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How to decorate shelves in your bathroom?

Decorating shelves in your bathroom is a great way to bring style into the space. Start by taking inventory of your shelf space and thinking about how you want to use it.

For some, it may be a place for purely decorative items—think candles, vases, and figurines. But for others, it may be a place to store items—such as extra towels, toiletries, and toilet paper.

Once you have a sense of the type of items you want to store (if any), it’s time to get creative with your decor. If you’re looking to go minimalistic with a calm and zen feel, opt for a bamboo shelf with some neutral colored objects.

Or if you prefer brighter colors, consider a brightly patterned shelf with colorful accents. Take into account the overall style of the bathroom, too, as this shelf may be the main focal point.

If you’ve decided on a few decorative items for your shelves, think about the arrangements for them. Place them in an aesthetically pleasing way that still makes sense. Keep the bigger, heavier items on the lower parts of the shelf and the lighter, smaller items at eye-level.

Make sure to keep your top shelf clutter-free since it’s often the most noticeable and establish a sense of balance for the rest.

Finally, keep your shelves clean and organized. Dust them off from time to time and store items in woven baskets or clear containers if you can. And don’t forget to light up your shelves with some LED lights or spotlights during the nighttime.

With these few tips, your bathroom shelves will be sure to stand out in style and bring joy to the space.

How do I make my bathroom shelves look nice?

If you want to make your bathroom shelves look nice, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, make sure that the shelves are neat and organized. You can place items on or in small baskets or containers to keep the shelves tidy.

You can also upgrade the shelves with decorative trim to add a touch of style. Next, decorate the shelves by adding accessories. Choose small items such as vases, figurines, plants, mirrors, and candles to give the shelves a homey feel.

For a more minimal look, you can opt for white or neutral-colored accessories. Additionally, try to make sure the colors of the shelves and accessories match. If the shelves are a light color, fill them with white or light-toned items.

If the shelves are dark, coordinate with dark colors. Finally, you can make the shelves appear brighter by adding wall art or other items that will draw attention. Hang up photographs, inspirational quotes, and art that complement the room’s overall theme.

Experiment with different colors, designs, and textures to create a unique and eye-catching look.

What do you put on a shelf in a bathroom?

You can put a variety of items on a shelf in a bathroom, depending on the style and size of the shelf. Some items that are commonly found on bathroom shelves include decorative items like trays, vases, plants, candles, or figurines.

You can also store towels, toiletries, and hygiene products such as bar soap, hand towels, face washes, shampoos, and other toiletries. Additionally, bathroom shelves can be used to store items like a tissue box, medicines, loofahs, spare toilet rolls, makeup, and other items that people may use in the bathroom.

If your shelf is quite shallow, you may choose to fill it with just decorative items, or keep it simple with practical items like bathroom cleaners and supplies.

What can I decorate my shelves with?

Some popular decor ideas include displaying books, plants, artwork, mementos and/or collections, plants, baskets, jars, vases, figurines, and framed photos. You can also create a themed display that can be changed seasonally.

Alternatively, you can use items that are both functional and decorative, such as clocks, storage trays, and knickknacks. You can also use decorative display stands or small furniture pieces—like a ladder or an old table or dresser—and use them to display items on different levels.

Shelves painted with a bright color or pattern can be a statement itself and are a great way to add some color and life to a room. So whatever type of décor you prefer, you’ll be sure to find something to dress up your shelves.

What do you put on bathroom shelves above toilet?

When it comes to shelves above the toilet, there really isn’t a one size fits all answer as to what should go there. Much of it depends on the size and space that you have available, as well as your personal style.

Some people use these shelves for decorative purposes, and may choose items such as plants, vases, paintings, or small sculptures. Others like to use them to store extra items that they need in their bathrooms such as towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and even decorations to keep things interesting.

Whatever you decide to put on your shelves, make sure to keep it organized and leave enough open space to be able to access the items you have there.

