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Is Alison Wonderland a real DJ?

No, Alison Wonderland is not a real DJ; she is a stage name chosen by the Australian alternative dance musician Alexandra Sholler. Sholler has gained much popularity as Alison Wonderland due to her trap and future bass tunes, her energetic live performances, and her successful single “Run” which peaked at number 4 in the Australian charts in 2015.

She has toured the country extensively, both as a DJ and as a vocalist, and has headlined some major festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, SXSW, and Electric Forest. She has worked with major artists such as Diplo, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Childish Gambino, Flume, and more.

Alison Wonderland is a talented musician and performer, and her success as an artist is well-deserved.

Does Alison Wonderland produce her music?

Yes, Alison Wonderland is an independent artist who produces her own music. She is an EDM and trap producer, vocalist and DJ from Sydney, Australia. She started producing music in 2009 and has since then created several popular hits such as “Run” and “Peace.

” In 2015, she released her debut self-titled album, which peaked at #4 on the ARIA Albums Chart, making it the highest-charting debut album from an Australian female electronic artist. Furthermore, Alison Wonderland released her second album, Awake, in 2018, reaching #1 on the US Dance/Electronic Albums chart.

Additionally, she has produced official remixes for a number of tracks, including Zedd’s “Beautiful Now” and some of her own singles.

Is Alice in Wonderland set in London?

No, Alice in Wonderland is not set in London. The book was written by Lewis Carroll in the mid-1800s and is set in an unspecified location in England. However, while this doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t set in London, there are several clues in the text that make it appear more probable that the setting is a different location than London.

For instance, the river that Alice follows is a tributary of the Thames, which typically doesn’t run near London. Also, the hedgehogs in the book are native to the Southeast of England, which is far away from London.

How old is Alice’s?

Alice’s age is unknown. Depending on the context of the question, you may be referring to the fictional character from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, or the author Alice Walker.

In the world of Lewis Carroll, Alice is 7 years old at the beginning of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and remains 7 throughout both books. In the context of the author Alice Walker, she was born February 9, 1944, making her 75 years old as of 2019.

Is Alice Deejay a DJ?

No, Alice Deejay is not a DJ. Alice Deejay was created as a Dutch Eurodance project by Wessel van Diepen, Dennis van den Driesschen, and Sebastiaan Molijn in 1998 and got their name from the member’s first name and the term “DJ.

” Alice Deejay found success worldwide with their hit single “Better Off Alone” which peaked in the top 10 in numerous countries. Despite the success of their single, Alice Deejay was never a DJ and the project was retired in 2002.

They are largely seen as a one-hit wonder. The song is still extremely popular today and can be found in various television shows, video games, and films.

Who is omnom DJ?

Omnom DJ is the musical alias of UK-based electronic music producer, artist and multi-instrumentalist Eddie Jefferys. He has been producing music since the late 90s and was a member of music group Quook alongside Kool DJ Supreme and Hank Jordan.

His musical style is a combination of hip-hop, funk, soul, reggae and dubstep, as well as latin, jazz and breakbeat influences. He is known for his production ability to mix these genres with ease, leading to his success in the world of club and festival appearing.

Most recently, he has had numerous tracks featured on BBC Radio 1, Solid Steel, BanX and a variety of other radio shows. He has also released records on several labels, such as BBB, Common People and CC.

He is currently touring the world and playing live shows everywhere, including at Boomtown and Outlook Festivals.