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Is BakerStone still in business?

Yes, BakerStone is still in business. BakerStone makes outdoor pizza ovens, grills, accessories and baking stones for outdoor kitchen solutions. The company is located in Southern California, USA and was founded in 2011.

They sell retail and wholesale and are the maker of the Original BakerStone box – a portable, wood-fired pizza oven box. BakerStone also offers custom solutions to bars and restaurants and they manufactured a number of custom ovens that were featured in the television series, American Chopper.

Their products are made with high-grade stainless steel and heat-resistant insulation, making them a long-lasting and durable cooking solution. They are well-known and respected in the outdoor kitchen space, specializing in solutions that make it easy to cook delicious meals outdoors.

Who owns BakerStone?

The two founders and co-owners of the company, Jacob Fouston and David Baker, own BakerStone. Both Fouston and Baker came up with the idea for BakerStone in early 2012 after realizing a gap in the market for an innovative, affordable innovative oven box used to bake pizza, grill, smoke, and roast.

BakerStone has come a long way since its inception, having launched several new product lines in different shapes and sizes, such as portable oven boxes and countertop pizza ovens. In the coming years they plan to expand the brand even further by continuing to create innovative products that serve a large audience of home cooks, professional chefs, and outdoor enthusiasts.

They have also made an effort to support local charities and organizations with proceeds from their products.

Can you use a BakerStone on a Blackstone?

No, you cannot use a BakerStone on a Blackstone. BakerStone is a product developed by BakerStone International and is specifically designed to work on gas grills, like the Weber Q series. The Blackstone griddle is a flat top propane powered griddle and as such requires a different set of griddles that are not compatible with the BakerStone.

The Blackstone website offers several models of griddles that are designed to be used safely on the Blackstone griddle.

How hot can a BakerStone get?

The maximum temperature a BakerStone can reach depends on the specific model, however, most of the gas-fired models typically reach a maximum temperature of 600 to 800°F (315-427°C). Electric models reach a lower temperature, usually reaching up to 500°F (260°C).

When using the flame adjustment feature, the temperature can be lowered to 450°F (232°C). The models that have oven airflow control feature offer an even more precise temperature control and can be set to maintain a specific temperature range.

How long to cook pizza in BakerStone?

Cooking pizza in a BakerStone pizza oven box requires careful preparation and planning. Generally, the cooking time is between 7 and 10 minutes, depending on the size and thickness of your pizza. To preserve the quality of the finished pizza, it is important to make sure that you preheat the oven box for 15 minutes before cooking.

This will allow the oven to reach a consistent temperature throughout the entire cooking process. Additionally, it is essential to use the correct type of wood or charcoal in your wood-fired oven. To get optimal results, it is recommended that you use a lumpwood charcoal or hardwood as these will produce an authentic pizza crust.

Finally, make sure to rotate your pizza throughout the cooking process to ensure an even finish on your pizza.

Why did they discontinue Blackstone pizza oven?

Blackstone Pizza Ovens were discontinued due to a combination of factors. First and foremost, the product did not sell as well as expected, resulting in Blackstone needing to reevaluate the product and its positioning in the market.

In addition, the competitive landscape changed dramatically during the time that Blackstone Pizza Ovens were available; other companies began offering pizza ovens with similar characteristics as Blackstone’s product but for a lower price, making it difficult for Blackstone to stay competitive.

Lastly, Blackstone determined there was not enough demand for the particular pizza ovens it was producing – resulting in the decision to discontinue the product.

Can you cook frozen pizza in BakerStone pizza oven?

Yes, you can cook frozen pizza in the BakerStone pizza oven. The oven is specifically designed for cooking pizzas, so it is the ideal choice for cooking frozen pizzas. It features dual-zone infrared burners to quickly reach the ideal cooking temperature (ranging from 650°F to 900°F).

The pizza oven also has an adjustable upper-heating chamber, allowing you to adjust the baking speed and crispness. This is great for cooking frozen pizzas quickly, as the upper-heating chamber allows you to bake the top of the pizza faster, so you can have your frozen pizza ready to eat in no time.

Furthermore, the firebox is sealed, making it easy to monitor the temperature of the oven and cook evenly.

Are BakerStone pizza ovens any good?

BakerStone pizza ovens are excellent! They are designed to be placed on top of your existing outdoor grill and they allow you to cook high-quality pizza in minutes. The ovens get quickly up to 800°F, just like a brick pizza oven, which is enough heat to cook wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza to perfection.

The ovens are lightweight and easy to set up, so you can begin making pizza right away. It also has an integrated thermometer so you can easily check the temperature in the oven. The interior of the oven is insulated to preserve heat, so pizza cooks quickly and evenly.