How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

Making a small bathroom look luxurious can be achieved with a few simple changes. Firstly, investing in high-quality fixtures and fittings is key – this will instantly give the bathroom a more luxurious look and feel.

Additionally, installing a vanity unit with plenty of storage space help to make a small bathroom look and feel larger. Furthermore, larger tiles, such as marble, can be used on the walls and floors to create a classy and sophisticated look.

Choosing classic hardware and accessories, such as gold or chrome, will also help to create a luxurious feel. Finally, adding a few decorative accents, such as a statement mirror, a piece of art, or some potted plants can provide the overall finishing touches needed to make a small bathroom feel luxurious.

How do you decorate floating shelves?

When decorating floating shelves, the key is to create a balance between form and function. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Start with a theme: Floating shelves can provide the perfect backdrop for highlighting favorite item collections, such as books, pottery, artwork, or decorative objects.

2. Select the number of shelves: Consider the size of the wall and the items you want to display when deciding on the number of shelves.

3. Use different heights: Incorporate various heights in your shelving to create an interesting display.

4. Place like items together and balance the shelves: For example, if you are displaying books and other items, create clusters of items that tell a story.

5. Add pops of color: Choose accent pieces with a bright color or bold pattern to add life to the shelves.

6. Add texture: Include objects with different textures and shapes to create visual interest.

7. Use lighting: Incorporate under-shelf or wall-mounted lighting to accentuate the shelves and create a cozy atmosphere.

8. Accessorize: Layer in small pieces, such as prints, family photos, candles, sculptures, vases, and other items to build your own unique shelfie display.

By following these tips, you will be able to create an eye catching and stylish display on your floating shelves. Have fun and don’t forget to take a step back to admire your work!

How do you decorate shelves like Joanna Gaines?

When it comes to decorating shelves like Joanna Gaines, the first thing to consider is the color scheme. Joanna often uses colors like white, brown, cream, and grey, as well as bolder colors like navy and black.

She also loves to bring in natural elements like wood, stoneware, and plants.

When decorating, try to create an asymmetrical look by arranging accessories of different sizes, shapes, and textures. Be sure to leave some breathing room in between your items. Joanna also loves to add in bright accents, like brightly colored vases or trinkets.

You could also add some baskets to your shelves to add a nice warm textural element.

When it comes to displaying photographs and books, try to create an interesting vignette featuring layered objects. This could include a variety of books, plants, and small accents like clocks or interesting knick-knacks.

Joanna also loves to incorporate elements with sentimental value, like heirlooms or photographs.

Overall, Joanna’s style is a reflection of her signature look of “rustic farmhouse meets modern. ” Creating a balanced combination of natural and classic items, with a few special pieces in between, can give your shelves Joanna’s signature charm.

How do you decorate a shelf without cluttering?

When you are looking to decorate a shelf without cluttering, the key is to focus on only one or two items instead of cramming it with decor. Start by choosing your favorite item – it doesn’t matter if it is a framed print, a knick-knack, or even a stack of books – and give it the focus of attention.

Then, add items around it that complement it, while avoiding putting too many things in the way. If possible, try to keep objects from different style periods, color schemes, and textures together, as that can easily help your shelf look more visually pleasing.

Once you have established the main focal point, add one additional item that connects it to the shelf, such as a couple of candles, a pot plant, some fresh flowers, or a variety of books. Lastly, consider whether adding a vase of dried flowers, a figurine, or a mirror can help complete the look.

Now your shelf will have a more cohesive look, rather than looking cluttered and overwhelming.

What are cute things to put on shelves?

When it comes to cute things to put on shelves, the possibilities are endless! To add a touch of brightness and personality to your shelves, consider adding small plants and succulents. You can also add small decorations like string lights and photo frames featuring your favorite family or travel photos.

Sentimental trinkets like mementos from a vacation or special occasions are great for adding a personal touch. For a unique look, DIY some painted terracotta vases or mason jars filled with decorative items like marbles or seashells.

