?

The KFC $20 Fill Up includes one large cole slaw, four biscuits, and either 8 Original Recipe® Tenders, Extra Crispy™ Tenders, or 12 Hot Wings™, plus two large mashed potatoes and gravy and one large popcorn nu.

Therefore, there are eight sides included in the KFC $20 Fill Up – 1 large cole slaw, 4 biscuits, 8 Original Recipe® Tenders, Extra Crispy™ Tenders, 12 Hot Wings™, 2 large mashed potatoes and gravy, and 1 large popcorn nu.