The powerful airflow of the BakerStone helps to evenly distribute heat and moisture, creating a hot atmosphere that allows pizzas to cook quickly and evenly. Overall, BakerStone pizza ovens get outstanding reviews from their customers, so you can be sure you’re buying a quality product that will meet your expectations.

Do you oil a pizza stone on the grill?

No, you don’t need to oil a pizza stone on the grill. The stone will absorb the natural oils from cooking items like pizza which make the stone easier to clean. However, some people may be inclined to put a bit of oil on the stone before they cook, especially when they’re cooking something like a pizza that requires a lot of oil.

Oil can also help prevent sticking and make it easier to remove the pizza from the stone when it’s finished cooking. If you do decide to put a bit of oil on the stone, make sure to use an oil that won’t burn off quickly and will add flavor to the pizza.

Can you put dough directly on a pizza stone?

Yes, you can put dough directly on a pizza stone. It is a great way to get a crispy, flavorful crust that takes only minutes to bake. When using a pizza stone, the key is to preheat the stone before adding the dough.

Preheat the stone in the oven for at least 30 minutes to give it time to reach an even, consistent temperature. Make sure your dough is at room temperature, otherwise the cold dough can make it difficult for the pizza stone to retain its heat.

Gently stretch and place the dough on the hot stone and bake as usual. To help ensure an evenly cooked crust, keep an eye on it and rotate it in the oven as needed.

How hot does the Blackstone pizza oven get?

The Blackstone pizza oven can reach temperatures between 600 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hot enough to give you a crisp and flavorful pizza crust that you would expect from your local pizzeria.

With two burners, you can control each side of the oven to give you the perfect temperatures for various pizzas that you may want to make – one side can be hotter than the other depending on your preferences.

The pizza oven also features a built-in temperature gauge so you can easily monitor the temp while you’re cooking. With the ability to hit such high temperatures, you can be sure that your pizza will come out as crisp as it can be.

What temperature do you cook a pizza at Blackstone?

To get the best results when cooking a pizza on the Blackstone, it’s best to preheat the griddle to the highest setting. This will give the pizza crust a nice crispy texture and a flaky, golden-brown finish.

Once the griddle is preheated, reduce the temperature to around 425 degrees Fahrenheit and cook the pizza for 8-12 minutes. Depending on the type of pizza you’re making, you may need to adjust the temperature a bit lower or higher.

It’s best to experiment with different temperatures to find out what works best for the type of pizza you’re making. Once you find the optimal temperature for your pizza, you can adjust the time to make sure the cheese is melted, the toppings are cooked, and the crust is cooked to perfection.

Can other things be cooked in a pizza oven?

Yes, other things can be cooked in a pizza oven. Pizza ovens are actually quite versatile and can be used to cook a variety of dishes besides pizzas. Some things you can cook in a pizza oven include fish, such as whole trout or salmon fillets, or simple seafood skewers.

Pizza ovens can also be used to prepare roasted vegetables, such as potatoes, peppers, and carrots. Grilled meats like chicken breasts, steaks, and kebabs can also be cooked with the help of a pizza oven.

Certain desserts like pears poached in red wine or apple tarts with a crisp crunchy top can also be cooked in a pizza oven. The high heat of the pizza oven helps to cook the food quickly and evenly and adds a delicious smoky flavor to many dishes.

Are countertop pizza ovens worth it?

Whether or not a countertop pizza oven is worth it is largely dependent on personal preference and needs. For some people, a countertop pizza oven can be a great addition to the kitchen. They generally provide faster cooking times and often deliver a more crisp and evenly cooked pizza.

Additionally, countertop pizza ovens take up significantly less space than traditional ovens and can often be used for more than just pizza.

On the other hand, many countertop pizza ovens can be more expensive than traditional ovens and the amount of pizzas they can accommodate at once is often limited. Additionally, they typically require preheating and reaching the appropriate temperature to properly cook.

Ultimately, a countertop pizza oven can be a great addition to any kitchen if you have the right budget and find the right benefits to justify the purchase. If a countertop pizza oven fits your cooking needs, it can be a worthwhile addition to your kitchen.

How do you cook frozen pizza on Pampered Chef Stone?

Cooking a frozen pizza on a Pampered Chef stoneware is fairly easy.

First, preheat your oven to the temperature recommended on the pizza package. Place your stoneware on the center rack and let it preheat with the oven.

Once the oven has reached the correct temperature, remove the stoneware. Place the frozen pizza directly onto the stoneware, and then put the stoneware back into the oven.

Cook for the time and temperature specified on the pizza box. Keep an eye on the pizza to ensure it does not overcook or burn.

Once the pizza is done, remove the stoneware from the oven and use a spatula to remove the pizza from the stone. Let the pizza and stoneware cool before slicing and serving. Enjoy your delicious, homemade frozen pizza!.