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How wide is a TOTO toilet?

The width of a TOTO toilet can vary depending on the model and the configuration. Depending on the model, the dimension for the width of the toilet can be between 15 1/4 inches and 28 inches wide. The exact width of the toilet will depend on if you choose for the toilet to be wall-hung or floor-mounted, if you opt for an elongated or round bowl, and which specific model you choose from Toto’s lineup of products.

Additionally, the width of the toilet may be slightly different depending on the model, since the tank may add a few inches to the overall width of the toilet to make room for the flush lever and other tank components, such as a top spud.

What is the assembled width of a toilet?

The assembled width of a toilet can depend on the type and size of toilet being installed. Standard size toilets generally have an assembled width of between 16-20 inches, while compact toilets are usually 12-14 inches wide.

Additionally, specific manufacturers may have different widths depending on the type of toilet they make. For example, American Standard has a Comfort Height® Elongated Toilet with an assembled width of 19.

75 inches, while the Toto Drake Elongated Toilet comes in an assembled width of 18. 875 inches. Finally, it is important to leave enough space on either side of the toilet for comfortable accessibility, which means measuring the available surface in the location of the toilet before purchasing.

What are the dimension for a wall mounted toilet?

The size of a wall mounted toilet typically depends on the brand and model. Generally, the dimensions of a standard wall mounted toilet include a width of between 10-14 inches and a height between 28-34 inches from the floor.

The length from the wall to the front of the toilet pan can range from 12 to 18 inches. The base of the toilet will also typically have a depth of between 12-16 inches. Additionally, the bowl of the toilet can have a depth ranging from 14-16 inches.

The rough-in for a wall mounted toilet is also typically 12 inches, which refers to the distance from the wall behind the toilet. When it comes to installation, the instructions and installation requirements from the manufacturer should be carefully followed to ensure proper installation of the wall mounted toilet.

Why are TOTO toilets so good?

TOTO toilets are highly sought after for their superior quality, craftmanship, and superior engineering. Their use of advanced technology and modern features has earned them a reputation as one of the best toilet brands on the market.

TOTO toilets feature a wide range of features designed to make your bathroom experience more comfortable and convenient.

For instance, many TOTO toilets feature enclosed tanks and several flushing options that use a powerful washdown of water that utilizes a siphon jet for a powerful, yet efficient flush. With their combined use of an elongated bowl and a wider opening means that TOTO toilets can provide a spacious, comfortable seat with significantly less water consumption.

In addition to their powerful flushing capabilities, TOTO toilets also feature SanaGloss glazing which is an ultra-smooth glaze that prevents debris and particles from sticking to the surface and helps keep your toilet cleaner for longer.

The SanaGloss agents also make it easier to clean your toilet as it prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating inside.

TOTO toilets come in a variety of attractive designs to fit any bathroom decor, including one-piece and twoa- piece models that are designed to be both elegant and contemporary. Coupled with the other features, you can enjoy a consistent high-quality flushing performance with extraordinary beauty that lasts for many years.

What are the two sizes of toilets?

Most modern toilets come in two standard sizes, Comfort Height and Standard Height. Comfort Height toilets are also known as Universal Height toilets and are higher than the standard toilet height. These toilets are usually 17 – 19 inches high, while standard height toilets measure a standard distance of 15 inches from floor to bowl.

Comfort Height toilets are a great option for those who find the standard toilet height difficult to sit down on and get up from. They’re also ideal for taller people who would benefit from a bit of extra height.

Is 30 wide enough for a toilet?

No, 30 inches is not wide enough for a toilet. Toilets typically need at least 26 inches of space in front of them to accommodate the user. Any toilet with less than the required space will feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Additionally, many codes require a minimum clearance of 30 inches in front of a toilet in order to be ADA compliant. However, some very small (5-gallon) toilets may be as narrow as 17 inches and still meet safety and accessibility regulations.

To determine the exact width your toilet needs, you should consult your local building codes.

Are all toilets 12 inches from wall?

No, not all toilets are 12 inches from the wall. The expected distance is anywhere between 10-14 inches, depending on the model and your specific needs. It is important to measure the space you have in the bathroom before purchasing a toilet to make sure it will fit in the area you’ve provided and give the desired clearance from the walls.

Additionally, some toilets require space for a wax seal, so make sure to factor this into your measurements.

What is rough-in distance for toilet?

Rough-in distance is the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the floor bolts that secure the toilet to the floor. This measurement is typically 12 inches and is used to determine the type of toilet needed for any given location.