Small books with bright colors and interesting covers can really liven up the look of a shelf. If you want to push the envelope a little, consider adding a small figurine or a stuffed animal, or try a mini wall art canvas.

Finally, you can never go wrong with a good old vase of freshly cut flowers.

How do you organize a shelf aesthetically?

Organizing a shelf aesthetically is an art form. To ensure your shelf or bookcase looks beautiful and is also functional, it’s important to be mindful of some basic design principles.

First, you should plan out an overall theme or color scheme for the shelf. This will help to create the desired look and ensure items on the shelf are cohesive. You may decide to go with a monochromatic color scheme or mix in a few different shades of your chosen color.

Once you have chosen a color scheme, it’s time to start arranging the items on the shelf. If you have books, you may want to start with those and then fill in the empty spaces with decorative items like picture frames, plants, vases and more.

If you are dealing with knickknacks, you can arrange them in patterns or group like items together for a more organized look. Clothing hanging on the shelf can be decoratively arranged by color, fold direction or type of clothing.

When it comes to artwork, items should be arranged based on the size of each piece.

When everything is arranged, you can use risers and shelf dividers to give the shelf more definition and to separate items. You may also want to consider accentuating the shelf with decorative brackets or wooden pieces.

If you are just beginning to work on decorating shelves and bookcases, it is helpful to look at images online or in magazines to explore new designs and get some inspiration.

Can you put wood on bathroom walls?

Yes, you can put wood on bathroom walls. You’ll need to make sure the wood is treated with a sealant to help protect it from moisture. Additionally, you will want to ensure it is sealed along the edges and joints, preferably with a caulk.

The type of wood you use will depend on your preference and budget as well as the conditions in the bathroom. For example, if the bathroom has a lot of moisture, you may want to look into more moisture-resistant types of wood such as teak or cypress.

You’ll also want to ensure that you choose the right type of paneling or finish to help protect the wood. Finally, make sure to finish the wood with a coat of sealer or protective finish to help preserve it and prevent wear and tear.

Can you put shelves behind a toilet?

Yes, you can put shelves behind a toilet. It’s a great way to make use of an otherwise empty space and add potential storage to a bathroom. Make sure to install the shelves far enough away from the toilet so that it won’t block any plumbing or interfere with the flushing mechanism.

You can also use the space to store extra rolls of toilet paper or decorative objects like fresh flowers, candles, and small plants. To ensure the shelves are securely attached, use either wall anchors or molly bolts to secure them in place before putting any items on them.

Where should bathroom shelves be placed?

Bathroom shelves should be placed at a comfortable, accessible height. This will vary depending on the size of the bathroom and the purpose of the shelf, such as for storage or decoration. Decorative shelves, for example, can be placed higher on the wall, while shelves to be used for storage should be placed lower.

When placing shelves, make sure they don’t obstruct any (bathroom) fixtures or get in the way of normal bathroom functions. A good rule-of-thumb is to place shelves at least 24 inches away from the toilet, sink, and bathtub, and 18-24 inches away from the shower.

Additionally, if space allows, it’s a good idea to leave a few inches of space between shelves if they’ll be placed side-by-side. Finally, make sure shelves are strongly secured to the wall to prevent them from tipping or falling.

What should not be stored in bathroom?

Storing a lot of items in the bathroom is not ideal as it can increase clutter and make the room look congested. Some items should definitely not be stored in the bathroom due to potential health and safety risks.

These items include chemicals and hazardous materials, medications, cleaning products, art supplies, and electronics. Chemicals and hazardous materials should always be kept in a designated area away from food, drink, and other consumer products and should not be kept in the bathroom due to the potential for direct contact with water, which could be dangerous.

Medications should not be kept in the bathroom as excessive humidity and moisture can wreak havoc on their efficacy over time. Cleaning products, art supplies, and electronics should be kept away from the bathroom due to the high moisture levels that can cause corrosion, spoilage, and damage to the products.