Toilets come in different sizes and shapes, and the rough-in measurement must be taken into consideration when selecting a toilet. Careful measurement of the rough-in dimension is key to determining the correct size and shape toilet for the bathroom.

Is my toilet a 2 inch or 3 inch?

To determine if your toilet is a 2-inch or 3-inch, you will need to measure the size of your toilet’s outlet pipe. The best way to do this is to remove your toilet from the floor, and remove the tank from the bowl.

Once the tank is removed, look for the outlet pipe which connects the tank to the bowl. Measure the size of the outlet pipe with a ruler. If the outlet pipe is 2-inches in diameter, then your toilet is a 2-inch toilet.

If the outlet pipe is 3-inches in diameter, then your toilet is a 3-inch toilet.

What does 12-inch rough-in mean when installing a toilet?

A 12-inch rough-in when installing a toilet refers to the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the waste outlet on the toilet. Toilets typically come with either a 10-inch or 12-inch rough-in.

When measuring, measure from the wall behind the toilet to the center of the outlet. That will tell you what size rough-in you need. If you have a 12-inch rough-in, then you’ll need to purchase a toilet that is made for 12-inch rough-in.

It’s important to check the measurements to make sure you are purchasing a toilet that will fit properly in the space that you have available. Some toilets are available in both 10-inch and 12-inch rough-in.

When measuring for your toilet, always measure from the wall behind the toilet to the center of the waste outlet of the toilet. That will tell you if you have a 10-inch or a 12-inch rough-in which will help you purchase the right toilet for your needs.

What measurements do I need when buying a new toilet?

When buying a new toilet, you will need to consider several different measurements to ensure the toilet fits properly in your existing bathroom.

First, you want to measure the rough-in distance. This is the distance from the wall behind the toilet to the center of the waste outlet. This distance will influence the type of toilet you’ll buy since toilets come in different rough-in sizes ranging from 8” – 12”.

Next, you will measure how much space you have in your bathroom for the new toilet. You want to measure the length and width of the room or the area you plan for the new toilet to be placed. This will help you determine the size of the toilet you need so that it comfortably fits the area.

Finally, you should measure the height of the toilet seat. Since toilets come in standard and comfort (taller) heights, it is essential to know which height you’ll need. The standard toilet height is usually between 15” – 16”, while the comfort height is usually 17” – 19”.

By having these measurements ahead of time, you can ensure you get a toilet that will fit perfectly in your space and provide you with the desired comfort and convenience.

Do toilets come in different widths?

Yes, toilets come in different widths. Toilets are typically available in two widths. The most common width is 14. 5 inches, which is the standard width that most United States plumbers use. This size is suitable for almost everyone, but there are other widths available if needed.

The other size is elongated and is usually 16. 5 inches. This size usually provides more room for comfort, but it does take up slightly more floor space than the standard width. The disadvantage of using an elongated toilet is that it is more expensive since it requires more material to manufacture.

To provide an even better fit, many manufacturers offer toilets with adjustable widths, which can be adjusted between 12 and 16 inches. These adjustable widths are especially valuable for people who are dealing with mobility issues.

Whats the closest the toilet can be to the wall?

Typically, the closest the toilet can be to the wall is 12 inches. This is because the size of the toilet needs enough space to be installed, including the flange, pipes, and of course the actual toilet itself.

It is important to keep this distance to ensure the toilet is properly installed and to avoid any installation issues. To make the most of the space, however, it is best to get as close as possible to the wall.

If you are working with a smaller space, it is possible to reduce the distance to no less than 6 inches. Regardless, it is important to consult an experienced professional before attempting any installation.

How do I know if my toilet is 10 inch or 12 inch?

In order to determine whether your toilet is 10 inch or 12 inch, you will need to measure from the wall behind the toilet to the center of the hold-down bolts. A 10 inch toilet will measure about 10 inches, and a 12 inch toilet will measure about 12 inches.

If you are having trouble determining the size of your toilet, you can examine the toilet’s label which should indicate the size or consult a professional plumber.

Do all TOTO Washlets fit all TOTO toilets?

No, all TOTO Washlets do not fit all TOTO toilets. TOTO Washlets come in various shapes and sizes, and determing which one is compatible with your toilet can be a complex process. The connection hose for the Washlet is typically specific to the toilet model, and depending on the toilet seat and other factors, the Washlet may not fit all toilets.

Additionally, there are some toilets that are just too small to fit a Washlet in the first place. Therefore, when selecting a TOTO Washlet, it is important to ensure that it is compatible with the toilet it is intended to be connected to.

To help with this, TOTO has a website that allows you to easily compare toilets and Washlets to make sure they are compatible.